Gavin Rossdale & His Wrestling Rascals

It looks like rocker papa Gavin Rossdale has his hands full!

The 47-year-old Bush singer was spotted trying to break up a brotherly wrestling session between his  two boys Kingston, 6, and 4-year-old Zuma – with the help of the family nanny – on Sunday (November 18) in Culver City, Calif.

We last saw Gavin and Kingston as they enjoyed a lunch date at Midori Sushi.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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I don’t know if it’s poor parenting skills or just plain old laziness, but this guy can’t seem to do anything with his kids without a nanny along to do the heavy lifting. It’s one thing if you’re going through an airport, travelling, etc., but a simple outing with the kids and you need the nanny? Geez, based on their ages they are self-toileting, so he wouldn’t even have to worry about getting his lily white hands dirty…


This is getting old. They’re obviously taking nannies everywhere, do we need a comment about that every single time there is a picture??

U Cranky Ole Granny

Pssst….Newsflash o cranky one — the whole idea of a comment board is to encourage..wait for it… Comments!!!! Granted you may not agree with everything that’s said or like what you see, but that’s tough. I don’t think the moderators have a problem with people making observations no matter how obvious (as in this case) they are.

If you are so sick of seeing it, I suggest you go elsewhere.


Why not let the site owners/moderators be the judge of that? In the meantime, how about a comment on his greasy pony tail? Or has that been raised before?

I wonder…. if Gwen and Gavin issued a press statement that they don’t feel competent to take their children out in public alone, that they keep a nanny on hand at all times because they’re afraid they won’t do the right thing, and that they always travel with a nanny because they’re afraid of losing sight of one of their kids…. would the nanny comments stop then? No, I doubt it, because the nanny comments are meant simply to make sure that the world knows that people like SMH are better parents than Gwen and Gavin. And it must be… Read more »

Wow, those boys are a handful…