Thomas Beatie: “I Won’t Have Another Child”

In the latest In Touch magazine, Thomas Beatie – the first man to give birth and famously dubbed ‘The Pregnant Man’ – reveals that he’s ready to close a big chapter in his controversial life.

“I’m 99 percent sure I won’t have another child,” he says, adding that doctors have advised against it.

“My wife Nancy couldn’t have children,” Thomas – who had his first sexual reassignment surgery to become a man in 2002 – continues. “And I had the ability to do it.”

Although his marriage to Nancy ended in divorce, he’s found love again with Amber Nicholas, 42, a single mom of two.

“I’ve always wanted a big family, but I’m very happy and fulfilled with Amber and my three children.”

Thomas and his ex-wife are parents to daughter Susan, 4, and sons Austin, 3, and Jensen, 2.

Amber is mother to daughters Lauren, 21, and ­Mattison, 15, with her ex-husband.

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  • HDP

    I always think of myself as open minded – but then I find myself thinking… if he really wanted to be a man, and really felt like he was truly a man – why did he do the most feminine thing a woman can do in her life – carry and give birth to children.
    Not so open minded on this one, sorry.

    • Anonymous

      Because his wife couldn’t? Says so right there in the article.

  • arabella

    totally agreed with hdp

  • arabella

    totally agreed with hdp

  • Tara

    Agree with hdp but I must confess I am not all that “open minded” in its modern definition. Suffice it to say I just find this wrong on so many levels but mostly for the child. Obviously someone like myself who readily admits has more traditional beliefs is bothered by this but I can guarantee you the most evolved individuals are judging his selfishness.

    Just pray those kids have a good sense of self.

  • eliz

    this WOMAN is a freak of nature trying in vain to stay relevant… i’m all for living your life how you want but please dont try to change the laws of science/genetics by calling yourself a pregnant man.. god! low life fame wh*re who is not a man. period.

    • Lau

      I don’t think he/she is a freak of nature, but if you’re calling yourself a pregnant man, there’s definitely some things you need to think through.

  • Luuuluuu

    GOOD! Now promise to simply GO AWAY! Give up your quest for fame and fortune. The novelty has worn off, and your ship has sailed into the rocks. I sencerely wish you the best of luck raising healthy and happy children…….. out of the public view.

  • Anonymous

    I can sleep tonight.

  • Anonymous9

    This person may be a man, or this person may simply be a woman who takes male hormones, but one thing we know for sure, this person is an attention whore.

  • DanSy

    Don’t judge him, it’s his life, his body. If it is ok with him and his wife to have kids that way then who are we to judge them?

  • Jessica

    Hate that they call him the first pregnant man.
    Genetically he is all female with female parts within him.
    He may be a man on the outside and his mind is telling him his a man, but genetically he is not. Therefore was never a pregnant man.

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