Ben Affleck Takes Daughters To The Dentist

Argo star Ben Affleck and his mother Chris were photographed with his daughters – Violet, nearly 7, and Seraphina, nearly 4 – heading to the dentist in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (November 27).  Equipped with rolling luggage, Violet brought along some toys while Sera toted her doll and a lunch kit.

We just spotted the entire Garner-Affleck crew – including mama Jennifer Garner and lil’ brother Samuel, 9 months – in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Huge congratulations are in order for the sexy dad-of-three! Ben was recently named “Entertainer of the Year” by Entertainment Weekly.

With his mega-hit Argo that just hit theaters, Ben opened up about sharing in the success with his family-of-five.

“I had very low expectations for Argo‘s performance,” Ben shared. “I just hoped that over time people would find the movie. Also, being at a place in my life and my career where I know what I’m trying to do, it’s different than being 26. When you’re younger and have the early success that I had — it sounds like the worst Hallmark cliche — but I didn’t have anyone to share it with. I don’t mean I wanted someone to sit by the fire with. But when you have a family and children, you kind of see yourself reflected in them. I want to make the kinds of movies that my kids are proud of. I have higher standards, in a way, for them.”

But what did Jen and the kids think of his shaggy ’70s look for the smash hit?

“My wife is a very polite and kind woman. She and the kids did not like the beard,” he said. “It had an exposed wire vibe. It was hated in my home.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Entertainment Weekly


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  1. Anonymous

    These two really need the dentist. They both have the nastiest looking teeth.

    • Really?

      They’re children, did you expect them to be born with perfect teeth just because they were born to famous parents? Baby teeth fall out and usually the adult teeth that come in aren’t perfectly aligned. That’s nature.
      It’s only too bad we weren’t all born with perfect, straight teeth like you.

  2. Anonymous

    Really? – you’re an idiot. That huge gap in her teeth will be there as an adult too. Did you ever see her father’s teeth before he had them “fixed”??????

  3. s

    ^ I imagine you’re a pathetic miserable soul. Why was it necessary to make the comment about their teeth? Like the anon stated, they are children, the dentist isn’t going to unnecessarily remove, or add some contraption to their teeth because they don’t meet societies unhealthy/high obsession/standards with perfection. leave the attention to their mouths to their parents – they can afford any treament the children require when, or even if they feel it is necessary

  4. Elektra

    This is one beautiful family with strong and loving ties. I am so happy for all good things that Ben is having in his life and hope that both he and Jen will continue to thrive as and successful and down-to-earth folks in their professional and private lives

    I feel sorry for those who only see negative and hateful things about not only this family but any family. Something awful must have happened to them in life that contributes to those painful feelings. Hope somehow they may find healing for their condition especially at this time of the year.

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