Tori Spelling Shares New Family Photo

Tori Spelling has a very special message for her husband Dean McDermott on her website, In the blog titled, “Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life,” the mom-of-four praises her “hands on” hubby and shares some snapshots of their growing family.

“Today is a really special day here in the McDermott household. I thank the heavens and Doreen and David McDermott for giving me the love of my life. It’s Dean’s birthday today. He is and forever will be my true love, my best friend, and my partner in crime,” Tori writes.

“I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 7 years since we met,” Tori adds. “I feel like I’ve known Dean for a lifetime… He has given me so much – He is my universe and together we created the most beautiful 4 planets there could ever be. He shows me love I have never known (and didn’t think could ever exist). And, this past year he has gone beyond showing what the vows “In sickness and in health” mean in a marriage. He is the man love songs are made from and my dream come true.”

The Craft Wars host goes on to praise her “hands on” hubby.

“But, it’s not just my dreams he’s made come true,” she shares. “Our kids couldn’t be luckier to have him as a Dad. He brings new meaning to the phrase “hands on” and makes it look effortless. He inspires me everyday. He is my perfect match in every way, and I thank our angels every day for bringing us together.”

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  • Someone

    Those are some awesome photos….the photographer captured some incredible moments

    • Louise

      posing is not the same as ‘capturing’ special moments.

      • Someone

        Damn why are so many people SO incredibly nitpicky! It doesn’t really matter if its posed or natural, it’s still a moment.

  • Kaz

    Shes one lucky lady to have found such a caring loving husband.Congratulations to your beautiful family.

    • Louise

      she always admitted that they have a difficult relationship though. Which is even more special than the usual ‘hands on’-crap celebrities give us.

  • Queen B

    Let’s not forget when Tori and Dean first met they were both married to other people so their relationship began with an extramarital affair. The affair unfortunately will forever taint their “love story”. I am sure Dean’s son will never forget the day his falmily was torn apart so Tori could have her happily ever after. People who cheat on their spouses have no morals or ethics just look at Leann Rimes.

    • Anon.

      Let’s forget. Nothing and none is served by digging up the ugly past. It seems everyone has moved on that counts.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what they could ever do to make people STOP bringing this up every time their family is mentioned. Nobody needs to hear it every freaking time.

      What the hell is wrong with you? You’re holding on to this longer than anyone involved probably is.

    • Kaz

      It takes two to tango.They were both in unhappy marriages and people fall in love.
      Thats life…just hope this marriage will last for the childrens sake!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia

    And yada yada yada…seriously Tori, no one cares about your love ‘affair’ keep your business to yourself. Dean is no catch, both of you cheated on your spouses when you met. Some ‘love’. How embarrasing for your children when they finally understand.

    • Tara

      While I agree it’s horrible how they first got together and it should NEVER be excused, I do think they truly did fall in love. In the long run it may be better that this happened so their spouses are free to go find others who would appreciate them the way they should be. I do feel sorry for their kids as they age but I think the fact that they are growing up in Hollywood will be less difficult -as sadly morality is pretty lax there. Therefore it’s not as much as stigma as if this happened to a couple in middle America.

  • Mary

    so Dean should have been with and stayed with someone he wasnt in love with? that would be worse dont you think, for his ex I mean he did her a favor by not wasting anymore of her time. Also if Dean was happy or Tori was happy do you think they would have cheated, no…people dont leave when they are truly happy.

  • Danielle

    It didn’t start in the best way, but now they are together lets hope for all parties involved that they stay very much in love and last. At least Tori seems to be a more respectful stepmom than Leann Rimes is!

  • Anonymous

    It’s the “for richer or poorer and forsake all others”
    Part of the vows that Dean has trouble with.
    Just ask Mary Jo! Dean got together with Tori
    to try and further his fledgling acting career and
    to get his hands on some of that Spelling fortune.
    Having babies will solidify his financial windfall
    as Tori’s children will inherit a lot of money some day.

  • K

    If he is so “hands on” why did he leave the baby daughter he adopted with wife number one? He only claims the son from that marriage.

  • Anonymous

    Seven years, people. Nobody cares after seven years.

  • there is no help for you

    I don’t really care for them, but mazel tov, cute kids?

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