Tamera Mowry Is Thankful For Her “Lil Butter Ball”

Tia & Tamera star Tamera Mowry took to Twitter Thursday to share her gratitude this holiday season.

“I’m thankful for my lil butter ball turkey #WhyImThankful HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! Xoxo,” the proud new mom wrote of her 1-week-old son Aden.

Weighing in at 9 lbs., 5 oz., baby Aden finally arrived on November 12 — two weeks after Tamera’s October 30th due date.

“I seriously feel like I have been pregnant forever,” Tamera admitted. “Almost 10 months to be exact! Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet. ‘This has now become a waiting game,’ my OB told me.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Martha

    So cute!!

  • George

    H eis so cute

  • anonymous27

    Pregnancy IS 40 weeks. it’s always been that way.

    • HF

      You are considered full term from 37 wks but 40 weeks is the average so that’s probably what she’s referring to.

  • Sheala

    Is he wearing a Kabbalah bracelet?

    • XYZ


  • Luuuluuu

    He looks like he knows what he’s looking at. Tooooooo precious!

  • Gena

    This pic is so cute. It looks like he is giving the peace sign. Didn’t know Adam or Tamara were Jewish. I thought they were catholic or Christian. I don’t think they married in a jewish cermony. Maybe they are converting? Anyway, good for them. They have a beautiful little boy.

  • Tamera Housley has the most beautiful celebrity baby I’ve ever seen. ☻☺☻☺

  • C Gayle

    Not sure if this is the reason but this could also be a typical red string/bracelet that alot of caribbean parents keep on new babies…

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