Report: Jessica Simpson Expecting Baby No. 2

A baby brother or sister for Maxwell!

Reportedly, congratulations are in order for Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson. Just six months after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, the Fashion Star mentor, 32, is pregnant again, Us Weekly reports.

“It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again,” a source reveals to the mag. “She really is overjoyed!”

A rep for Simpson had no comment.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur and the former NFL pro, 33, welcomed daughter Maxwell on May 1 of this year.

And while Jessica has been working hard on her 70-pound post-baby weigh loss, her greatest joy is being a mom.

“Motherhood is a dream,” she said in September. “It really is absolutely amazing.”

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Photo credit: Us Weekly

  • Lizzie

    I’ll have to believe this one when she confirms it.

    • laura

      I agree, I can’t believe it. Well, if it’s true I’m happy for her and I hope she approaches this second pregnancy in a healthier way than the first one, but the news still doesn’t sound true.

  • Mummy to squealers

    I have to say this is fantastic news. She looks happy as her partner and baby do. What a beautiful family.

  • eliz

    i actually laughed outloud to this… i guess it’s easier than losing baby weight?! and us weekly is pretty reliable in terms of the gossip rags.. it’s probably true!

    • Mimi

      I guess you give a hard time to anyone who’s overweight around you.

  • Mummy to squealers

    I’m an Aussie and I look at this site everyday to see who is pregnant and who has delivered because that is exciting news and it makes me smile. But I have to say that the comments on here are quite rude and negative. Who cares what size she is while shes pregnant other than her and her partner it’s none of your business to be judging. And the comments iv seen about the Halle Berry situation are gob smacking. No one knows what’s goes on behind closed doors so I don’t think any of these comments are worthwhile. I think people should be ashamed to be judging theses mothers, these women. How about supporting them. And supporting these children!

    • Tara

      Not all of us are like this. I agree with you 100% the comments get more vicious each day. Just chalk it up to miserable people.

      I personally love Jessica and think she is a great girl.

    • Anon

      They hide behind the computer monitor. Probably underachievers in real life.

      • Anonymous


  • Someone

    Well I guess it doesn’t really matter if she lost all the previous baby weight! But like PP said, I do hope she is healthier this time around. It’s hardto have babies back to back especially if she had a rumored c-section

  • Gladys

    Awesome! Awesome! Great news!

  • Mummy to squealers

    Ok doctor you know her personal medical history so I guess you know best. Shame

  • Courtney

    @someone she had to have a c-section because of medical reasons and plenty of people have children back to back without issues and have for generations. Jessica has said that she wants five kids and being in her early 30’s it’s better to get them out of the way now. besides women are more fertile after a birth/loss look at Natasha Richardson her youngest son is 14 months younger than his older brother while her and her sister Joely were 20 months apart

    • Someone

      My boys are less than 18 months apart so I know all to well how it goes. All
      I’m saying is that is tough on a woman’s body (c-section or not, really)

  • Anonymous

    This baby will be a boy and they will name him Ava Rose.

    • Dixie Pixie


  • klutzy_girl

    I believe this since other sites are reporting it, but still waiting for PEOPLE’s confirmation. (Believe them 100% over the others)

    Congratulations to them!

  • Bell

    Great. Will they name this one Stayfree Patty? I am Jessica Simpson burnt out. She is everywhere. Even on reputable news outlets like Fox or CNN. Guess you’ll find me in my cave with my volleyball wilson. THIS IS NOT NEWS PEOPLE!

    • Tara

      It’s news when it’s posted on a site called Celebrity Baby Scoop. It’s not like this is the Wall Street Journal.

  • sierra

    After she just lost all that weight! Well now she knows that it doesn’t come off as easy as it packs on. So hopefully she will eat healthier this time. At least for the sake of the baby.(if this news is true)

  • Leeah

    Good for her, shes MARRIED and has a husband and the money to have 100 kids…she can afford it, and with her money im sure she could care less what anyone thinks of her body, she willlose the weight again…Ive had 3 kids and Im back to my pre preg weight after 6 months. Congrats.

    • Dahl

      I don’t even know why you wrote married in caps but She is engaged not married

  • aurélie

    les américaines ne connaissent pas la contraception ??? en france on nous préscrit la pilule à la sortie de l

  • aurélie

    oupps je finis mon commentaire : à la sortie de la maternité !!! coment est ce possible que toutes ces stars tombent enceintes quelques mois après avoir accouché ????

    • Tara

      Your generalization is a tad judgemental. Americans have the same access as Europeans to brith control. I know many friends who have children a year apart. Some planned and some not. Who are we to judge? She obviously has the financial means to care for the child (or 10,0000;) and she seems to be a loving relationship so why not be happy for her?

  • Jen

    Ok obviously if this is true, congrats to her. But seriously, to lose all that weight and now to put it back on again?! Geez. What a waste of time and effort! But you know, you get what you get when you don’t use birth control. Maybe she’ll know this time around not to gain twice the weight you should during a pregnancy!

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