Denise Richards’ Girls Help Out The Vet

Denise Richards has shared a collage of photos of her girls Sam, 8, and Lola, 7, on her Instagram account. On Thursday (November 29) she wrote: “My little vet techs”

The family have a lot of dogs. She recently was asked by Us Magazine how many they actually have.

She said, “I always say too many to count. I have a lot.  I converted my garage into a dog bedroom. And it’s good for my girls. For my daughter’s birthday party, in lieu of gifts, we asked if anyone was interested in donating blankets and dog food and cat litter and my daughter dropped it off at the shelter.  So, it’s nice for them to know and to learn to give back. And they’re very nurturing, which is great for the animals, too.”

Right after Hurricane Sandy swept through New York  – the actress flew over to Long Island’s North Shore Animal League America to help promote animal rescue efforts.  She ended up adopting a dog named Tara.

Richards also takes in older dogs too.

She added, “My heart always goes out to the ones that are older. We adopted a 16-year-old dog because I just could not see her ending her days after 16 years at a shelter.”

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  • Scooter

    Love this. Love. Wonderful.

  • mrs. trumbell

    love that last part. older pets are the best pets.

  • Anabelle

    Never really liked Denise Richards, but reading this has given me more respect for her. This was a very nice article to read =) x

  • chanette

    i respect her even more after i read this.. great thing to teach her girls.. 🙂

  • Mary

    Given everything she has gone through and she comes out with more class than anyone and is doing everything to make life for her girls the top priority even putting aside differences with her ex and the other ex wife in order for all of Charlie’s kids to be together is remarkable. She doesn’t talk about anyone and puts the kids before herself. She is amazing woman.

  • so nice

    This was so nice to read. Much better than pics of taking your kids for coffee every day. She seems like a great mom. A single hands on mother. How come we never hear anyone praising her for being such a normal hands on mom? Does she even have a nanny…I can’t ever remember seeing a pic or reading about a nanny.

    • Lakesha

      What’s wrong with a nanny? None of us raise our children without some assistance.

  • It is so nice that Denise is teaching her girls that while they are very fortunate many people and animals are in need. The economy is so poor many people have had to give their animals to shelters because they could not afford to feed them.

    Both girls look like their mother and yes, they have a nanny. If you can afford it I would also.

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