Kourtney Kardashian & Kids: Florida Fun

Kourtney Kardashian took Mason and Penelope to lunch at Yolo along with friend Larsa Pippen and her kids in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. on Saturday (November 24). They also visited the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science earlier in the day together.

Kourtney shared a few photos of herself and Larsa writing: “lunch and laughter” and “Getting eaten by a shark with @larsapippen.”

She’s been in town filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami!

On Sunday she also told fans of news on their fashion brand.

“So excited that our Kardashian Kollection launches in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar today! I hope you guys love the Kollection!”


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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com


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  1. Crayola

    What she’s pulling a Michael Jackson w penne. No one wants to see her. Sorry to say this but her kids r ugly.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree. Do they think he looks cute with that long stringy hair? He has such an old face for a 3 year old. They didn’t make cute kids at all.

  3. Francesca

    I think Mason is adorable! Especially in their show. It’s a ridiculous thing to say for a child, but I think pictures don’t do him justice.

  4. Danielle

    He’s no Flynn Bloom but he is actually cute, especially when you see him talking on the show. He’s cuter than some other celebrity kids, i wont name names..

  5. Ellen

    I thought so too and I agree that his face looks like it belongs to an older child, but as mentioned he is absolutely adorable on the show(yes, I watch it. Sue me)! Super cute! He says cute things with his cute little voice. And they seem to raise him with love

  6. Jessica

    Did Kourtney always cover Masons face when he was a baby??
    Seems like she is always covering her face. Not that anything is wrong with that but I don’t think she ever did that with Mason.

  7. Lila

    Yeah Kourtney did do that with Mason. And also when he was a baby they never showed his face on the show. It wasn’t until he was walking that they filmed him. She actually talked about it in an interview. Also now the sisters and family are always taking pics with Mason and posting them but when he was a baby they never did it.

    It must be to do with their age, maybe once they reach a certain age or milestone then she feels more comfortable letting them be so public.

  8. Ashley

    Yeah when Mason was really little Kourtney kept him hidden as much as possible and she and the family never shared pictures with him until he was much older.

    On TV he was never filmed until that first season of Kim &Kourtney in New York. Before that they always talked about him and mentioned him but never showed him.
    Like the second season of Kourtney&Khloe in Miami he was about 5/6 months old, Thats when all the drama with scott happened and Kourtney famously said “I love Mason, more than i love you”. That season never showed him.

    But I’m glad they show him now cause he is really cute and has the most adorable personality

    My guess is that its not until she 6months of age will we see Penelope more publicly.

    • Anonymous

      O please she sold the pictuers of both of her kids to two different magazines so she is completely comfortable with letting them be public. The paparizzi is not hounding them for the first photo, so they sold the pictuers for the money and attention.

      As for the reason why Mason was not in the second season is because she and Scott wanted more money for Mason to be on the show and E! wouldn’t give it to them so he was cut out of the show.

  9. Bell

    I think the kid it cute, would look more like a boy with shorter hair; unfortunately, having the Kardashian/Disick last name seems to do more harm than good and would tarnish anyone, child or adult, given the family’s reputation

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