Anne Hathaway: “I Really Want A Baby!”

I looks like actress Anne Hathaway has babies on the brain.

“I really want a baby!” the 30-year-old Les Miserables star admits to The Hollywood Reporter.

Since marrying hubby Adam Shulman in Big Sur, Calif. after dating for four years, a close source says that Anne was eager to get married and start a family.

“Annie wants to get everything done so they can get married and have babies,” a source revealed shortly before their September 2012 nuptials.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

  • Tara

    I know this isn’t very nice to say, but I find her to be increasingly annoying and pretentious. I used to be a big fan but she has become a bit full of herself. Yes she is talented but you don’t need to hear about her every waking thought. And yes I know I did not have to click on the article.

    • Anonymous

      “I really want a baby!”

      I fail to see where this could annoy you or be pretentious.

      • Tara

        Well that’s your prerogative, that’s why a baby opinion board is soooooo wonderful, we all get to express what we want. She bothers me, it’s my choice….

        • KTGrace

          So now you’re not only purposefully posting about photos you profess not to care about, you’re REvisiting the page to see if there are any responses to your “opinion”?

          Alright then…………

          • Jenner

            Oh PLEEZ- Everyone on here comes back to check their comments. You are a liar if you say you don’t because I see it all the time. Get over yourself.

          • Anonymous

            @ KT- pot calling kettle black much. I remember many posts where you have come back at least 4 times to comment. We all do it. What crawled up your ass today?

          • Tara

            Why not? It’s not like this is Mensa? It’s entertainment. Lighten up

  • Sheala

    Tara I agree!

  • Mimi

    I think she’s fabulous!

  • Lizzie

    I can’t stand her.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand Tara either.

      • Anonymous

        You just hate the fact that she proved you were a liar and a psycho. I saw the exchange in earlier posts (from a moderator). Really seek therapy anonymous….it’s such a shame people like you ruin sites like this. It must kill you that so many agree with her.

        • Tara

          Oh you saw that too;) Crazy isn’t it? Don’t feed the troll- she/he/it is obviously a very unhappy person…I pity her, must have a horrible life that she spends so much time acting like a nut on a website. Off to kiss my boys before bed.

      • Anonymous

        WTF does that have anything to do with this post. What are you twelve?! Jackass.

      • Jenner

        You seem deranged!

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