Halle Berry & Her Pretty Preschooler

Oscar-winner Halle Berry was seen dropping off her daughter Nahla at school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (November 29). The single mom stayed close to her pretty preschooler as they walked into class.

“They keep playing this game and Nahla is used as a pawn,” a source tells Us Weekly of the 4-year-old girl who is caught in the middle of her parents’ bitter custody battle.

“It’s her I feel sorry for,” adds the source after the highly-publicized Thanksgiving Day brawl between her father, male model Gabriel Aubry, and her mother’s fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez.

Says another source of the Monster’s Ball actress, who has a history of abusive relationships,  “All [Halle] wants is a normal family life.”

Both men were injured after Aubry dropped off his daughter for the holiday at Berry’s California home. Martinez, a former boxer, broke his right hand, while Aubry walked away with several facial injuries.

This is the latest twist in the ongoing fight between the exes. During their custody battle over Nahla, there have been allegations of abuse, a custody evaluation report, and child support payment court orders.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • chloe

    Once again, Halle is made out to be the poor victim.

    • Luuuluuu

      @ chloe…… it seems to me that Gabe has been made out to be the helpless victim in all of this. HE threw the first punch starting the horrible fight that Olivier obviously ended. And why didn’t Gabe report and elaborate on the “alleged” death threats by Olivier? This whole situation is soooo sad.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she IS the victim in all of this. I don’t know, and neither do you.

  • Anonymous

    Halle is an idiot.

  • Save Nahla

    Poor little Nahla. Parents like this dislike each other more than they love their child.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel too. They should both just get over themselves.

  • Lakesha

    The father loses his temper, but the mother is to blame. Interesting logic.

    • Luuuluuu

      @ Lakesha…Finally….. some body is seeing things fairly and more logically.

      • meghan

        Please! Lakesha never misses a chance to blindly defend all things Halle. She desperately needs a life.

        • Anonymous

          But she’s right this time.

        • eliz

          LOL u r right!!! Seems Lakesha and Luuuuluuuwhatever might be one of the same!

          • eliz

            whoops- I mean meghan is right!

  • Ellie

    Why did Gabriel not have any bruises for punching Olivier! He has no bruises at all.
    Just like Rihanna got the exact same beating in the face! So why isn’t Olivier charged.

    Split screen the photo and it will be the same thing between Rihanna and Gab.
    So glad when it is over! Nahla is a great child who needs a hot tempered
    Boyfriend who will hurt a man instead of holding him back instead of punching!

    • Anonymous

      Are you mentally unbalanced? The police have already determined that Gabriel Aubrey threw the first punch. Just because he ended up more bruised that Olivier, do not equate him to an actual assault victim (Rihanna).

    • Luuuluuu

      Because Olivier opened up a can of whoop-ass on Gabe, but only AFTER Gabe made the mistake of throwing the first blow. It is NOT a crime for OM to be an obviously better fighter than Gabe. He should’ve acted calmly, less violently and more rationally than he did. HE did NOT consider that his innocent daughter was present when HE violently ATTACKED Olivier.

  • Toya

    This whole situation is a terrible one. I feel so bad for all Nahla has heard/seen before Olivier and up to this point now involving him. Between the PAPS, mommy & daddy, will be lucky little Nahla doesn’t have a breakdown. And as far as Olivier, he is now part of Halle’s life, but I don’t think he should be around for pick up/drop off of Nahla. That should be Halle, Gabe, Nanny or possibly a mediator.

  • anonymous

    So Oliver hit Gabriel in the face hard enough to break his own hand, and he received no other injuries…. yet Gabe is the only aggressor in this case? I guess we will never know what what said, but I wonder what Oliver’s part in all this was. Hard to believe he just said “we need to put this behind us” and then Gabe attacked him. I would bet there were more taunting words said.

    • Daniella

      What I’m trying to figure out, as a longtime kickboxer myself, is how Oliver managed not to get arrested, too. If he is/was a serious boxer like me, then Oliver would have had to register himself with one of the major national or international boxing associations, which deem our fists as deadly weapons unless we use them in the defense of ours’ or someone else’s life. And we are supposed to restrain a non-lethal aggressor at all costs, unless they have a weapon on them or intend to kill us. Not beat the crap out of them.

      I’ve literally got papers on the rules that a boxer has to follow once they’re registered & how Oliver didn’t get arrested is beyond me. Maybe it’s a California thing.

  • SMH

    It doesnt matter if Gabriel through the first punch both need to learn self control. So l guess Olivier will have to explain to Nahla who clearly loves her daddy that he beat the crap out of him. All this just days after Halle didnt get her way & get to take Nahla to France. Shady!!

  • frankie


  • Alli

    Here she is, ‘mother of the year.’ Victimized by her father who beat her as a child, victimized by Wesley Snipes who hit her so hard she’s 80% deaf in one ear, victimized by first husband David Justice who had a violent temper, victimized by Eric Benet who cheated and was branded a “sex addict,” victimized by cops when she hit and ran from an accident in 2000, leaving her victim bruised and bloodied. How come we never heard about these men once they were out of Halle’s life? They didn’t go on to abuse or cheat on the next spouse? Maybe because the problem is with HALLE.

    • Meliss

      Did you just copy ans paste this from the comment you left on the other Halle post? Yes, in all likelihood it is Halle’s “fault” that these are the men she ended up with because she grew up witnessing abuse as a child. What about that don’t people get? Regardless of where you come out on this Gabe/Halle issue, abuse and violence damage a child. And guess what, abusers only abuse those people who are predisposed to letting them. Just because you didn’t hear about these men as repeat offenders doesn’t mean they didn’t do it again. It just means either they found a woman who wasn’t already damaged or one who was less famous.

      • Alli

        Who had a gun to her head making her flee the scene of a crime? Who told her to never speak to her step-daughter India again after split with Eric, when India called her “mom” after losing her own mother in a car accident? Halle is a piece of work. And yes, if any of these men (famous in their own right) had gone on to commit a crime we would have heard about it, don’t be ignorant…

        • Meliss

          I’m literally just addressing abuse and its effects here. Not absolving her of her hit and run or taking sides in any other issue. And who’s to say Eric Benet didn’t cut her out of India’s life? I’m honestly baffled at the fact that you’re so invested in this chick’s life that you could accuse her of lying about being abused. That’s a serious thing. If you don’t like her, that’s fine. I don’t like you much based on your commentary but I wouldn’t accuse you of, say, being an evil person because of it.

          By the way, she wasn’t dating DeNiro or Denzel. The men she was with have barely registered a blip in recent years (save for Wesley Snipes going to jail), even on the black celebrity websites I check daily.

  • Ana

    Halle Berry is a mental nut case.

    I hope Gabriel gains full custody of Nahla.

    Anyone who supports/believes Halle and Olivier is a gullible fool.

    Olivier should be criminally charged and sent packing for the concussion and wounds he caused Gabriel.

  • Nicole

    Nahla is a adorable child,wish everything will be fine in this custody battle

  • Laura

    Gaby will to see Nahla again? I haven’t seen tchem together

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