Melissa Joan Hart’s Smiling Tucker

Since giving birth to Tucker nearly 8 weeks ago – Melissa Joan Hart has been sharing lots of photos of her cute little boy. The Melissa and Joey star – who also raises Mason, 6, and Brady, 4, with husband Mark Wilkerson – posted two photos of her children on Wednesday (November 14).

In one caption she writes: “Smiling Mr T” and in the other she says, “My lil Gretzky’s”

The actress told US Weekly the older boys dote on Tucker.

“I can’t leave or go anywhere — even to bed! — without them kissing the baby goodnight or saying, ‘Good morning, baby,’ or reading books to the baby.”



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  1. Tara

    What a cutie. There is something so special about little boys and their mommas. Girls are sweet too but in an entirely different way. Melissa seems to have really grown up to be a pretty cool mom.

  2. KA

    All of her boys are absolutely adorable!! They all look so alike too! Can’t wait to see if she adds a girl to their adorable family

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