Gabriel Aubry Assaults Olivier Martinez, Arrested On Thanksgiving Day

Although they were spotted with all smiles earlier this week, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry‘s custody war has sunk to an all time low.

As the bitter battle continues to build following a judge’s decision against an overseas move, the situation came to a head Thanksgiving Day (November 22) when a physical altercation broke out at the actress’s California home.

The fight occurred between Berry’s ex, Aubry, and her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, as Aubry was dropping 4½-year-old Nahla off at her mother’s home on Thanksgiving morning, the Los Angeles Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

According to TMZ, Martinez, 46, approached Aubry, 36, and said, “We have to move on.” At that point, Aubry pushed Martinez and punched him in the face. A brutal brawl ensued.

Reportedly, both men were hurt. Martinez may have a broken hand and suffered neck injuries, while Aubry has a broken rib, contusions to the face and a possible head injury.

They were both treated and released from a local hospital.

Martinez went home to Berry, but Aubry has now been placed under arrest for battery and is required to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla.

This is the latest twist in the ongoing fight between the exes. During their custody battle over Nahla, there have been allegations of abuse, a custody evaluation report, and child support payment court orders.

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  1. Jenna

    The only mature one in this whole thing is Nahla..

    • Elizabeth

      Jenna, You are absolutely right. I’ve lost all respect for Halle. Olivier has no business talking to Gabriel; I wonder if he provoked him to get this response? Halle is mad about the judge’s decision.

      • Veep

        What provoked Gabriel? He is a grown man, is he not? Gabriel cannot blame his actions or reactions on a 3rd party. He alone is responsible for his actions (especially in front of his daughter). You remind me of those mothers’ of criminals who run around saying it’s not their fault – somebody made them do it.

      • klutzy_girl

        Halle is not the reason why two adult men fought. I don’t know why people are blaming her. It’s idiotic to blame Halle for this.

    • AvaElizabeth

      So sad for Nahla 🙁 poor little girl.

      I really don’t know..

      Aubry was rumoured to be aggressive from time to time, maybe he started the fight after being provoked.

      But I think it’s also not impossible that Martinez started the fight. I mean, who were be the witnesses? only people from ‘Team Halle’ I think.

      No matter who’s guilty and who started and who provoked, it will help Halle with the only thing that she wanted all the time: keeping Nahla away from her Dad, keeping her on her own and eventually move her to france.

      Poor little Nahla who has both a mother and a father who just cause horrible things because everybody wants to win.

  2. klutzy_girl

    This is completely ridiculous. They are two grown men who should have put aside their differences. I just hope Nahla wasn’t around when this happened and ended up traumatized or anything.

  3. Veep

    Seems like the court had already cautioned Gabriel about anger management. This situation is not going to end well for him – he put his child custody rights on the line here when he should have controlled his impulses. He could even be deported. Poor Nahla.

  4. dee

    Well I guess it wasn’t a Happy Thanksgiving was it Halle. You should make peace with the father of your child instead of war all the time. He should be given the same amount of time you get with Your Daughter. Be fair. Especially since you choose him to be the father of your child.

    • Luuuluuu

      and how do you know that SHE is the one causing the problems? She has her issues, but HE has had the history of anger management problems, stemming back from when he was reportedly growing up in foster care due to his parents substance and mental illness issues. You/we don’t know their personal business.

  5. Anon!

    It seems like Halle and her boyfriend have been provoking him for 2 years, She must very pleased now. She just wanted a sperm donor not a father for her daughter, she created the whole situation and pushed him over the limit. Poor little nahla, an evil mother and an angry father

    • Tiphanie

      wow you must really hate Halle Berry on this site…every time there is a story about her all i see is bad comments about her never on Aubry…
      just so you know, Martinez went to Auby in a friendly way and Aubry ( who already had anger management issue by the way…) punched him…and this was actually see by people who saw the fight…
      how do you know that they provok him for 2 years?
      i don’t say that i know they didn’t do but i’m not gonna say they did it either since we don’t have any proof of it…
      just because people don’t like Berry they always say bad thing about her it’s never Aubry…and i’m not a fan AT ALL…

      • Anon!

        I’m not used to post comment, and I’m not used to hate people I don’t even know. I never used the word “hate” in my first post, I only gave my opinion. I’m honest, If i were in his shoes i would have probably lost my mindl long ago: it’s mean playing with children’s life and love

        //sorry, english is not my native language

      • Marie

        While Gabriel was foolish and wrong to resort to violence, Halle Berry is a racist and has done everything she can to keep Nahla away from him. I’ve lost respect for Gabriel but Halle never had my respect to begin with.

        • Veep

          Ahhhh … so that’s why you people hate Halle. it’s because she dared to expose Gabriel’s ignorant rant about Nahla not being black. This is a common tactic used by you people. Don’t blame the racist, but blame the person who dares to call out the racist.

          If Halle were a racist as you say, she would not be engaged to Olivier. She would hate her own mother.

          On the contrary, I have never seen a pic of Halle with Nahla in the company of non-white children. So far, all of Nahla’s playdates that have been pictured in the press have been with white kids. Clearly, Halle is not a racist. But what does that make you for thinking something so obviously flawed?

          • Marie

            I never said I hated her. I said I didn’t have any respect for her. I don’t hate anyone. Halle is the one who went nuts when people called her daughter biracial. She only wants people to call her black despite being 75% white. She’s also the one who subscirbes to the “One drop” rule which is incredible racist, as well.

        • Luuuluuu

          @Marie…… back away from the FOX news channel. Halle is 1/2 white, her mother is 100% white, her ex and fiance are 100% white, her daughter is 75% white,….. yeah…. she hates white people alright. How foolish of you. Gabriel is a GROWN man (who’s quickly turning into a K-Fed minus to weight) who should be able to control himself. I hope that Nahla doesn’t inheret his anger management disfunctions.

        • Veronica

          Halle is a racist???! Halle may be crazier than a bag of rocks but racist? How can she be racist when she’s half White, had a baby with a White man, gave birth to half white daughter and currently engaged/dating a White man. Race has nothing to do with this situation. This is just an unfortunate situation with crazy angry violent parents with an innocent child in the middle. Marie you need to question yourself on whether youre racist.

          • Marie

            Read my response to Veep. I explain exactly why Halle is a racist and you have no reason to think I am at all. I haven’t mentioned anything derogatory or negative about ANY race. So knock it off with your nonsense!

  6. Bell

    I would have paid to see that cat fight, bunch of sissy’s

  7. Mary

    Pathetic. This cannot be good for Nahla. Unfortunately it seems her dad has a horrible anger problem and cannot control it. Sad to think if he would ever turn it on his daughter. Too bad Halle wasn’t more careful before choosing a baby daddy. Hope this all works out best for Nahla in the end, whatever that may be.

  8. Will Gabriel lose his custody of Nahla…….?? that’ll be sad for little Nahla,because his mom really selfish

  9. showfaroff

    Gabriel is unstable & his history of “illness” is well documented. He’s brawls with paps, called Halle n*gger, & kicked the nanny. He chooses not to work to get $ from Halle. He “wins” his case to keep Nahla in CA, despite clear logic for her to move away from the paps (which poses no interference with his relationship with her; he would live on Halle’s dime, speaks French & as a model can work from anywhere). He goes to Halle’s & his reaction to an olive branch is a brawl, in front of Nahla, on Thanksgiving? His emotional damage runs deep. Perhaps his background is relevant. Halle may have relationship issues but works on solutions by not staying in bad ones. Is Gabriel the saint -martyr, nope. This is the crack in the armor that people will start to see. The doting father is an act & Nahla is his prop. Has he cared for anything in the past? Relationships? A pet? A plant? It’s easy to blame Halle because she is famous, but the real story is Gabriel’s “dark passenger”

  10. Will Gabriel lose his custody of Nahla>?????

  11. Dee

    I’m not suprised by the comments on here. This site definitely shows a bias in favor of Gabrielle when posting stories about him and Halle. If he loses any kind of custody or has to do any time for his ASSAULT then Halle and Olivier are not to blame.

  12. Anonymous

    He called Halle a n*gger? That’s a new one…..never heard that one before.

  13. Shirelle

    I blame Halle see used Gabriel to have a baby and now that the baby is here she expects him to just walk away! She acts like Nahla is not Gabriel’s child like she is only her child

    • Luuuluuu

      Maybe she has good reason to want him to have limited custody of Nahla. I actually haven’t read anywhere that she wants to prevent him from seeing his daughter. He DOES have serious anger management issues you know.

      Could it be that all of the knee-jerk Halle blaming is ….racially motivated?!
      I remember a few years ago where people were shamlessly bashing Shar Jackson for Brittaney Spears having to financially support her two kids, when she decided to take up with a low life who walked out on a toddler and his pregnant girlfriend. Also racially motivated………?

  14. Despicable!

    Aha the ‘saint’ that is Gabriel is starting to show his true colours! This guy is first class rubbish! Hope Nahla didn’t see this.

    • Anonymous

      Halle has agree issues herself so before you go he startling to show his true colors so is she. Her flipping out on the paparazzi cursing and screaming I font of her daughter and at her daughters school only shows that she to has anger issues

  15. Anonymous

    I am going to assume that emotions would run high and strained when dealing with an ex and their current partner, for anyone. It’s terrible that it has come down to a fist-fight. I just hope Nahla wasn’t there to see it. That would be terrifying and confusing for a young child. So much for acting like adults and trying to keep things civil. Gabriel needs help. If he does have anger management issues he needs to get it under control ASAP. He and Halle HAVE to resolve their differences, for Nahla’s sake.

  16. Lana

    Well if Gabriel didn’t know Olivier was a trained boxer he’s pretty clear about that now!

  17. ann

    She is a crazy bipolar person who needs to stay on her medicines and stop calling the pops to take a picture because we don’t care about her or her movies cheap perfumes and shoes for old women. Her kid is ugly.

  18. Sally Ann

    Ok, this is a story that TMZ reported. How do we know every detail is true? I don’t doubt that Martinez & Aubrey fought so intensely that they ended up at the hospital, I do doubt the way they said it went down. Were they there? Do they know that Martinez offered the proverbial olive branch & not Aubry? I just don’t think we know enough to blame anybody. We just have to worry about Nahla & Halle and their safety.

  19. Saylor

    They totally set him up. They’re angry because judge ruled in his favor. I believe they baited him into the fight. It’s very easy to put a sanctimonious spin on the fight and call Gabriel the “angry” one with “issues” but most of you who say those things would be very surprised to discover just how angry you could become if you were in his shoes. He’s dealing with a manipulative, deceitful, selfish snake of an ex who is trying to steal his child and emotions are quite raw which is how she wants them because Hallie loves to paint herself as a victim. I’ve never hit anyone in my life but if I had been through all that he has been through and then found myself confronted with my child’s future stepfather who dared to try to smugly tell me that I needed to “move on” and let him take my child, I’d be enraged too. I don’t think that fighting was the best answer but I certainly understand how the conversation escalated to that. Hallie’s boyfriend should not have had any custody discussion with that child’s father. It’s none of his business. Hallie knew exactly what would happen when she instructed him to confront Gabriel. She doesn’t care at all about what’s best for her child. Hallie wants what she wants and she’s willing to do anything to anyone to get it. Every man she’s ever been with has been painted as an abuser of some sort. EVERY single one. The only one who is abusive is the spoiled, psycho celebutard who uses people and then destroys them once they’ve served their purpose. Hallie’s selfishness is the problem here and any judge who fails to see that is a judge who is unfit to sit on the bench.

  20. B

    Just to clear this up: Halle admitted in court (reluctantly) that Gabriel never actually called her the N word. Also, the nanny charges were dropped because of insufficient evidence.

    I admit, I tend to be more partial to Gabriel than Halle for my own reasons but the fact is: this is not a reality show, this is REAL LIFE. There is a little girl in the middle of this. Cheering for Team Halle or Team Gabriel is ridiculous. These are real people with real life problems. For them, it’s a sad terrible mess that they have to deal with right now.

  21. Janna Bannana

    The minute she started using her child to “get back” at her ex, I wrote her off. We ALL know the woman scorned scenario. Don’t forget, when you paint these men out to be such horrible people, we have to wonder why you picked them to father your child in the first place!?

  22. Dap

    – The story is from TMZ who through all the custody trial got its informations directly from H.Berry and her camp.
    – It was a citizen’s arrest (meaning G.Aubry was arrested by O.Martinez)
    – G.aubry has more injuries than O.Martinez (quite strange given that he is supposed to have assault him) and O.Martinez injuries are at his hands…
    – All of H.Berry’s previous accusations (Child neglect, racism, Nanny’s assault…) have been dismissed by the court.
    => This all screms set-up

  23. Dap

    Here we go: according to the LAPD, Hollywood Division Watch Commander: “There was a fight between two men at the house, with one of those individuals (G.A) was transported to a local hospital for treatment. No one has yet been booked and the investigation is still ongoing.”

    Non one has been booked, but HB is already saying the contrary. She had to get back at him for winning in court, hadn’t she?

  24. popsykl

    the more this goes on the more i dislike halle…..not sure why

  25. Lynn

    Why does anyone expect anything other than this sort of behavior from Halle? If this is a set up, as it appears to me, I hope the Judge will see through Halle’s temper tantrum and foot stomping because she cannot have her way. I have been the child of divorce and Halle should be ashamed.

  26. Anonymous

    The courts so far have sided with Gabriel, seeing through Halle’s ploys and lies to attempt the move to France. This time it’s not so obvious. It could have been a set-up or it could mean Gabriel snapped by something Martinez said to him – very dumb move on his part. They were yelling in French so nobody knows what they said to each other.

  27. Tara

    It Doesn’t matter who is at “fault”, if three adults cannot refrain from violence around the child they should all lose their rights until its proven the chid is in a safe environment. So sad.

  28. Mimi

    A set up all over. Im not excusing Gabriel at all, but this is a set up. Halle wants at all cost to move her daughter away from Gabriel, so since she couldn’t win with her ridiculous paparazzi story, so the next move is to press his buttons and provoke a brawl in which of course Gabriel will be at fault.

    No. I’m not on Halle’s side, sorry. A simply, ‘good day’ and ‘thank you’ from Olivier when he approached Gabriel would’ve been enough. There’s was NO need to say “we have to move on” from Nahla’s FATHER when he arrived.

    Definitely Halle and Olivier belong to each other. …..for now.

  29. Anna

    If Martinez has a broken hand and Aubry has a broken/bruised ribs it can’t be all Aubry’s fault, can it?

  30. Kasey1

    I don’t know if Halle set him up, but she’s eating this up like candy. I do like her, but she is really starting to show her true colors. She had no problem co-parenting with Gabriel while they were still together and while they split up, at first. Then Olivier walks in the picture, and a few months later, i’ts war. Gabriel really shouldn’t have acted out like that, and if he has anger issues, he should resolve them. But, I always wonder how people would feel if that were them in that situation? We’ve all been replaced by someone else in our lives (whether it be as a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) I can only imagine how it’d feel to have someone try to replace you as their child’s father. I understand that Olivier probably loves Nahla and should and Halle loves her too but for 2 years, Gabe was good enough to be Nahla’s dad I don’t see why he’s not good enough now that Olivier is in the picture. If he’s got anger issues, he needs them resolved. Halle and Olivier need to resolve theirs as well. It’s easier to mold Nahla as a child than have to repair her as an adult for all this crazy mess. Halle loves Nahla, she shouldn’t want her to suffer because of the selfish tendancies of the adults. Just my opinion…

  31. Anonymous

    Both man should act like adults but this has setup wroten all over it. Really the first thing Halle dose is run to TMZ and people magazine and pionts the finger because that the first thing on people mind is to run to the media when somthing like this happens.

  32. Jen

    I have always rooted for Aubry, but he needs to get his temper under control or else he is going to lose all access to that child.

  33. devyn

    Nahla equals meal ticket go Aubry who has used Halle from the beginning to further his prospects. The man is a good-looking first rate loser. Halle all the way, Yeah Martinez for kicking his arse.

  34. Meliss

    Is it just me or has Halle Berry been unjustly lambasted by people over the last several years? What did she do (worse than any other celeb or public figure) that has so many women up in arms over everything she does? Yes, I recall the car wreck in which another woman broke her arm. But Rebecca Gayheart killed a kid! Both were accidents. Lindsey Lohan doesn’t get this kind of mean-spirited commentary and she’s a total train wreck. I’m starting to think that a lot of people (women mostly) have been waiting to see Halle Berry fail so that they can feel better about themselves. “How DARE this woman be prettier than I AND have an easy life!” But let’s not forget, Halle was a child of abuse who grew up to be a woman of abuse (Wesley Snipes is the reason she can’t hear out of one ear). Beyond that, she’s has a series of what seem to be unhealthy relationships with men. Maybe she’s finally healed and thinks enough is enough. Maybe she genuinely feels her daughter is in danger of learning from Gabriel what learned…that violence against women (or physical/verbal abuse) is ok. I don’t want that for my daughter and I doubt any of you would want it for yours.

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