Michelle Heaton Undergoes Double Mastectomy

British pop singer Michelle Heaton is currently on the mend from her recent decision to undergo a double mastectomy after discovering she had an 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer.

After spending much of last week in the hospital following the procedure, the 33-year-old mama opens up about “the hardest part” about recovering from the life-changing surgery – not being able to pick up or hold her nearly 1-year-old daughter Faith.

“[My husband] Hugh brought Faith in to see me the morning after the op, but only for 20 minutes as she’s so active and I couldn’t do anything, not even hug her, ” she writes in her weekly diary for Closer magazine. “It’s the hardest thing in the world not being able to hold your child and it was awful because she could obviously sense something was wrong”

“To see her waving as she left was heartbreaking,” she adds.

The star’s decision to undergo the surgery came after her father Christopher found out that he carried the BRCA2 gene earlier this year – coupled with the facts that several of her family members have battled breast cancer – and that she herself was a carrier of the same cancer-causing gene.

“I just think that preventative surgery is the best option for me,” she bravely revealed at the time of discovery. I’ll do whatever it takes to be here for my child – that’s the bottom line.”

Michelle’s husband Hugh Hanley has been his wife’s biggest supporter.

“Nothing but admiration for my wife @wonderwomanshel,” he writes on his Twitter page. “It’s been a tough year starting with an emergency C section then getting loop recorder on her heart & now a double mastectomy.”

“But she has never once felt sorry 4herself &her first question is always is Faith ok? #Inspirational,” he adds.

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  1. Jenner

    What an amazingly brave thing to do. Now go enjoy your precious little angel. She will know how much you sacrificed for her. My mother died from breast cancer when I was ten months old but I always felt a part of her was eternally watching over me.

    • Anonymous

      Not to burst your bubble but if she is dead I doubt she is looking over you. No such thing as heaven or an afterlife.

      • Tara

        I pray you are being sarcastic…because if not you are not only soulless you are a complete b*tch.

        Jenner- your mom is always watching over you. I too feel my mother’s presence despite her passing away when I was a child as well.

      • Marie

        I’m an atheist but I don’t go around “correcting” people to believe what I believe and that there’s no afterlife. This woman had a sentimental moment and she believes that her mom is a guardian angel looking out for her. So what? While I don’t believe in a God, I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just as strongly as you and I believe that there’s nothing, she believes there is something after death. You need to learn a little more tolerance for people who are different than you or have different views than you. You could learn a lot.

        • Tara

          Well said. I don’t usually respond to people like that but she obviously is a hateful person.

        • Anon

          Maria while I agree with Tara that anonymous is a witch and also with the point of your message – except I do believe in God- you are a hypocrite. You ridicule anyone who doesn’t agree with you. I see it all the time.
          Practice what you preach.

          • Marie

            You see it all the time? When have I ever spoken to you in my life? I rarely go on here and I have never posted before. I felt compelled to do so today because I think it’s important to understand that people can have differences and still be respectful. Unless you’re secretly a close friend of family member of mine, or you’re friends with me on facebook, I can’t imagine how you could “see it all the time.” If you’re referring to other atheists, in general, then you’re being prejudice against an entire group of people. People like you that like to throw around names like “hypocrite” are the reason I have not posted before and will not post again.

      • Jenner

        This was a post about Michelle’s courage NOT a religious statement. I am a Christian but I am not so conceited to think as one I hold the monopoly on the belief of the unexplained. If it helps those like myself and Tara to feel our mothers presence throughout our lives, since we were deprived the joy of knowing them very long, HOW the hell does that affect you? You must live an empty and shallow existence if you get thrills out of making nasty comments to an otherwise positive story. I pity you.

        Thx to all the others.

  2. Anonymous

    All the best to her during her recovery.

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