Giveaway: MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System From Ali Landry, Zulily & MobiCam

Zulily, a leading online daily deal site for moms, babies and kids just announced its collaboration with celebrity mom and entrepreneur, Ali Landry, for a curated, “Moms Must-Haves” themed event just in time for the holidays.

Ali is set to launch a new site dedicated to providing the best insights and reviews on products for moms, so she’s the perfect choice to help moms get ready for the hectic months ahead with products that make the season a little more stress-free.

Ali’s picked some great items from brands such as Boon, Bumkins, Belly Bandit, JJ Cole, Solly Baby, My Brest Friend, Swaddle Designs and others!

From today until November 18, 2012, members can purchase Ali’s 20 hand-picked products to help mom balance the holidays and family with confidence and style. Find out what her go-to items are by going here.

Bonus news for Celebrity Baby Scoop readers; Celebrity Baby Scoop, Zulily and MobiCam are giving away one of Ali’s faves: the MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System!  Featuring a 3.5″ high-resolution color LCD screen for crisp picture, wide camera viewing angle, and two-way communication, this video monitor has won numerous national awards and high praise. Also features infrared night vision up to 40 feet and a rechargeable Li-ion battery included for the monitor.

The MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System is also expandable up to 4 cameras, and you can record directly to the receiver and see all 4 cameras on the Quad-Screen view. Also has optional audio-only mode (to conserve battery life), compact wireless design for easy room-to-room use, and Video Chat & wireless webcam compatibility: Skype™, Messenger™, Yahoo™, Google Talk™.

About Zulily

Zulily offers online daily deals up to 70 percent off on apparel, toys, gear and more for moms, babies and kids. Membership is free and offers exclusive access to new events each day, lasting on average for 72 hours. Members are delighted to find their favorite brands and discover new ones, all for the best value. zulily was founded in 2009 to make shopping for unique children’s products, both online and mobile, easy, affordable and fun.

One lucky winner will win the MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System (value: $229.95).

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature of the MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Thursday, November 22nd at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*

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  • Bunny

    I love the wide camera viewing angle!

  • Lauren

    I love the quad screen feature:)

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I love the LCD screen, being able to watch my baby sleep would help me sleep better as well!

  • jordana

    i love the wide viewing angle!! it would help with my two girls, who share a room

  • Lisa Ellis

    i love that you can watch 4 different cameras – that’s great !

  • arely colin

    love that has optional audio-only mode

  • Stephanie

    I love the wide viewing angle!

  • Danielle

    four cameras in one makes this an unbeatable monitor

  • Laura Blount

    I love the multiple camera capability!

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the two-way communication!!

  • Karianne

    Wireless & rechargeable = AWESOME!!

  • Kellie

    I love that it is expandable up to 4 cameras!

  • Kailee

    love that it has a rechargeable Li-ion battery and that it can expand to 4 cameras!

  • casey

    Love the size of the screen!

  • Kate Seeley

    I love that it can connect to Skype!! Too cool!

  • Nicky K-B

    I love the wide viewing angle!

  • Amber Graves

    I love that you can watch 4 different cameras. I have 2 kids and being able to watch both of them would be great!

  • Chandra conine

    I love the idea of 4 cameras at once! So cool!

  • Courtney

    I love that I would still be able to take my 3 year old outside to play this spring and summer while the new baby naps and still be able to keep an eye on her!

  • victoria owens

    love that you can see (4 different views) and hear every movement, which is great for a first time mom (me).

  • sarah nelson

    LOVE everything about this camera!

  • Ellie Seymour

    I love that it can be hooked up to 4 cameras at once!

  • Lisa

    I love the quad screen feature:)

  • Krasimira Herzog

    I love that it’s wireless!

  • Lindsey Roulston

    I love the option of adding up to four cameras!!

  • Kimberly

    Love zulily have gotten so many cute outfits for my twins!! Need a new monitor for them so badly!!!!

  • Laura

    Love that I can connect to it from my PC and say hi to my little one from work!!

  • Misty Findley

    I love that my 2 year old daughter would not be able to get away with anything anymore.. 🙂

  • Judy

    I love that you can watch 4 different cameras, plus it’s wireless with rechargeable batteries!!

  • Jamie

    I would love to be able to see my baby when he’s in his room and I am not!

  • Michelle

    I love how I can view different rooms at once. This is something I could really use with my 2 1/2 year old and baby. It would be nice to leave the room for a minute not worrying my 2 year old is touching the baby and trying to do something the second I walk away…

  • sarah brennan

    This would be amazing!

  • Erin

    My friend would love the color screen display for her new baby, due in March!

  • Amanda Tarlton

    I absolutely love that you can watch 4 different cameras

  • Sheala

    I love how wide the viewing angle for sure!

  • Pam

    I love the wide angel viewing!!!

  • Kelly R.

    I like the Voice Activated picture and sound. And we’re still using an audio monitor in our house, so any video at all is a huge feature vs. what we currently have!

  • Erika

    I love the multi camera viewing at once!

  • Des!

    Definitely the night vision!! Love this.

  • I love the infrared night vision up to 40 feet i need to see two cribs without having to have two cameras

  • Jennifer Kibbon

    love the wide viewing angle, plus the wireless webcam capability sounds interesting. We had a mobicam monitor for our 1st child, but unfortunately it broke. We loved it though! great battery life also

  • Tiffany Washington

    Love the quad screen. Due in May this would be an awesome product to have.

  • Rachel

    Love the infrared night vision!!

  • Jen Rader

    I think the two-way communication is awesome! But even better, being able to have 4 cameras attached. I have 3 kids all under 4 years old who have their own rooms. This would allow me to have a camera in each of their rooms and only one receiver! What a relief that would be!

  • Katy Hickson

    I love the wide angle view, as well as the option to expand to 4 cameras! I have a 5 year old that shares a room with his baby brother and it makes me a nervous wreck! I would feel much better if I were able to look at the screen and know that both of my babies are alright! Thanks for such a wonderful product!! 🙂

  • Alana

    I like the size of the screen. Just the right size for viewing the little one.

  • Gail Cloud

    I love that this monitor has FOUR camaras and the picture is so clear! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  • I love that you can use up to three cameras at once excellent for three kids under three I also love that it’s a two way wallow talkie makes it easier to ask for help from my husband instead of leaving the room I can just call for him

  • I love everything about this, but most of all its ability to expand up to 4 cameras, it would be great because I have 2year old twins who sleep in separate rooms. I also love the wireless design.

  • Ashley Donohue

    My favorite feature would have to be the video chat!

  • Rachel

    recording dirrectly to the reciever

  • Rose Orosco

    Wow this is a wonderful product. This would give me so much peace of mind. I love the fact that is so simple and easy to use. The picture quality looks awesome.

  • the 40 feet of night vision is great!

  • Lauren Horton

    I love that I can use it with up to four cameras. One camera in my daughter’s room and another in her playroom would be great!

  • Diane Markgraf

    Love the quad screen. Being able to view four different locations is awesome. Great help with little ones!

  • Kristel Muniz

    Definitely wide viewing angle!

  • Brooke Cook

    Love the wireless webcam capability! Have been looking for a new camera for my three lil ones and this just might be the next one!

  • Kelly R.

    I love that you can see multiple cameras on the screen. My toddler and infant
    will be sharing a room soon and I’d like to what each is up to 🙂

  • leah

    I love that is has a wide camera view and is compatable for more than one room!

  • Tessa H.

    I love the night vision!

  • Kerry

    I love the quad screen view! Great for multi kid houses!

  • I love the two way communication! Great for getting my husband’s attention from downstairs instead of yelling up the stairs when he’s checking in the room!

  • Tabitha

    I love the wireless webcam feature. Being able to peep in on my little one while I’m working would make it a tad bit easier to be away!!

  • Sam Oft

    I love the quad screen with 4 camera capability and two-way communication!

  • Rochelle Luaders

    I love the 4 camera capability!

  • JulieM

    I love the built in wireless design

  • Rebecca M

    Webcam capability

  • Kristina Sherer

    Love the fact that you can see up to 4 cameras on the screen!

  • omg I would LOVE to win this!! It would totally come in handy as I am due any day now!!! <3

  • Danielle

    Love that you can use multiple cameras”

  • Amy hendrickson

    I love all the features. It would give me peace of mind to monitor my baby girl.

  • Gloria Sweeney

    There are many features that I like about this Monitor. The fact that one can view up to 4 different rooms in one came is especially interesting to me. I am about to have a second child and I am so big (only in my belly) that most people are thing it’s twins 🙂 If it ends up being twins then the multiple cameras monitor will be very useful! Love the wireless feature about it too.

  • Shannon Gould

    I love that you can use skype and google talk with it so that my husband can catch a glimpse of the baby while he is at work!

  • Maria Eden

    I love that you have the recording option. Good for those special moments you want to capture. I also like the two-way communication feature and that it can be expanded up to 4 cameras to be viewed on one screen!

  • Love the option to have four cameras so you can see different views on the same screen

  • Jonathan Parnell

    Multiple location viewing!

  • Margo B

    the fact that it has Video Chat & wireless webcam compatibility: Skype™, Messenger™, Yahoo™, Google Talk™-how awesome is that?! I would absolutely love it

  • Kristi K

    I love that it connects to Skype!

  • Kayla

    I love that this has night vision, that would be great to have!

  • Jessica Orton

    What a great gift!!

  • Kellie

    I love that is has infrared night vision up to 40 feet !

  • Addison Kat

    expandable up to 4 cameras

  • arely colin

    love the compact wireless design

  • Arlene S.

    I love the 4 screens! And night vision is a plus!

  • Brandy

    4 cameras on one screen!

  • Gloria S.

    Love that you can use Skype!

  • shawna

    Love, love, love the quad screen feature! Also, I am loving that it can connect to Skype!!

  • Mimi

    I love the idea of 4 cameras at once!

  • Evelyn

    All the features of this monitoring system sound great, but that it’s rechargeable battery operated and wireless is tops.

  • Emily Baker

    I would love this monitor, the LCD screen is amazing.

  • Natalie S

    Love the two way communication!

  • Anna Mosca

    I love that you can watch more then one camera on the same screen and that its in color!

  • Stacy Nguyen

    I like the 450 ft transmission range. I can go on the balcony and not worry about missing a thing.

  • Lisa Ellis

    i love the 2 way communication so you can talk to your baby!

  • I love the quad screen!

  • kerri

    A million options
    Big color picture
    Clear night vision
    Easy to use set up
    Great audio

  • Thabal

    Like the 40ft range feature.

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the 40 ft range; since its so important to keep cords away from the crib.

  • Vasily

    Love the infared night vision!

  • Ginger G.

    LOVE the screen on that monitor!

  • Lisa Ellis

    i love that it can be wireless also!

  • Arlene S.

    The night vision, the screen, and the 2 way communication is awesome!

  • Sonya Morris

    I love everything about the MobiCam DXR Digital Monitoring System! I really love the two way communication that way I could calm my little one before they get too fussy. Thank you!!

  • Kellie

    I love the color high resolution screen it has!!

  • Brandy

    Quad screen is best!

  • Veronica Sh

    I love that there are four different views!!

  • Blessie Nelson

    I love the the wide camera viewing angle

  • Kristina Sherer

    Love everything about it!

  • TnT

    We love the optional four camera feature and that it’s recordable for random memorable moments.

  • Lisa Ellis

    Love that it can be audio only if you chose

  • Brandy

    Connection to skype is awesome, too.

  • Kellie

    I love the video chat capability.

  • brooke t

    I love the record option

  • Arlene S.

    The high rez and 4 views are awesome. Like a PP mentioned, the idea that it captures images for memorable moments is great too!

  • Natalie S

    Love the 3.5″ screen!

  • Arlene S.

    Being able capture some cute moments on video sound great! Love the 4 screens!

  • Courtney R

    Wireless and rechargeable!!! What’s not to love?!?!?!

  • Gloria S.

    Love the 4 screens!

  • Lisa Ellis

    love that it’s compatiable with Skype – great for long distance grandparents!

  • adina

    love that its expandable

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    Love the option to use more than one camera.

  • Anna Mosca

    love the 2 way communication and the quad screen!

  • Brandy

    Quad feature is the best!

  • Natalie S

    Love that its expandable up to 4 cameras!

  • Leticia Castillo

    I like the wide viewing angle

  • Shannon

    Wow! The quad screen feature is great!

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    love the color display; and all the other amazing features!

  • Lisa Ellis

    love the big display – 3.5 inch color screen !

  • maria

    the wide angle. so cool! thanks!

  • Brandy

    Quad screen capability is great.

  • Gloria S.

    Love the video chat and wireless webcam compatibility!

  • JulieM

    I love the wireless feature and two way capabilities.

  • Kate O’Brien

    I like that it is able to record.

  • Caroline

    the multi camera feature is so cool!

  • Lisa Ellis

    Love the wide angle view !

  • Brandy

    Quad screen feature.

  • sandra

    wireless ability

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    Love the option to expand when you have more children!!

  • Anna Mosca

    I love that its wireless! I hate cords everywhere especially with a baby around!

  • Natalie S

    The two way communication is a great feature!

  • maria

    the angle! thank you!

  • Vivian

    Love the video chat

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the long range; the night vision and the two-way communication!! So excited about this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • brooke t

    I love two-way communication,

  • I love the infared night vision idea and multiple cameras!

  • Alexandra Clatterbuck

    The quad screen feature is awesome!!! =)

  • Lisa Hodsdon

    I love that you can have up to four cameras! I think that is so awesome and definitely great if you have multiple kids!

  • Cassandra Golden

    I love the two-way communication feature.

  • I like the infrared night vision, this is awesome would love to have one

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