Dannielynn Birkhead Makes Modeling Debut for GUESS

At just 6 years old, Dannielynn Birkhead has made her modeling debut for GUESS kids. The shots will soon plaster billboards as part of the company’s Spring campaign.

Posing on the beach in a denim mini-skirt and fedora, Dannielynn seems to have inherited her late mom Anna Nicole Smith‘s love of the camera.

According to GUESS? Inc creative director Paul Marciano, she’s like her famous mom in other ways as well: “Dannielynn has the same playful spirit that her mother had on a set,” he says. “She is a second-generation GUESS girl, which makes this campaign a first for us.”

Though she was just 5 months old when Anna Nicole died of an accidental overdose in 2007, Dannielynn’s dad Larry Birkhead has said that she knows about her mom’s modeling career, telling Access Hollywood earlier this year, “She knows her mom’s image and she can recognize it, but I don’t let her see really anything that’s like over the top or anything like that.”

What do you think of Dannielynn’s modeling debut?

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Photo credit: GUESS

  • arabella

    dannilyn is a beautiful little girl.

  • Why is her father allowing her to go into show business at age 6? I feel sorry for any little kid who’s father thinks it is better for her to be a model and earn a living rather than to go outside and play w/ her toys and friends.

    • Anonymous

      And you’re sure she can’t do both?

      • Anonymous

        It changes the self awareness of a little girl to put her in front of a modeling camera at that age. To say it has no impact is naive.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a beautiful child. She looks just like her daddy.

  • Jade

    Dannielynn is gorgeous!! I don’t think it’s a bad idea for her to be modeling. If her mother were still alive, I’m sure that’s what she would want for her. I think he’s probably doing it for Anna Nicole. He seems to be a great dad considering what has happened.

  • Kelsbels

    Oh dear.. and it was all going so well (away from the public eye). On the plus side, Dannilynn is a very pretty girl. Camera loves her.

  • SMH

    I disagree with most. I see nothing wrong with Dannielynne modeling esp if she enjoys it. No different then little girls cheerleading or dancing. Nothing wrong with having hobbies. I am sure she gets to do normal things but lets face it she will never be completely normal. As long as her dad raises her w good morals thats all that matters.

  • Ali_Spain

    They are lots of kids modeling, why not her? she’s gorgeous, sure she likes to dress up like any other girl.
    Pics are amazing, she even looks older for being 6

    • maryf

      Don’t you see thats the problem, her looking older than 6.

      • May

        Yeah, she looks older than six. Perhaps… seven? God, the photoshoot is no big deal. The pictures aren’t suggestive or over-the-top, she’s not wearing lots of make-up, her hair seems as natural as it gets. Many kids work in this industry. It’s not a big deal if you don’t make it to be one.

        • Anonymous

          Personally I wouldn’t want my daughter being concerned with her looks and appearance at 6 years old. It’s teaching her that adults value her for beauty. This is what starts girls thinking about themselves as objects of beauty rather than just being innocent children. Considering the history with her mother I would think modeling isn’t something that needs to be emphasized at such a young age. She has plenty of time to grow up. Let her be a little girl.

  • Toya

    I don’t understand all the fuss/w one photo shoot. This little girl is stunning and In memory of mommy it’s a sweet idea. How can anyone conclude she will be a drug addict, pregnant at 16 and GOD knows what else all the positive people ( insert sarcasam) are predicting SMH at least give her a chance at being something fabulous and being loved and supported by her father GEEEZ

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t she be fabulous and loved by her father without modeling?

      • Tara

        He obviously adores her. That’s obviously not what she meant. This is not about “looks”. This has more to do with giving her a sense of control. This little girl will be in the public eye her entire life by birthright alone. If she is taught young enough how to balance this media obsession with what SHE herself chooses to present, her life may be easier. Right now it’s all subjective.

  • Julia

    Not surprised at all.

  • Micaela

    She is a natural. The camera loves her!

  • Lulu

    Children’s stores need child models. C’est la vie. This isn’t provocative.

  • Bell

    The one thing I do not like is how the red GUESS label is right at the hem of her already short jean skirt.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you possibly have a problem with that?

      • Anonymous

        Because it draws attention to how short the skirt is?

  • musiclover

    What a beautiful little girl! Personally , as long as she likes being in front of the camera, i don’t see anything wrong with her modeling. As far as her father making money off of her, he can spend part of what she makes but a certain percentage of it has to go into a Coogan account. Any child who performs, has to have one and only the child can touch the account when they turn 18.

  • Tara

    What’s all the outrage about? She is dressed age appropriately and she seems to be enjoying it. Believe me if you don’t want to be there on set, they will find 20 other willing participants in a minute. Her father has done a good job keeping her out of the spotlight and it seems harmless. Remember that George Marciano was like a father to Anna Nicole nd during the entire time she worked with him she was drug free. It was only during he later years. The child will be protected

    • Anonymous

      Age appropriate for 6 year olds is now considered to be mini-skirts?

      • Tara

        What are you a Mormon? I am as CONSERVATIVE as they come and I do not see a problem with it. If this was any other girl than Anna Nicole’s daughter no one would blink an eye. Stop sublimating feelings about the mother on the child.

  • Jennifer Kay

    She is absolutely beautiful just like her mother.

  • amy

    I understand where people’s worries are coming from, but we have NO PROOF that the money Dannielynn is making, isn’t going into a trust for her to have when she’s older. Also – Gap uses models. Old Navy, Gymboree, etc. She’s not on the front page of a magazine in a bikini. She’s not in high heels with make-up dripping off of her face. She’s dressed very appropriate and is modeling for a CHILDREN’S line of clothing.

    I am obviously not the norm here by not having an issue with this. I think it’s actually pretty sweet that she’s modeling for Guess just like her mama. If any of you haven’t noticed – Dannielynn doesn’t live in LA. She’s NOT being pimped out at hollywood parties, living in Beverly Hills, etc. She lives a quiet life in Kentucky. There is interest in her life because of who her mother is, and I think that her father is actually being SMART by allowing small glimpses of her throughout the years, so that when they ask for privacy it is respected.

    If Dannielynn’s father refused to ever show her face, pictures, etc. there would be people constantly trying to sneak pictures of her into the public just to make money. By keeping the control in his hands, he is calming people’s curiosity, making some money for his daughter’s future and allowing her to experience small bits of what she would have if her mother was still alive.

  • Danielle

    i have neighbors whose children model for Ralph Lauren Polo and have already made enough money for college. knowing these children, i can tell you there’s no difference between them and other young children in terms of how well they play with their siblings and friends, how respectful they are to their parents and, generally, how they act for their age. they just happen to be very attractive children and very fortunate to be able to help their parents pay for school.

    i hope my future children are able to model; it’ll then be my job to ensure that it doesn’t affect anything about their feelings of self-worth or image, which is a parent’s job to create in the first place.

    • Tara

      It’s a great way to make money and secure a bit of your financial future. As long as you have parents that are viligant with protecting you, it not only helps in an economic manner it helps with confidence. Not all modelling is superficial. Particularly with children her age- there is so much oversight and fear of legal issues that photographers and designers put a lot of effort in guaranteeing that everything is on the up and up. Most child models do it for less than a year because of how quickly their looks change.

      The only time it becomes questionable is when you use a 12 year old to model adult products. As far as Guess and Ralph Lauren they want the kids to look like kids.

      • Anonymous

        Im stunned. Neither of you see any problem using your children to make money off their looks? It shouldn’t be the child’s job to secure a financial future. And unless you have talked to grown ups who were child models it seems rather presumptuous to say it doesn’t effect their sense of self esteem to go to casting calls and have adults commenting about “how attractive” they are. It’s creepy and pimpish. I’m sad for the young girls of America.

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