Giuliana Rancic Tweets Her Smiling Son

Look at that sweet smile!

Giuliana Rancic Tweeted this adorable new picture of her almost 3-month-old son Duke today, writing, “I could stare at this face ALL day:)” Who can blame her?

It sounds like the E! star and her husband Bill Rancic are having fun as they learn the ropes of parenting: “Cracking up watching @BillRancic getting pooped on by the baby!!! #stuffhappens” she Tweeted this morning.

Poop issues aside, the new mom recently gushed that she can’t imagine a better role model for little Duke than his daddy.

“I want to look at him and see you. I want him to be a ‘mini Bill,’” she said. “Honestly, I want him to be just like you.”

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Mary

    OMG!! Such an adorable little boy!!! So happy for G and B. This little boy is a true miracle for them.

  2. Tan shan

    Wee Duke adores whomever he is smiling @ ,that’s for sure ! Lovely little guy. Best wishes to all .

  3. Julia

    He looks like Bill, thank goodness!

  4. rylie

    he’s so cute! i’m happy for them, but i can’t get over how forced and un-natural motherhood looks on Giuliana.

  5. KA

    Omg Duke is so absolutely adorable!! Look at that smile and those cheeks! Congrats, you two, he’s beautiful 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    “Forced and un-natural motherhood looks on Guiliana?” HUH??? WTF????

  7. Brenda

    Why does she want him to look like bill so badly?! Does she self-loathe much??? Giuliana you are pretty and with more weight probably prettier!!!!

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