Alyssa Milano’s Yo Gabba Gabba Gang

Too cute!

Alyssa Milano and her husband Dave Bugliari were in the spirit, wearing their Yo Gabba Gabba hats as they headed out to the catch the live show at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California with their adorable son Milo yesterday (November 23).

Alyssa later posted a pic of her sharing a snuggle with the family’s littlest Yo Gabba Gabba fan, writing, “#YGGLiveLA Me and my little Plex.”

This is our second sighting of little Milo this week – on Thanksgiving the former Charmed star posted a photo of her son helping her out in the kitchen. Such a sweet pair!

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Photo credit: Instagram/FameFlynet

  • Scooter

    Wow, Alyssa looks great. She’s back to her pre-baby body.

    • Ivy

      Well I would hope so, the kid’s over a year old.

      • Scooter

        I don’t see her every day. Do you? Not every mom gets their body back. She looks great.

        • Millie

          What does seeing her every day have to do with anything? You’re right, not every mom gets their body back, but if it takes more than a year it’s probably not going to happen.
          There’s nothing special about being back in shape a year after having a baby, it’s normal to be back to your original weight by 3 months later. You’re just so used to people not caring that this seems special to you.

          • Scooter

            What I’m saying is: The last time I saw a photo of her (months ago) she still had some baby weight on her. She looks great. Not caring? I think most moms care about their bodies, they just don’t make themselves top priority because they’re busy bonding and caring for a new baby. My comment did not mention an astounding time frame in which she got her body back. Only that she did, and looks great.

          • Anon

            Scooter…….. For the 500th time: Just because a woman makes getting back into shape a priority does NOT mean that she’s not bonding with her baby. It does NOT mean that they’re not caring for their baby.

            I’m just still surprised that people see a photo of a woman and her baby and the first thing they think of is to always comment on her body or how she looks. Not how happy she looks. Not how sweet the hats are. Not how her child has grown so much. No, it’s always about their physical appearance. It’s a shame, really.

          • Scooter

            I’m just guessing, but if Alyssa was to receive a compliment I’m sure she’d rather hear she looks great instead of what a cute hat she’s wearing. I can compliment her how however I want to.

            I’m not sure you know how priorities work or how to count for that matter. I think you’re off by about 498 times.

  • Natalia

    aww what a beautiful family

  • katy

    Where is his other shoe?? 🙂

  • Calla

    I love this family. Milo is adorable.

  • Tara

    I love alyssa- and to ivy sometimes- it takes people a little longer to get back to shape so a year is actually pretty fast. Regardless she looks great.

    On another note I must have given birth to the only two boys on the planet who are not into Yo Gabba Gabba. For some reason they just don’t “get it”;)

    • Millie

      It takes some people longer than a year for sure….but that doesn’t make it normal. If you have ‘baby’ weight after a year then it’s not baby weight, you’re just fat.

      • Tara

        Wow that’s harsh and ignorant. Just because one’s body isn’t the same after giving birth- does not equate being fat. A lot depends on age and physical type. I certainly know it was much easier getting into shape with the birth of my son at 24 than it was after my twins ten years later and I only weigh 125. But have friend’s who weigh much more but I would never have the audacity to judge them. It’s not a competition.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, I have to agree with Millie. If it takes you more than A YEAR after giving birth to lose the “baby weight”, you’re not even trying or were not in good shape to start with.

          • Tara

            As someone who was fortunate to have a mother with good genetics I have never had issues with weight. However I think it’s pretty insensitive that others find it their place to judge those who may not have the “no effort” experience I have had. Whose place is it for YOU or anyone else to tell them “they just don’t care”. I am sure they are well aware that they may have a few extra pounds to lose but how exactly is it our business. Does it make you feel better about yourself? Why are women so nasty toeach other? I am not a feminist freak who believes we all need to support one another because of our gender. But as a human I do think the world would be much more pleasant if women could handle things like adults instead of playground bullying. Not saying you did here- just a general consensus.

          • Anonymous

            Hey Tara, I wasn’t being nasty. It definitely should NOT take someone more than a year to lose weight gained during pregnancy. That’s not a putdown, it’s a fact.

            But I definitely agree, this planet is so obsessed with what a woman LOOKS LIKE all the time. It’s really disheartening that it’s all anyone talks about.

      • Jenner

        Why not post a picture of yourself Millie so we can decide if you are “normal” weight or not. Judge much!!!!!

        • Millie

          I would love to post a picture of me 4 weeks after giving birth to my daughter, and put you to shame….but this isnt facebook, I can’t post pictures here.

  • Jenner

    my kids hate Yo Gabba Gabba too;) none of my friends can believe it.

  • Millie

    So Tara, what you’re saying is you lost your weight with little effort, because of your good genes, and people who still have 20 lbs of ‘baby weight’ a year later just have bad genes? It’s not because they aren’t trying to lose it?
    Stop giving excuses, this country is full of disgustingly fat people and it’s not ok, let’s not encourage them and tell them, ‘it’s ok to be fat, you’re beautiful’.

    • Jenner

      Would rather have a world of “disgusting fat people” than one where those like you exist. I pity your poor daughter should she ever have a weight issue. You are an utter pig.

    • Tara

      Actually I cannot relate to someone who had difficulty losing weight anymore than someone who has extra weight could relate to the reality that the pounds just came off me without any effort. That’s why I would never be so arrogant to judge them. I find it more troubling that you insist on calling thise who are 20 pounds overweight as “disgusting”. I prefer to overlook this superficial fact to see they type of mother they are.

      There are way more important things to be concerned with than whether or not Jane Doe has yet to lose her baby weight. You and I are obviously different people with opposite priorities and criteria for what makes a person valuable.

    • Size4dayafterbirth

      How fitting..the fattest, and rudest girl in my high school was called MILLIE. Must come with the name.

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