Tiffani Thiessen & Harper Dig In

White Collar star Tiffani Thiessen had an adorable date for breakfast this morning: Her 2-year-old daughter Harper!

The 38-year-old actress Tweeted this sweet photo of the two of them sharing a plate piled with pancakes and strawberries, writing, “Breakfast of champions.”

Tiffani and Harper were among the famous faces at last weekend’s star-studded premiere of Sofia The First: Once Upon a Princess. Also on the red carpet were Constance Marie and her daughter Luna, Jason Lee and his kids Casper and Sonny and Ian Ziering and his daughter Mia.

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    You always see these two together but her husband is never photographed with them.

    • klutzy_girl

      He’s probably the one taking the pictures.

    • Danielle

      Actually he is on Instagram too and posts pictures of Harper and himself.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he has a job.

  • scooter

    pretty little girl.

  • Renn

    Exactly! and Brady posts pictures of himself with her too they just don’t post them on the baby sites. Such a beautiful family! Harper is just the cutest! shes a mini-Tiffani. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where are the pictures of him and his daughter? I’ve never seen one of them together.

    • OMG Again

      How often do you see photos here of the non-celebrity parent with the kid?

      • Danielle

        Although Brady isn’t as famous as Tiffani he is an actor.

  • SMH

    Funny how some celebs (usually those the paps aren’t interested in) seem to go out of their way to draw attention to themselves (& their children!!) by posting pictures on the Internet for anyone to see.

    Others (e.g. Angelina, Gwen Stefani, Sandra Bullock, etc.) are relentlessly pursued by paparazzi and the only pictures you see of them are those taken by the paps.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a poor attempt at trying to remain relevant.

      • Meghan

        So ‘normal’ parents are allowed to tweet pictures of their kids but celebrity parents aren’t? It’s not like she had her husband take the photo and sent it to this site, they obviously went out looking for it. Regardless, she’s a beautiful little girl, looks just like her mom!

        • Anonymous

          Normal parents are tweeting pictures to their friends and family, not fans. And by tweeting this picture, they’re basically asking for it to be picked up by a site like this otherwise they either wouldn’t tweet it or would only tweet it to friends and family.

          • MM

            They’re not tweeting it “to” the fans. Do you even know how twitter works? They’re posting it for their friends and family, just like NORMAL parents, and fans (and site owners) who follow them are snatching them up to post for their articles. LMAO you old people are HILARIOUS and useless.

          • yep

            MM, you know that you can make your twitter account private if you only want to share with family? I am not going to say all the young people are dumb,;rude and ignorant, the others don’t deserve to pay for you…

    • Tara

      Anyone who posts pictures on Facebook, twitter, instagram etc is inviting people into their lives. It’s not secure no matter what anyone says. But on the other hand we come on sites like CBS to see just this type of stuff. So why is it so wrong to supply them?

      Tiffany just seems to me like any other mom, proud to show off her munchkin. Not sure why so many are so judgemental about this?

  • Elizabeth

    How come no one has mentioned that plate of pancakes? Man does that look good!

  • Anonymous

    MM – I’m assuming her twitter account is not private, she has many fans following her, so essentially yes, she is tweeting the picture “to” her fans. If she didn’t want it to be accessible to them then she would make her account private, same as facebook.

    • SMH

      Thanks for “getting it” Anonymous. No one else seems to have a clue.

  • Danielle

    Some celebrities use Twitter and such so they can control the media situation. They can put out what they want on their terms, as tabloids twist things all the time.
    Im sure Tiffani is just a proud mum like most mums sharing her experiences, but maybe she’s also hoping if pictures are out there, then there won’t be such a need for paparazzi pictures. Much nicer for Harper to have daddy take a picture than some weirdo she doesn’t know following her around. I recently saw pap pictures of Tiffani and Brady in a supermarket with Harper and she was clearly very upset and was hiding in daddys neck. Those pictures make me uncomfortable.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but the paparazzi are not looking to take pictuer of her and her kids, so you can’t use that as an excuse. How many paparazzi pictuers are posted of her not many.

      Jessica alba post twitter pictuer of her kids yet the paparazzi still fallow and take pictures all the time so her posting the photos on twitter dose nothing but gets them more attention.

      • SMH

        ITA – some of these other posters are totally clueless. D-listers are the ones who use social media to promote themselves and (often) use their children to this end. A-listers/bonafide “stars” like Angelina, Gwen, et. al. don’t need to do this so they don’t. The paps stick to them like a cheap suit..

      • Anonymous

        She’s got fans. Those fans are interested in her life, and by extension, interested in her children. So she posts photos occasionally.

        What’s the problem with that?

        • Anonymous1

          If you think she’s posting “for the fans”, I’d say you’re pretty naive.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I give up. Who is she posting the photos for?

          • Anonymous

            As I said before, she’s posting them to remain relevant, for herself and any possible future career she may have.

    • Anonymous

      That’s pretty funny but no one really cares what Kelly Kapowski is up to.

      • Anonymous

        Because YOU don’t, you think NO ONE does? You’re pretty self-centered, huh?

        • ???

          Hi Tiffany!!!

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