Melissa Joan Hart: “I Would Have Seven Babies”

Despite a happy household full of boys, third time mom Melissa Joan Hart once found herself dreaming of life with a little girl – due to navigating the terrible twos with her eldest boy Mason, 6½.

“[He] just would not calm down, he was such a wild man,” the 36-year-old Melissa & Joey star tells PEOPLE. “And I would keep saying, ‘Why can’t I have a little girl that just sits and colors?’”

It seems the little guy is a very talented child – not only does his work wonders with a box of crayons but has moved onto creating his own picture books.

“He steals our printer paper and he makes up books about different animals,” the proud mama shares. “He has a collection of books he’s made under his bed.”

And with Melissa currently in the process of writing her own memoir, her son’s sketching skills could one day come in very handy.

“He may very well end up doing the illustrations for my book,” she jokes.

The actress and her hubby Mark Wilkerson recently welcomed her third son Tucker and if it wasn’t for the pregnancy process, Melissa would love to expand her family further.

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant. I hate being pregnant — the lack of energy at the beginning [and] having to change your diet,” she says. “It’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”

Since welcoming the her newest addition, Melissa has some tips to get her through the rough parts of the newborn stage.

“What gets me through the rough months [is that] I remember that it is going to get better as his personality changes,” she explains. “Soon he is going to be crawling and walking.”

Big brothers Mason and 4-year-old Brady also have been making the transition easier on Mom by offering a helping hand — and a turn at diaper duty — when needed.

“The older boys help with diaper changes. I am like, ‘Can you grab Mommy that?’ and after weeks [of that] they are like, ‘Gosh, you can never do anything for yourself,’” she laughs.

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  • Mary

    Such a beautiful family, I hope she has more children.

    • Tara

      Agree Mary, she just seems so down to earth.

      • Anonymous

        I agree as well. And totally honest about how pregnancy can be for some people.

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