Report: Kate Middleton & Prince William Expecting First Child

It sounds like congratulations are in order for Kate Middleton and Prince William.

A close friend of Kate’s, Jessica Hay, reveals that the royal couple will soon announce their pregnancy news, Life & Style reports. “They’re planning to make an announcement in December,” Jessica reveals.

“I have this on the highest authority, and it’s not to be taken lightly,” she adds. “It’s going to be wonderful, happy news when it’s announced.”

Jessica – who attended the exclusive Marlborough school with Kate and was a guest at the couple’s wedding reception last year – says that with the queen’s Jubilee celebration over, the news will be announced.

“[Kate] was told to put on weight by the palace in May and that 2013 would be the year they have a baby,” Jessica says. “The royal family have been talking about William and Catherine having children for quite some time.”

Jessica says Kate and Wills’ social circle is “all abuzz” over the expected baby announcement.

“William is much like Diana and will definitely be a hands-on dad and not rely heavily on nannies to raise his and Catherine’s children,” Jessica continues. “They both try to be as normal as possible in their private lives, and that of course is going to continue when they have children.”

Pregnancy rumors hit the royal couple in September when Kate was seen toasting with water, rather than traditional champagne.

For more on Kate and Prince William’s baby announcement and plans for a family, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • klutzy_girl

    I can’t see a so called friend of theirs blabbing to Life and Style of all magazines.

    Don’t think I buy this one.

  • Missy

    Wow, what a nice friend. Why would she go and tell it to such a crappy magazine?

  • Caro

    I bet not.

  • Robin

    “It’s going to be wonderful, happy news when its announced.”

    Well didn’t this so called friend just decide to announce it for them? Incredibly tacky of her to do this if it’s true.

  • Robin

    So the palace dictates how much Kate should weigh and when she needs to get pregnant? Sounds like BS.

  • Martha

    The Palace releases official information about the Royals here in the UK, not Life & Style, which is a magazine that is pretty much unknown here.
    Unless the Palace cornfirms it, then I personally won’t believe it.

  • maryf


  • AnnieMouse

    If I had an attention seeking friend that leaked my pregnancy to a magazine like that, well, she’d not be a friend any longer! If it is true, Congratulations and I’ll bet they’re over the moon, but shame on you Jessica for ruining the joy in being the ones to announce their pregnancy!

    I’m with the others above, until the Palace announces it I’m not buying the hype!

  • Karen

    She does look pregnant in all the latest pictures. Would be quite surprised if she is not expecting.

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