Katie Holmes & Suri Take The Subway

Single mom Katie Holmes was photographed with her 6-year-old daughter Suri in New York City on Sunday (November 18). While walking hand-in-hand along 7th Avenue, a fashionable Suri skipped alongside her mom who wore a gray top and long skirt.

The pretty pair were later spotted taking the subway! Katie has become a subway regular while starring on her Broadway show Dead Accounts, often seen on an uptown-bound E train.

The actress, 33, recently opened up about a Dawson’s Creek reunion.

“I love everyone from the show and we have kind of talked about it here and there, but what do you do?” Katie said on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, her first TV sit-down since her split from Tom Cruise.

“Michelle’s character passed away…Our last episode, we were already five years older. Maybe we’ll go on vacation, that will be fun—and just film it!” she added.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • anonymous

    Why do you have to mention which train she can be seen on. That’s so ridiculous! Isn’t she followed enough! Give her a break! What is the point to write that she can be seen on the uptown-bound E train!!

  • Anonymous

    The middle of November and this kid is skipping around in a skimpy sweater. There is NEVER a jacket/coat/hat ever on this kid.

    • Tara

      Give me a break. It’s only been in the 50s here in NY. Have you tried keeping coats and sweaters on 4-6 year olds who continually take them off? This poor girl is too scrutinized.

      • Mickey

        I think you’re pointing out a VERY serious issue here. I needn’t ask if you call the child protection services?

        • Mickey

          ‘called’, I mean

    • Anonymous

      You need a new complaint. This one is boring.

      • Anonymous

        And ridiculous when you look at how her mother is dressed. She’s just wearing a little sweater as well, and neither seems to be freezing.

  • Anonymous

    Tara – you’re an idiot. It can be 20 degrees and she never has a jacket on. If she took the jacket off like you claim she does, then you would see it in her mother’s hands you jackass.

    • Jenner

      You are the idiot- maybe it’s in their car or Katie’s bag?!!!! I usually do that with my kids. Get a grip you bitter hag stalker. You must watch them ALOT if you say she NEVER has one. Geesh!

      • anon

        Right on!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ummm.. but it’s not 20 degrees and she IS wearing a sweater. I don’t understand what this argument is about. The sweater is right there, on her body.

    • Tara

      Oh no are we off our meds again anonymous? You really need to see someone about your paranoia it’s obviously affecting you adversely..

    • mrs. trumbell

      in the last four suri posts on this site, she has been wearing a coat…..

  • cb

    suri has had on coat or sweater alot of times this year.

  • Hannah.J

    It’s good to see Suri trying these normal things out. Good on Katie for taking her and trying to give her a normal childhood.

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