Halle Berry & Nahla’s Post-Thanksgiving Outing

Academy Award-winner Halle Berry was photographed with her 4-year-old daughter Nahla at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (November 23). Surrounded by bodyguards, the mother-daughter duo were seen leaving the Yo Gabba Gabba show.

While the girls were away, Halle’s fiancé Olivier Martinez was seen on a grocery run at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood. He looked alright after the violent Thursday brawl with Halle’s ex, male model Gabriel Aubry.

On Thanksgiving Day (November 22) a physical altercation broke out at the actress’s California home between the two men.

Reportedly, Martinez, 46, approached Aubry, 36, and said, “We have to move on.” At that point, Aubry pushed Martinez and punched him in the face. A brutal brawl ensued.

TMZ posted a photo of Aubry’s swollen face — it seems clear who got the worst of the fight.

A Los Angeles judge has issued an emergency protective order against Aubry, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez, and his daughter.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/AKM-GSI/INFphoto.com/FameFlynet

  • Laura

    I read the article that Nahla won’t to see her father Gabriel until December 3. Hope Nahla will to see father again. sorry for my english

  • Alice

    Halle looks so happy that Gabriel gets away from Nahla. Halle is really crazy

  • amy

    so.. gabriel has a broken rib, etc. olivier looks fine but it was “self defense”? somethings not adding up. don’t get me wrong, if olivier fought back in self defense, he has that right. but he only has the right to use reasonable force. a broken rib, etc. is beyond reasonable force.

    idk – it’s hard to know what to believe in this whole ordeal. the only witnesses are halle’s friends/family, gabriel is more injured, etc. it honestly SEEMS like he was ambushed. i just feel bad for sweet little nahla. she doesn’t deserve to have any of this going on around her – i hope and pray that ALL of the “adults” in this case truly grow up ASAP and start acting mature and doing what is in nahla’s best interests.

    • Anon

      Do you have any idea how easy it is to break a rib? Beyond reasonable force. Ambushed. Please. Stop speculating about things you know nothing about. Why not just wait until the facts are revealed?

      And let me tell you something right now. If you punched me in the face, you can be sure that you’d be sorry. Reasonable force to me means until you don’t get back up again. You start a fight, you’d best be prepared to have it finished for you.

      • amy

        did you read my comment? i never said that i knew what happened. i said IT SEEMS and I DON’T KNOW what happened.

        no one knows what happened YET. how do you know that gabriel threw the first punch? there’s just as much of a chance that it was olivier. so you’re a hypocrite and speculating while telling me not to.

        also – i don’t start fights. i have more class than that. i also don’t go around posting about how someone “would be sorry” if they did punch me. i don’t give anyone reason’s to punch me and i don’t go around trying to argue with people. it IS kinda worrisome that you get so serious about my comment, considering you are just a random person who knows no actual facts about this case, exactly like me. calm down. everything is okay. no one is trying to fight you and you don’t need to “finish a fight”.

        • Tara

          It’s funny how Halle seems to bring out some of the more vitriolic people on this board. I am on the fence with regards to who is truly at fault. I think there are many woman who have a preconceived dislike for her so nothing she does can be positive. I tend to feel a bit sorry for her at times because unless you have been in her situation its hard for us to judge. Other times she brings it on herself.

          You are right though there are some seriously angry “ladies” who troll these boards. It’s scary to think that articles and posts about virtual strangers affect someone so deeply.

          • devyn

            A voice of reason on this board in regards to Halle. Most of these women/girls are infantile morons hung up on Aubrey because he’s good looking. They are on his side basically because of his looks. Halle has issues, but so does this dude. They behave as if he was a saint. All he has ever done is proven that his daughter is a means for his support. The longer this lingers and the more he demands more money I believe he was in it strictly for the money.

  • Louise

    I thought she wanted her child to grow up far, far away from the spotlights – that’s the reason she gave for wanting to move to France. Obviously it’s big nonsense!

  • Anonymous

    We all have issues. It is so easy to judge.

  • Alli

    Her father abused her, Wesley Snipes hit her so bad she’s “80 percent deaf in one ear,” David Justice was violent, Eric Benet cheated and was a sex addict, in her 2000 hit and run accident she felt compelled to leave the scene of the crime despite the other driver being bloodied and broken. Watch out Olivier, when you break up with Halle she will allege that you hit her with the same fists that pummeled her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

    • Meliss

      So I guess it’s not possible that a woman, regardless of her looks, could be in a series of abusive relationships because of what they may have witnessed or experienced growing up. Eric Benet admitted what he did. The rest of them, not so much. But who says, “Yeah, I beat women.” Are you just bitter or do you have an ax to grind? Who accuses a woman of lying about such horrible things when they don’t know her? Even to suggest that she would lie about being a child of abuse. How disgusting!!

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I’m pretty sure that statistics show that the possibility of being in an abusive relationship INCREASES once you’ve been in one…. so I agree with you and think that it wouldn’t be that unusual for her to consistently pick the same type of man.

  • i am wondering this is a scheme of Halle,she can’t take Nahla to France then her boyfriend say something trying to make Gabriel bit him

  • Luuuluuu

    It’s amazing to see that so many of you don’t seem to be able to even consider that Gabriel just may be to blame in this and possibly other incidents. I find it shocking that your knee-jerk reaction is to blame Halle 100% percent for every negative thing that has happend in their relationship. As if any of us know anything about their relationship. I’ve yet to read where even one person lays the blame on Olivier either. Only he and Gabe were involved in the actual fight afterall. Even still, you guys dump all the blame on Halle …, and only Halle. MEOW.

  • Dap

    @devyn: so people sympathetic to GA are shallow people blinded by his good look and supporters of HB are smart people able to see beyong appearence? How convenient!… How about that instead: people sympathetic to GA may have had no preconceived opinions on either of them two years ago but have watched with bewilderment HB throw so much accusations to the poor man – accusations that have always been dismissed in court so far – that they are now very sceptical at all new accusations coming from the HB’s camp…?

    • Anon

      That’s not actually true. The accusations are not always dismissed, and the man has been advised to seek anger management therapy.

      • Dap

        Whici he did. And she was advised to take parental classes, which she did not.

        • Anonymous

          How do YOU know?!?!?!

  • B

    You must really lowly of people on this board if you think the only reason they stick up for a guy is because of their looks. That’s crap. Halle is looked upon in a negative light because of Halle’s own words and actions in the media. Same goes for Gabriel Aubry and up until this point, he seemed like a decent guy that just wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life. It DOES seem like Halle and Oliver are making it more difficult for Aubry than what is necessary. My opinion by the way which I have a right to say without being called a “troll”.

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