Angela Kinsey: Co-Parenting With Peace

The Office star Angela Kinsey is the ambassador for Citrus Lane, the care package service for parents where moms & dads can register their child and get a curated box of best-of products each month shipped to their front door. Angela’s custom made Mommy & Me box benefits her charity of choice, Oceana.

Angela opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her daughter Isabel, 4, who is quite the conversationalist and comedienne like her mama. The actress, 41, also talks about her upcoming sitcom Dirty Blondes, which is based on her life, and co-parenting with peace and friendship alongside her ex-husband.

CBS: How is your daughter Isabel doing? What’s she into these days? Is she funny like mom? Tell us what she does to make you laugh.

AK: “Oh my, well she absolutely cracks me up all the time. She loves making up stories and telling jokes. I actually wrote down one of the stories she made up the other day and am making it into a little book for her with pictures. One of her recent jokes goes like this, “Knock knock?” “Who’s there?” “Apple and banana.” “Apple and banana who?” “Apple and banana eat them! In your face!” and then she bursts out laughing.

She has recently decided that she’ll either be a pediatrician to heal – and I quote, “All the sick babies in the world” – or play in a band with me and her dad. She said that she’ll play the harmonica, and she wants her dad to play the guitar and me to play the flute. The flute?

I love our conversations. This is such a fun age and you really get to see who they are and what their thoughts are on the world. I am very aware of how special this time is in her life. I feel so blessed to have a front row seat.”

CBS: Tell us about co-parenting with your ex, Warren. Do you co-parent well together? Is it especially tough over the holidays? What’s your best advice to our readers on how to co-parenting?

AK: “Well, I like my ex and consider him a good friend. We talk everyday regarding our daughter and although we have joint custody, we each visit our daughter every day even when she is at the other’s home.

I feel incredibly fortunate that we have both been so committed to being a family even if we are not the most traditional kind. I realize every person’s situation is different and can be so complicated, so I am wary to give anyone advice without walking a mile in their shoes. I find what works for us is the very simple reminder that no matter what, we are Isabel’s family. We are her whole world, and as long as we keep our relationship about her, we can’t go wrong.

I tell Isabel all the time that families come in all shapes and sizes but what a family is, is love. She is watching her parents treat each other with respect and kindness, and as a result she is flourishing.

I don’t find it tough to co-parent through the holidays. We try to pick holiday traditions to do together. We often eat a meal together on Thanksgiving and we always open one gift together on Christmas eve and have breakfast or lunch on Christmas Day. Those little traditions make all the difference for our daughter.

I think making the choice that it is about your child and not about you helps you navigate your ego and any bumps along the way.”

CBS: Would you like another child one day?

AK: “I do think about it. Isabel asks me all the time if she could have TWO sisters and she already has names for them! She said one would be called Rose Rosie Selene and the other Carla!

But I am not a spring chicken so I am not sure how much time I have left to contemplate whether I will have another child or not. And right now I am able to be a very hands-on working mom with my daughter. I see people with several kids and am always amazed how they are able to juggle all the different schedules.

But like I told my mom the other day (moms ask you these kinds of questions too), a child is such a blessing that if that situation presents itself I would embrace it whole heartedly.”

CBS: Congratulations on starring and executive producing Dirty Blondes. Tell us all about this new FOX pilot.

AK: “I am so excited about Dirty Blondes! It is a sitcom based on my friendship with Rachael Harris. We have been friends for 16 years and recently found ourselves starting over in life. Our TV show is about that journey. It is full of honest, raw and hilarious moments when love may be blind but friendship isn’t.”

CBS: Are you weeping with sadness (like we are) about the series finale of The Office?

AK: “I am so sad! And with each episode we film it is starting to become more real that the end is near. It is very bittersweet. We all wanted a true ending for these characters we have grown to love and that is what Season 9 is all about. But as right as it feels creatively to say goodbye to Dunder Mifflin’s story, it will be SO hard to say goodbye to our TV family. We are all very close off camera and I will miss seeing these amazing people on a regular basis.”

CBS: We hear you’re the ambassador for Citrus Lane. Tell us all about this front-door service. What kind of products can you order? What’s it all about?

AK: “Citrus Lane is a community of parents helping parents find the best products out there for their kids. When you become a parent for the first time the list of products out there whether it be strollers, baby lotion or sippy cups can be flat-out overwhelming. Who makes the best high chair, bouncy seat, developmental toys and on and on.

Citrus Lane researches products, finds out what parents out there think and what people are using that works, and sends those products monthly to your front door. It is an amazing company with an awesome staff of folks. I am so thrilled to be working with them. As a busy mamma (like most moms and dads out there) it is nice to find out about products that I might have otherwise missed out on. And Citrus Lane works with companies you can feel good about as a parent. As Michael Scott would say, it is a “Win, win, win!” ;)”

CBS: We hear you created a special edition holiday box that benefits Oceana. Tell us all about it.

AK: “I have been talking with Citrus Lane about a preschool age box because that is the stage I am at with my daughter. We spoke about the toys and make-believe games she likes to play and designed a box around that. Tea parties are a big deal at my house so we included a tea set by Green Toys. Green Toys make great durable toys from recycled materials. And although I designed my box with little girls in mind, little boys love playing kitchen too!

We also love dolls, so you’ll also get an Ivy and Bean paper doll set. It includes two dolls and lots of resusable stickers to change their outfits and it is a great size for holiday travel. And my little gal is very girlie so we are constantly playing dress up and she loves to get into my lotions, etc.

Sparklehearts makes fun lotions that glitter and shine. They are all natural so you can feel comfortable letting your kids use them. Citrus Lane often includes a snack item in their boxes and it is how I have found out about a lot of great toddler treats. I now have to pack a lunch box for my daughter so Plum organics shredz are a yummy, easy option for a school time snack.

And lastly Oceana has generously added a little penguin cookie cutter (perfect for holiday North Pole cookies). I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and swimming in the ocean was a big part of my childhood and now living in California, we spend a lot of time at the beach and enjoying the beautiful Pacific ocean. A few years ago I went to a charity event for Oceana and was so impressed with the marine biologists and scientists that are part of this organization. They are working daily to help protect our beautiful oceans so they’ll be a safe place to play for our children.”

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