Kearran Giovanni Debuts ‘Major Crimes’

Actress and mom Kearran Giovanni stars as detective Amy Sykes, the ambitious undercover police detective and military veteran, in the new hit TNT drama Major Crimes, the spinoff of the critically acclaimed series The Closer. She has also starred as Dr. Vivian Wright on One Life To Live and on the acclaimed Broadway show The Lion King.

Kearran opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about recently relocating from NYC to LA with her husband, Philip Ambrosino, and their 2 daughters, Jordan, 4, and Peyton, 2. She goes on to share a funny Mother’s Day memory and their upcoming holiday plans.

CBS: Tell us about your new TNT drama, Major Crimes, the spinoff of the critically acclaimed series The Closer. Tell us about your character and what the show is all about.

KG: “Well, Major Crimes starts where The Closer left off but with much more of a ensemble cast dynamic. My character [ detective Amy Sykes] is an ex-military undercover S.I.S detective. She is a smart, funny, and well-trained female. She spends the majority of season 1 finding her footing with a group of established division.”

CBS: Tell us about your two daughters. What are their names and ages? What are they into?

KG: “Jordan is my oldest daughter. She’s 4. She’s into anything miniature and bugs. She’s my little brainiac. She can spend time with just herself figuring out things.

Peyton is my 2-year-old daughter. She’s my passionate one. Very into dancing and dolls. She is sure of herself already at 2. She’ll be protecting her older sister one day.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you? Please share some of your favorite mommy memories.

KG: “Being in this business can make you hyper aware of yourself…I think having children grounds you. It gives you a purpose far greater than yourself. I remember being 9 months pregnant with my second. It was Mother’s Day and Jordan was 2. My husband was sick with the flu and all of a sudden Jordan got sick too. I took her to the bathroom and before I could get her on the potty she pooped all over my hands and arms. I was covered – nine months pregnant on Mother’s Day, thinking, ‘Well, this is what I signed up for.’ I don’t sweat the small stuff, basically.”

CBS: We hear you are fluent in French and Italian. Are you teaching your children to be bilingual as well?

KG: “My daughters are actually bilingual in Spanish and English.”

CBS: What are your upcoming Christmas plans with your family? Are your daughters getting excited for the holidays?

KG: “Jordan is just now understanding Santa Claus and getting really excited. We put up the Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving. We will be spending Christmas at home in LA (we just moved from NYC) for the first time. We have always been in an apartment, so this year we won’t have to explain why we don’t have a chimney.”

CBS: How do you and your hubby keep the romance alive amidst a busy household and careers?

KG: “We switch off roles constantly. And we have a set Thursday night date night.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

KG: “Relaxing for a while just being mom. Hopefully one or two little things before we get back to filming in March.”

Follow Kearran on Twitter @KearranGiovanni.

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