Ben Affleck’s Bee-autiful Girl

Argo star Ben Affleck and his mother Chris were photographed with his daughter Seraphina, nearly 4, at the Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday (November 28). Ben seems to be supporting Movember with his full facial hair, while Sera looked sweet in a bee tee.

The following day, the trio returned to the popular Brentwood hangout and grabbed some coffees to go.

On Tuesday, Grandma Affleck was spotted with Ben and his daughters – including nearly 7-year-old daughter Violet – at the dentist.

Mama Jennifer Garner has been busy filming her new flick, Dallas Buyer’s Club, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The entire Garner-Affleck crew – including 9-month-old Samuel – have joined mama on the set.

The Oscar-winner recently gushed about his lovely wife.

“She’s just a great woman and a great friend.” As well as, Ben said Jen is an amazing mother: “She has such wise and certain stewardship over these three characters that I love so much.”

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  • eliz

    Adorable! V and baby S look so similar and more like Jen IMO- but this little peanut is ben’s mini me!

    • Solène

      I completely agree!

  • Anonymous

    OMG she looks nothing like her father. She is the spitting image of her mother.

  • Isla

    I hope he never complains about the paps again!

    He KNOWS the paps are always at this country mart. Yet he goes there everyday! There are so many places in LA where there are no paps.

    He is choosing to be photographed. It is not stalking when you go to where the paps hangout.

    • Elektra

      That is probably the dumbest thing anybody ever posted on a celeb website. He is choosing to live his life inspite of the paps and the truth of the matter is that the paps follow this family wherever they go. I admire them and other celebs who go about their lives regardless.

      For those who chose to complain, why do you go to celeb site if not to see celebs? Don’t show the world your stupidity by your comments. When did celeb lose the right to complain about paps and what makes you free to complain about them? Think about that for a second…..hmmmm. That what I thought. Have a drink of water and relax. It’s gonna be alright in the morning. lol

      • Kea

        Your comment is the dumb one.

        Do you know how many celebs manage to live in LA and not be photographed daily?????

        He is actually choosing to go to areas where the paps are rather then go to the multiple pap free places.

        Your username alone shows your obsession with Garner blinds you to the fact that these two pimp out their kids on a daily basis.

        Paps do not follow them, Ben makes it easy for them by going to all the pap filled areas.

        The Jolie-Pitts do it right. Their kids have not been seen in over a month! Amazing how their kids are never seen.

    • mrs. trumbell

      i think the post office for that area is located at that county mart thing, so i assume that’s why they go there everyday.

      maybe they didnt want paps or fans going through a mailbox at their house?

  • Anonymous

    None of the kids look like him.

  • anne

    i think seraphina looks like ben. violet and samuel look like jennifer!!

  • too bad violet, seraphina and samuel look more like their mom jennifer garner than their dad ben affleck

  • Elektra

    I think all three of these kids are a gorgeous mix of both parents. The same could be said about Brad and Angie’s kids. Why people chose to make such asinine comments is beyond me.

    • Jenner

      Totally agree. I really like this family. Too many b*tchy people post here anymore. It used to be a fun site, not so much anymore:(

  • anonymous27

    I think Seraphina is definitely a daddy’s girl!
    And, I think she is also the one who looks most like him.

  • Elizabeth

    Totally agree with anon27. Sera is Ben’s favorite.

  • mrs. trumbell

    ben has the best coat collection.

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