Giveaway: Drool Monkey Organics

Drool Monkey Organics produces only the finest quality eco-friendly baby products, currently specializing in organic teething lovies and hankies. While there are other lovies and hankies on the market there is nothing like Drool Monkey. Celebrity fans include Selma Blair and Ali Landry.

Organic Teething Lovie:

  • Made from custom-woven 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric
  • Prevents drool rash – When baby chews, the absorbent fabric whisks away moisture from baby’s delicate skin.
  • Multi-tasks as a teether, burp cloth, nursing cover, sun shield, and security blanket all in one
  • Stays Clean with reusable drawstring bag & machine washable and dryable
  • Relieves teething discomfort with knotable fabric for baby to chew on
  • Entertains with a fun rattle inside
  • Stays-Put on stroller, carrier and teething toys with two removable tethers

Organic Hankies:

  • Made with Custom-woven Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Ultra-Soft & Absorbent – Protects delicate skin and sensitive noses
  • Machine Washable & Dryable – Stays soft and smooth wash after wash
  • Teach Good Hygiene – Sneeze, cough or blow at the adorable monkey
  • Environmentally Friendly – Save trees and reduce waste
  • Newborn Sleep Aid/Soother – Perfect size and breathability to absorb scents to soothe baby while away from Mom or Dad.

We are giving away a Teething Lovie and set of Hankies to 3 lucky readers (value: $52).

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product at Drool Monkey Organics in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, November 16th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*

Congratulations to the winner of our Mountain Buggy giveaway: Barrig!

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  1. Mary Evans

    I can’t really give a commnet here I’ve never bought anything but I sure would like to win one and try then I might be hooked!

  2. I really love the organic teething lovie and how it absorbs moisture! My drooly baby, who is teething sure could use something like this.

  3. Tracee S

    I’ve never had any of the products but they sure would be nice to have for my new baby nephew!

  4. Charity S

    I love the Drool Monkey & Hanky 3-pack Combo for girls. Thanks

  5. I like the organic teething lovie. It would be perfect for my daughter who is just starting to teethe!

  6. frances

    Love the Lovie! So important to have organic when it’s going to be chewed on!

  7. Val

    I would love, love, love to have it for my teething baby! =)

  8. Dorothy

    I like the Drool Monkey teething lovie. I’ve got a 4 month old who could really use this product!

  9. Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the boys teething lovie; so cute!

  10. Karen

    I absolutely LOVE the Teething Lovie. The little monkey faces are adorable and I would love one of these for baby #2 due in May 2013. Wish I had something like this when my first little guy was teething!!

  11. Caroline

    the drool rash prevention sounds awesome!

  12. Becky Kilgras

    Our first grandchild is on the way! I would love to win this for our daughter!

  13. Erica

    I love the teething lovies for my seven month old,
    Who is really teething now.

  14. Meghan

    I do not have any of these products and would love for my cranky teething baby to have some relief!

  15. Lisa Ellis

    i like the boy teething monkey.

  16. Betty Hudson

    I love all the drool monkey products!! I would love to just have two sets of hankys for my twin grandbabies one boy and one girl! I have excuss to the drool monkeys but not the hankies!

  17. Kristi

    I love the organic teething lovie. What a great idea, and so many uses. Would love this for my 4 month old.

  18. Kristina Sherer

    Love the teething blanket!

  19. VeronicaSh

    I am in love with their drool monkey! It is so cute!

  20. NeesaB

    The drool monkey is the cutest thing ever! I’ve never heard of them before but can’t wait to check them out. Would be especially thrilled to win one but either way I am sold!

  21. Katy

    I have seen these in a couple of the stores we have been in, and I absolutely love the simplicity of them. No toys hanging off, or different kinds of material. Very simply and sweet just like our little girl. If I don’t win them I will be sure to get some for when she needs them.

  22. jen

    I would love to try a teething lovely

  23. Cassandra

    I’ve never had any of the products but would love to try them out.

  24. Karen Gonyea

    ADORE the Organic Teething Lovie 🙂

  25. Courtney R

    The Teething Lovie is fantastic!!!!

  26. Stacy Nguyen

    The hankies look useful and adorable.

  27. Lisa Ellis

    love that the hankies and lovies are organic !

  28. jean browne

    LOVE the Teething Lovie!! Perfect for my teething baby!!

  29. Nicole U

    I love that it is organic!

  30. Cassie Elwell

    I very much enjoy the teething lovie. Very handy and actually absorbs the drool unlike most which it just drips down the cloth. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  31. Vivian

    The teething lovie for girls!

  32. renee walters

    I love the Drool Monkey! It is so cute! Thanks!

  33. Kelly H.

    I love the girl drool monkey!

  34. Deborah Wallin

    I really love the organic teething lovie

  35. Lynn Harasym

    I would like the organic teething lovie for my niece who’s expecting!

  36. Kathleen Fitzsimmons

    I love the teething lovies!

  37. Pippa

    First choice would be the Drool Monkey teething lovey (the one with the little Monkey head on it) !!! But I would take the blanky too!
    THese are awesome.

  38. amanda

    I’d love the hankies! I love that they’re organic!

  39. Alisha

    The organic hankies would come in very handy.

  40. Jamie

    I like the Hanky 3-pack Combo for Girls.

  41. Kristina Sherer

    Love the Organic Teething Lovie

  42. Deborah Wallin

    I really love the organic teething lovie,

  43. Tiffany

    I would love to win this wonderful product for my 3 month God-daughter…I’m sure she’ll be teething soon.

  44. kathy pease

    my favorite is the drool monkey

  45. Jen

    I like the girls organic hankie most.

  46. Nicole U

    I love that the cloth is made out of organic fabric!

  47. Stacy Nguyen

    The hankies are adorable.

  48. domestic diva

    The drool monkey is very cute. Love their stuff!

  49. Brenda S.

    I love the Drool Monkey & Hanky 3-pack Combo for girls.

  50. Alexandra Pitcher

    Organic boy’s teething lovie!!

  51. Jason P

    the drool rash prevention is pretty useful

  52. Brittani

    The drool monkey is adorable!

  53. Doris

    The drool monkey is cute! Thanks!

  54. Linda

    I liked the hankie 3 pack combo for baby girls. Thanks

  55. Wade

    Man, I like their drool monkey.

  56. mariam

    I would like to win it for my grandkids. The drool monkey is adorable.

  57. Eric

    I liked the drool monkey. Thanks for the chance.

  58. kristy

    My teething daughter drools like crazy. I think she would like the adorable drool monkey and I would like it because her shirts would not be soaked all the time.

  59. Deborah Wallin

    I really love the organic teething lovie. Thank you!

  60. Lynn Harasym

    I love the organic teethers

  61. Paula Hafner

    I love the boy’s teething lovie! What a great idea!

  62. carol y l

    Great idea! Safe and soft.
    I like the girl’s organic hankies!

  63. Laurie Emerson

    I love the Drool Monkey-girl!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  64. Mayla M

    I like the teething lovie for my little boy.

  65. Summer DuPree

    I think my four-month-old (very drooly!) son would LOVE the organic teething lovie!

  66. Sarah Elston Yurga

    I like the Drool Monkey for girls!

  67. Kristy Thiel

    I love the organic teething lovey for girls!

  68. Christian Alejandro N.

    The drool monkey looks like a great gift idea.

  69. Heather M

    I love the Boys Drool Monkey



  71. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I like the boys teething lovey!!

  72. stacy cheney

    This is the first time I have seen this product, but have a grandbaby on the way and would love to try this/ love that is organic.

  73. kerri

    ♥ that it’s made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric,
    ♥ Prevents drool rash, and
    ♥ Multi-tasks as a teether, burp cloth, nursing cover, sun shield, and security blanket all in one!

  74. domestic diva

    I love the drool monkey, though the hankies are cute too.

  75. Alexandra Pitcher

    I so want a organic boys teething lovie; for my little teething monkey!

  76. JessicaE

    Drool Monkey teething lovie for sure!! Love it, thanks so much CBS for this awesome giveaway!!!

  77. marie

    this would be perfect for my baby Emily! I hope I win :o)

  78. Gabreial W.

    Love the teething monkey for girls!

  79. Amanda Weyer

    Love that it’s organic.

  80. chrystal

    I love drool monkey teething blankets, they make wonderful snugglies for my little droolers!

  81. Kate O'Brien

    My favorite is the teething lovie

  82. lisa

    sounds like the ideal eco-friendly product for my baby who is due in june and it’d be perfect as a baby shower gift for all my friends who are also expecting mommies. can’t wait to try it!

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