Brad Pitt Questions The “Betrayal” Of Santa Claus

Do you ever struggle with the “betrayal” of Santa Claus?

Father-of-six Brad Pitt does, and he opened up to E! News about his thoughts on St. Nick. “I’m not real big on the whole Santa thing,” Pitt, 49, shared. “I thought it was a huge act of betrayal when I was a kid.”

He added: “I didn’t like that. When I found out the truth, I was like, ‘Why? Why? Why would you lie to me? Why?'”

Regardless of his feelings, his six children with Angelina Jolie – Maddox, 11, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 6, and 4-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – have already sent in their letters to Santa in Kent, England.

So what does he say to the kids about the Christmas legend?

“What I tell them is some people believe it’s Santa, and some people believe it’s parents, and you get to believe whatever you want,” Pitt said.

The proud papa then went on to chat about Pax, Zahara and Vivienne’s cameos in Jolie’s latest movie, Maleficent.

“They’ll be a part of the Disney tradition,” he said. “This is a story they know and love well, and their mommy’s [the main character]. It’s a big thing. They don’t see it as anything beyond that, just playtime.”

Although none of the kids have shown a huge interest in following in their engaged parents’ footsteps. “They really haven’t at this point,” Pitt said. “Whatever they want to do, we’ll help them figure it out.”

What do you think about Brad’s thoughts on Santa? 

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  • Allison

    If I told my kids that, they are smart enough to then ask me…well last year, did you leave the presents or did Santa? I can’t believe their older kids wouldn’t ask that! My son is 6 and he would!

  • SMH

    I think the magic of Christmas is being able to believe in Santa. When l found out (on my own) that Santa wasnt real l was upset but never felt betrayed. I just was more concerned about my parents then not wanting to buy me more gifts lol. You only get to be little for so long and l dont think parents should spoil the magic. Now that my nephews are 7 they want expensive things & their parents have now told them that Santa requires payments to buy or make the toys. So they know their limit on what they can ask for. Lol

    • NYC Mommy

      I agree. When I found out I was still little summer before first grade my older sister got my parents to admit it was them. I was so afraid from August to December that I would not get any gifts because there was no Santa. I was so relieved to see presents under tree Christmas morning.

      I did same with my kids basically Santa has to pay for all the materials and transportation costs so he is on a budget and told them the reason gifts come unwrapped (and parents wrap them) is because Santa and elves are too busy to wrap all the gifts. That is how I explained why Santa has same wrapping paper as us.

      • GDL

        LOL, I love both stories.

        I don’t remember how I found out that Santa wasn’t real, probably through my parents or cousins since I don’t have older siblings, but I don’t feel betrayed or damaged beyond repair.

        Most of us grow up believing in Santa Claus, the toothfairy, etc and we end up just fine. There’s nothing wrong with believing in Santa, it’s part of the magic of xmas.

        I think people now a days, want 1,2,3 year olds to be/seem more intellectual and like “oh I don’t believe in such things” and it’s a bunch of crap. Let kids be kids.

  • Tara

    I am sorry if you feel “betrayed” that there was no Santa you have some serious issues. What’s wrong with allowing children to have the carefree experiences? This reality pressure is depriving them of imagination, fairy tales and fantasy. These are so important in a child’s development.

    I was the youngest of 7 and believed until I was 10. I found out on my own and felt nothing but love for my dad ( my mom died when I was much younger). And now as a parent myself that feeling of love is a thousand times stronger. I can now understand what a unique gift he gave me… A real childhood. Hope to do the same for my boys.

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with telling your kids that once a year YOU get to play Santa and bring them gifts and toys? Why do you have to lie to them? Don’t you think they wonder what else you lie to them about?

      I can’t believe you think that parents who don’t lie to their kids are depriving them of a “real childhood” with imagination, fairy tales and fantasy. That’s ridiculous. The difference between fairy tales and Santa is that no one ever tells their kids that Cinderella is REAL.

      • Tara

        Like I said “serious issues”. What a wonderfully boring existence for children you envision. They will be the ones needing therapy for sure.

        By the way there are PLENTY of people who tell their children Princesses are real because you know what…THEY ARE…..!

        Lighten up and enjoy life….it’s not so horrible….

        Your poor kids.

      • Elfgirl

        You sound like you have trust issues if you associate being told about Santa as the start of a series of life’s lies;).

      • Christina

        Where are you getting that she believes people are depriving kids of a childhood. She is talking about letting kids be kids and that includes make believe of all types. The point was that anyone who feels betrayed by finding out the truth about Santa was off balance. If you honestly believe it’s about LYING then you need to Relax. There is no way you will always be 100% honest with your kids…that’s a lie right there.

        • Bella2003

          So my 8 year old niece felt betrayed last year when she could out the truth about Santa and was mad at myself and her mom for a week. Is she and other kids who feel the same way off balance.

          • Jenner


          • Anonymous

            Bella, never listen when some lunatic on the internet diagnoses people based on what THEY think is normal. Generally, those people themselves are not normal.

    • Anon

      Totally agree. How pathetic that letting a child be a child is considered lying. Life becomes tough very quickly let them have fun while they can.

    • Ivy

      Kids can have fantasies and imagination and pretend without us lying to them. They will learn more if you tell them the truth about all these crazy ‘customs’ . Nothing about christmas has anything to do with god, but you’d never tell them that right?

      • Jenner

        Who the hell mentioned God? Talk about a non sequitir.

        • Ivy

          I did…….Am I not allowed to mention it until someone else does????? Weirdo……

    • Darwin

      Actually you have it backwards…..telling them that santa is real does nothing for their imagination, because they think it’s real. If you want them to have fantasies and fairy tales then tell them just that- that they are fantasies and fairy tales. Just like when they play ‘house’ or ‘Dr’, they realize they aren’t actually a Dr. right?? That’s the magic of childhood, not telling them it’s real and then telling them it’s not.

      • Jenner

        Talk about a stretch for an explanation. Your name tells me all I need to know.

        • Ivy

          Jenner, you sound like a self-righteousness, judgemental ass, I feel sorry for your poor kids. What makes you think you derserve to ‘critique’ everyone else’s comments???
          Maybe if you would of had a mother you would of grown up to be a better person.

          • Tara

            Well it appears having a mother did you no favor. What a rude callous totally uncalled for comment. That had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Everyone here has a right to “critique” anyone else. Shame on you.

          • Ivy

            Tara, so she can insult all of us but I can’t insult her huh? Don’t start what you can’t finish. If you want to dish out the judgements you need to be prepared to recieve them.

          • Tara

            @ivy- your comment was personal about her mother being dead. Something she did not even bring up. Her comments dealt with the subject of the article. If you can’t see how wrong that is- I actually worry what you are teaching your kids. It’s nothing less than schoolyard bullying.

          • Ivy

            She did bring it up, and if you’re going to come here and judge atleast 4 different people’s comments like you’re queen of the comment section then you open yourself up to have that thrown right back at you. So don’t come here just to put other people opinions down, then mention you don’t have a mom or a husbad. That’s just begging for it.
            You’re damn right I teach my kids to stand up for themselves, if someone picks on them they better fight back any way they can. Maybe next time Jenner will learn to let others have their opinion.

        • Jenner

          @tara- don’t bother with ivy, she obviously has issues. Thanks for the support. Merry Christmas! hope Santa treats you well;)

          • Ivy

            LOL, aww you’re so sweet.
            You guys are two of a kind, both like to insult people but can’t handle it when it comes back to you. I’d like to see how much of a bully you’d be if you weren’t hiding behind your computer screen.

        • Darwin

          What does my name tell you? I didn’t realize you could know a person from their name alone.

      • Anonymous

        Darwin, I’m sure you don’t care what these fools here think, but I’m with you. Let the other fools lie to their kids. I prefer to teach my children about the magic of Christmas and Santa without lying to them about a man sneaking into our home in the middle of the night and threatening them with no presents if they don’t behave.

  • kao

    our daughter is 3 and we dont/didnt/wont tell her santa brings the gifts…sorry but my husband works hard for the money he brings in and i went to hell and back to get her these gifts…no way is some big ol bearded man gonna take our credit 😉 but to be honest we will tell her of the origin of St.nicholas HE is/was real…not the made up fat guy spying on your kids all year and flying around breaking into peoples houses at night 😉
    i dont think “santa” is what brings “magic” to chirstmas..i think just the general love for others and your family is what makes it special…and for my daughter to know that her parents love her so much and got her these special gifts is a thousand times better then her thinking some random dude got them for her!

    but thats just our family..every family is different..and we’ll explain that to her when shes older and actually asks or cares

    also i rememebr my mom telling me as a child it was santa bringing the gifts..then when i found out (cant remember how i found out) but when i did i was soo could my mom lie to me all those years?! lol..but honestly the next christmas i remember it being pretty mom was a single mom of 4..and the fact that she went out and got all these gifts for her kids,stuff she new we wanted and put us first was sooo much better then when i would write letters to santa and expect him to get it for me…totally made me rethink how i viewed my mom and christmas

    • Anon

      You and anonymous are total buzz kills. You honestly think a 3 or even a 6 year old prefers to think of their parent slaving away for them than to believe in the magic of someone bringing them a surprise on Christmas?! I am a single mom of 3 and I don’t need the “credit” all that matters to me is the smile and happiness on my child’s face.

      I am truly saddened by this rush to grow up. Agree with all the posters who believe in letting kids be kids.

      • kao

        wow…who cares?! its not your child or children..let other parents tell their kids whatever they want about santa or not…its our own personal choices..if you chose to tell them thats fine..but not everyone has to fall under this category!
        come on people..our kids may be children but we are not..grow up at act like adults and realize that everyone is entitled to their own parenting views and styles..

        also husband did work hard for the money to buy the gifts(as well as all year long) and we will tell her that her mom and dad got these for her(as well as grandma and grandpa,etc)..not that he “slaved away” to get them.. she doesnt have to know every single detail about it..all she has to know is that we bought them for her..i mean..come on! you cant be serious and think ..that on christmas day were gonna lecture her and tell her how hard he worked just for…by no way what so ever is her knowing that her mom and dad got these for her gonna effect her christmas in a bad way..and in no way is us not telling her santa got them for her gonna effect her christmas either!
        its not like her not knowing about santa is gonna make her go out and get a job!or “grow up faster” or is gonna take away from her childhood at all!! the day before christmas she will still be a kid..the day of she will still be a kid and the day after and so forth she will still be a kid!!

        some people want to tell their kids about santa…thats fine..some people want to tell them that their parents got them the gifts ..thats fine too..but really..the fact that its such a big deal and people are so “heated” over this is just silly and immature..everyone has different beliefs and styles..let them have their own and celebrate christmas in their own ways!!

        • Ivy

          Don’t worry, she’s the crazy one not you. Some people just can’t stand when everyone doesn’t feel the same way they do. Our kids will grow up to be well-rounded, open-minded people who accept others right to believe what they want.

    • Tara

      I completely understand where you are coming from. My concern is this argument that letting kids believe in fairy tales and Santa equals LYING to them. How can you turn something that is for the sole purpose of bringing them happiness into something sinister. To me that tells much more about the mindset of the person making that argument than the actual supposed act of deceit. All fairy tales and fantasy have been generated by a truth just as the “myth” of santa came from St. Nicholas.

      There is such a rush to make kids grow up today and it’s sad that something as innocuous as Santa Claus is seen as negative. To each their own, we all have a right to raise our kids as we see fit.

      • Anonymous

        Is Santa real, Mommy? Yes, honey.

        Is Santa bringing me presents? Yes, honey.

        If I’m bad, will Santa bring me presents? No, honey.

        Does Santa live at the North Pole with elves, Mommy? Yes, honey.

        Go ahead, you tell me how that’s NOT lying?

  • Jenner

    Another single mom here and i think Telling a 3 or 4 year old there is no Santa is very different than telling an 8 or 9 year old. Calling it a betrayal is psycho babble. I am shocked at how many of you think giving kids something other than their parents is negative? Got to go with Santa all the way.
    Like Anon said – who needs the credit as long as your bubs are happy.
    Ivy- no one mentioned God here so nice try.

    • kao

      jenner..i never thought it as negative…we just dont see it as something we want to bring into our familys christmas personally..
      but if others do ..thats fine…and good for them..i have no problem with other people telling their children about santa…like brad said some believe its santa and some believe its their parents
      and honestly its a family thing and up to the family.. either which i dont think either family is gonna have a horrible christmas or life knowing or not knowing about santa as a sure everyone will have a very very enjoyable matter whatever you believe 🙂

      also..not sure why ivy brought up the god a different conversation..but to each their own i guess!

    • Ivy

      How many times are you going to say the same thing Jenner?
      I mentioned god, I never said someone else did, what don’t you understand? Did you forget that your christmas fairy tale is supposed to include a little bit of god in there? Or is it all just santa santa santa?
      Was it mommy’s job to teach you about god and daddy’s job to teach you about santa….

      • Jenner

        What a little troll you are. And I can imagine how open minded your children are if your comments are any indication of your well rounded parenting. But looking at the other posts on this board it seems I am in The majority. Go live your pathetic life.

        • Ivy

          And majority means you’re right? Think about what you’re saying. Did you even graduate highschool, or did you get knocked-up and have to drop out?
          It’s obvious that you thought you’d come here and play bad-ass and put everyone down. But once someone fights back you just can’t take it.
          And yes, the majority of the posters here tell their children that santa is real, that doesn’t make your behavior any better. Go back to your kids, you’re a single mother right? Why are you spending hours on the internet, go read them a story. Or go to and find them a daddy.

          • Jenner

            Yawn….I think I am handling myself just fine little girl. Your vocabulary is quite indicative of your education level. At least try for a GED with all this time you spend “defending” yourself. You also seem to lack the ability to be self reliant. Conversely I CHOSE to never marry. Now crawl back into your hole. Night night troll

          • Ivy

            Don’t get upset Jenner, it’s just the internet. Also, think of your own insults instead of just reastating what I said to you. 🙂
            I obviously hit a nerve or two, but you brought it upon yourself.
            Next time try to let others have an opinion that’s different from yours, it’s really ok.
            Choosing not to marry is not the same as being a single mom. If you’re single that means no one wants you, you probably treat men the same way you treat people on here.

          • Christina

            You seem very unhappy and also enjoy bullying. I notice it with other stories you post on. I don’t agree at all with Jenner but you hit below the belt. Nice role model for your children.

  • LandyLane

    there’s nothing at all wrong with what he told the kids, you guys are freaking out about nothing. he gave the kids the choice- if they think the story is absurd, they don’t have to believe it.
    you don’t need to force a lie down a kids throat to give them imagination, trust me. my son has the best imagination i’ve ever seen and he’s never been told one thing about ‘santa’.
    what brad did is perfect- give the kids the facts and let them use their brain to decide.

    • Anon

      It’s almost as absurd as the story about the virgin birth of the savior of the world.

  • Jenner

    Lol- I can’t believe the reaction here. It all started because someone took it personally that someone said if finding out Santa wasn’t real affected you so much that it was a betrayal – you have major problems. You know what? It’s true. If you are saying as a 49 year old man that it impacted your life in such a negative way that you remember it- you are pretty much a wimp.

    Let kids be kids. For me having them believe in Santa makes life a whole bunch more fun.

    Kao- you sound pretty awesome although we have different approaches.
    Tara- like your style;). My dad raised me alone too.

    • Tash

      “I can’t believe the reaction here”

      Yet you yourself have commented 4 or 5

      He said as a child when he found out the truth he felt betrayed. Now we’re you get that he sad it impacted his life I’ll never know. So what if he remembers how he felt when he found out about Santa Claus, I remember how upset and agrey I was when my sister killed my betta fish when I was 10 20 years later. I guess from your logic I’m a wimp

  • Anonymous

    Did you read Jenner read what he said because said that when HE was a “KID” he felt betrayed NOT NOW and he also says some of his kids still believe in Santa Claus while the others my guess whould be Maddox and PAX he gave a choose.

    Who said that it impacted his life in such a negative way that you remember. We’re are you getting this?

    • Ivy

      She didn’t read anything but the comments so she could judge everyone and act like her opinion is the only right one.

      • Anon

        Boy, you have a lot of time on your hands. You really should do something more constructive with it. And on topic, my kids don’t believe in Santa but that’s fine with me those who have kids who do. Why are you so defensive here? It seems odd or are you actually Jenner and are debating wit yourself;)

        • Ivy

          Where did I say it wasn’t fine with me if other people’s kids believe in santa? This is why I have to be defensive, because people like you like to put words in my mouth. All I said was they can have an imagination and a good childhood without santa.
          You should learn to just post your comment and move on, not judge eveyone else.

  • Anonymous

    My neighbor friend told me (and the entire neighborhood kid gang) the truth about Santa when I was 5 years old. She was 8 and a Jehovah’s witness, and was jealous of all the neighbor kids getting gifts and celebrating Christmas. She laughed at us and said “you’re all stupid for believing in Santa. It’s just your parents leaving you the gifts.”
    I wish I could have held the magic a few years longer before finding out.

    Letting my kids believe in Santa is even more fun than the Christmas experiences I had while growing up. I say let them believe as long as they can.

  • Mimi

    Why does he blame it on Santa? Blame it on your parents who made you believe that. And if he’s so bothered by the whole fantasy, why is he not striaight forward to his kids about it? It doesn’t make sense to tell them to believe what they want if at the end of the day, he’ll end up admitting to them that Santa doesn’t exist at all.

    • mrs. trumbell

      he doesn’t blame it on santa! lol santa isn’t real, why would he blame a mythological figure for anything?

  • Bloopie

    I never believed in Santa or any other fairies, spirits or whatever and it never stopped me from having the most active imagination ever. I still daydream and imagine alot! I don’t see the issue of not making a child believe in Santa Clause. It’s not gonna make them miss out on something. And quite frankly, I’d rather never believe than have my mother tell me that all the things I used to believe in are fake. As if the end of my childhood had to be reinforced with such news.

  • Jessie

    How does not believing in santa make kids grow up faster???????????
    What about the billions of people who don’t celebrate christmas, their kids don’t have childhoods? Are you guys saying all those parents are bad parents? You all are nuts….

    • Anon

      Common sense!!! Thank you!

  • Lulu

    I always knew he didn’t exist because various uncles would dress up as him and I’d recognize them, even as a really small child. That being sad, I loved Christmas regardless because of the entire atmosphere. Maybe it’s because we celebrated Christmas the Polish way, on Christmas Eve, I don’t know. Not every kid needs the stereotypical American Christmas to have really good memories.

  • mrs. trumbell

    i just don’t understand why the santa-tellers are so freaked out, pissed off and offended by people who don’t want to tell their kids santa is real… ? what is it to them?

    it reeks of insecurity, that you can’t find it in yourself to accept that some of us do something different, to just live and let live. so weird.

  • Christina

    This is ridiculous, people are up in arms because someone had the nerve to question Mr. Almighty Pitt’s betrayal. Sorry but it’s a crazy comment and who cares what he thinks. Tell your kids what you want but claiming that LYING about Santa is harmful is so pathetically insane. We all lie to our kids, if it’s about something as harmless as Santa how does that affect you in the long run. To me it seems the one’s so hell bent on be truthful with their kids Are the insecure ones NOT the ones who allow the beliefs.

    • Rita

      I agree with you on tell your kids what you want but How is it insecure if you choose to tell your kids thier no Santa? It’s pathetically insane that people feel that Not lying to your kids about Santa Claus will effect their life.

      People aren’t up in arms because someone questioned his betrayal, people are up in arms because everyone is bizzy judgeing every one eles on how they choose to raise their kids about somthing so little as Santa Claus.

    • Grace

      Speak for yourself. We do NOT all lie to our kids.

  • Bella2003

    I tell my kids there a Santa I don’t care if other parents don’t, tomato tamato.

    I don’t get why people are so upset everyone is just doing what they feel is best for their child and if that’s telling you kids their no Santa then so be it. I don’t get how you can judge someone on what they choose to tell their kids about Santa Claus.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because when my kid tell your kid that Santa isn’t real, you are going to freak out on my kid?

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