Mira Sorvino & Lucia Touch Down In L.A.

Mighty Aphrodite star Mira Sorvino was seen arriving at the Los Angeles Internatinal Airport with her 6-month-old daughter Lucia on Tuesday (November 27) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 45-year-old star – who is also mother to children Mattea, 7, Johnny, 6, and Holden, 3, with husband Christopher Backus – held her sweet daughter closely as they made their way out of the busy terminal.

In an interview with Hamptons magazine, mama Mira discussed the difficulties she faces juggling a work schedule with raising four children.

“You just improvise,” she explains. “Four is more, especially with them all seven years old and younger. There’s rarely a moment when one of them doesn’t need me intensely, so it’s a lot of pressure on me, which I’m trying to juggle with good humor, but I don’t always manage.”

I’ll be nursing the baby while pumping on the other side while typing a business e-mail while dealing with my toddler, who’s just getting through potty training,” she reveals. “When I’m not working I try to be more of a stay-at-home mom, but I feel like recently I’ve been too hard on myself and that I need more help around the house than I currently have.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/AKM-GSI

  • Geena

    Wow, I guess having four children that are under 7 years old has really taken a toll on Mira. She looks terrible! Sorry, but she looks worn right out! I feel for her.

    • NYC Mommy

      Geena- I have seen other recent pictures of her… she still looks great. Air travel with a 6 month old is probably more accurate reason for her looking so dead tired. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think she looks terrible, just tired and not “made up”.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she does look very tired.

  • Lizzie

    Sometimes I look very tired and haggard and I’m 23 with no kids.

    • Jenner

      That’s funny;)

  • MichelleMyBelle

    The only thing I have ever hated about being a mom is witnessing how seriously ugly moms can be toward each other. Her daughter is ONLY 6 months old. She just got off of a flight and what? What, is she supposed to look like she’s going to the freaking Oscars?? Get real!! We should be compassionate toward each other not catty and judgmental.

    • NYC Mommy

      Michelle my bell- only one comment about article says anything negative about Mira Sorvino all others posts basically say what you said. You comment in valid about site but not about these posts. 🙂

  • Lacey

    She looks like a real mom who just got off a flight with her baby. One who actually takes care of her children during a flight. Who is she suppossed to look like, Gwen Stefani? It is widely known that Gwen spends her time by herself in first class resting, while her nannies take care of her kids. All so she can get off the plane looking fab and ready for her photo-op.

  • cherysh bradette

    what a beautiful baby!!! if i could have a baby that was that cute i would so welcome being tired and haggered looking!! sweet!

  • Sophia

    Beautiful girl!

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