Amy Adams & Family: Chilly Day In NYC

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo were seen leaving their hotel with Aviana in New York City on Wednesday (November 28).

Later in the day the 2-year-old was more bundled up with a purple jacket and socks.

In a recent interview Adams – who has been with Le Gallo since 2002 – said she would like to get married eventually.

“I think of him as my husband, but people get confused because we’re not married. “Fiancé” sounds weird as we’ve been engaged so long. There’s “partner”, “guy”… How about “Darren”?’


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  1. DJ

    Parents who don’t put shoes on their children in the winter confuse me. If you have on shoes and it’s winter, why not keep your child’s feet warm too?? Common sense.

    • jill

      i believe it is still considered autumn, as i live close by NYC in NJ.
      it wasn’t a freezing cold day, it was a sunny AUTUMN DAY, in fact, i wore my lightest coat out, and ended up leaving it in the car, and just running around in fleece top, and was still warm.

      • NYC Mommy

        Jill- not sure where in Jersey you live but it was pretty cold in NYC on Wednesday (high of around 40-which is below average for this time of year) Kid would be warmer in a winter coat or at least a hoodie and vest not what looks like a thin windbreaker. Streets of NYC are usually very breezy. I mean come on the father even has gloves on!!

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