Alicia Keys “Definitely” Wants More Children

Motherhood has been a welcome change for singer Alicia Keys and since giving birth to son Egypt two years ago, her priorities have definitely shifted.

“To have this type of love in my life at this time in my life, it means so much,” she tells Lara Logan on Friday’s (November 23) Person to Person. “Perspectives change, priorities change.”

“I was such a different person seven years ago,” she continues. “Nothing would stop me from traipsing from here to London to L.A. back to London to L.A. in three days and not sleep. … It was just that I thought that that was everything. But to have time to spend with my family and my son, it’s like perspectives change a bit, it’s like, ‘Hold up! Let’s not kill ourselves here.’ ”

Although balancing a family with her musical career has been an adjustment for the Girl on Fire singer, she is more than open for having more children.

“Definitely at least one more [baby],” she claims.

Alicia and her husband, rapper-producer Swizz Beatz, 34, married in July 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s just what that man needs: more kids.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t he have kids all over the place? 1 from this girl, 1 from another? People have no morals anymore.

    • Bloubiboulga

      That’s funny. He’s not Lil wayne… One child with a woman before and one with Alicia hardly makes him have kids all over the place.

      And I’m sure he’s not the only one to have a child from a previous relationship…

      • Anonymous

        Are you just making this up as you go along? This man has FOUR children from FOUR women.

  • Anonymous

    Your wrong, he has one from his first baby mama and another from his ex wife and a little girl from another woman and then the little boy with Alicia Keys.

  • ewww…. her son is so adorable. but why they named him Egypt? are they muslim?

    • chaka

      lol that’s what I thought but the name is okay. better than blue and north.

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