Pete Wentz & His Snow Cone Cutie

Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan Camper took Bronx to the farmers market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (November 18). Bronx went sliding on the bounce house and enjoyed a snow cone.

Tuesday (November 20) is Bronx’s 4th birthday and dad spent part of it on the set of Best Ink.

The host of the Oxygen show Tweeted: “On the set of @Best_Ink with [spoiler alert!] season 2 judges @whatsnottalike @Sabina_Kelley @hannahaitchison #BestInk”

In an interview last year – Wentz talked about how fatherhood has changed him.

He said, “Having a child has definitely taught me patience on a whole new level, which is a really important lesson for me to have learned in life. I don’t know what my threshold was before, I’m not even really sure. But I realize that everything else isn’t so important. At times when I would find myself being, like, “Ugh, why can’t they just get the Starbucks faster!” now, I’ll just sit back and wait. It’s a really good thing for me to have learned. In this industry, you can definitely get caught up in thinking you are the most important person, no matter what.”


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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    That hair is getting ridiculous.

    • Rosy

      In your humble opinion, right?

  • Jenner

    I love when little boys have curly hair. He looks adorable.

  • Lizzie

    I honesty think he has gotten a trim, going from these photos and other recent ones posted on this site. Lot’s of parents like long hair on their kids. And if your child didn’t for the life of them want to have their own hair cut then why would you force them to do it? It’s not a big deal, get over it already!!

  • Anonymous

    He is NOT adorable.

    • Georgie

      Oh yes, he definitely is adorable! I do agree that he does need a haircut as he is really beginning to look like a little girl with his long curly hair, but yes he is a cute little guy!

  • Kasey1

    What little cutie pie!

  • Lesley

    How come we’re always seeing Pete and his gf with Bronx, but rarely Ashlee?

  • Stop insulting this adorable child. He’s just a kid and by reading all these things I think some of you need to grow up!

  • Soco

    Nope, kid got the bottom of the gene pool, not that his parents are anything special, and that hair does look clownish

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @8:24 – insulting him? He can’t hear or see these comments. The only one that needs to grow up is you. If someone else’s opinions bother you that much, then maybe you shouldn’t visit this site.

    • Anonymous

      The problem isn’t the opinion. If you don’t think it’s insulting to call a child clownish, you are a pretty nasty person yourself. And what does it matter if he can see it or not? They’re still being insulting. Oh, unless it’s okay to bash someone and talk shit about them… as long as they can’t hear you. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Bronx needs a haircut!!

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