Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter Feud

Here we go again.

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes are once again having a war of words via social media. On Friday, the country singer took to Twitter to announce a weekend getaway with husband Eddie Cibrian and his two sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5. 

“Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it’s a family tour weekend. It’s always more fun when they are with me,” LeAnn tweeted.

The boys’ mother, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, did not take kindly to the tweet.

“Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children “her boys”Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now,” Brandi wrote on her Twitter account.

The Grammy Award-winning singer chose not to retaliate, but she retweeted a fan who wrote that “being a stepmom is such a hard role to play, but only the strongest women can handle it.”

It’s been nothing but drama between these two ladies for quite some time.

LeAnn and Eddie had an affair on the 2009 set of Lifetime’s Northern Lights; the singer was wed to chef Dean Sheremet at the time, while Eddie was married to Brandi.

In August, LeAnn voluntarily checked into rehab for anxiety and stress. She later said she had been the victim of cyber bullying in the wake of her 2009 affair with Cibrian.

“I think it’s really hard to deal with Twitter and Facebook,” LeAnn stated. “And it’s hard to take it day after day of reading and seeing things that someone you don’t even know says about you. As much as you said you don’t want it to penetrate, it does, because you’re human.”

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  1. Danielle

    I saw this on Twitter. Firstly Leann calls them ‘her boys’, yes your step mom but they are not yours and this is offensive to a loving involved mother.
    Leann had previously posted a video of Jake cycling, Brandi was furious because Leann was encouraging him to go faster and he was not wearing a helmet.
    Also Eddie and Leann threaten Brandi if she let the boys be shown on RHOBH yet Leann seems to think its ok for her to exploit the boys for her own gain (popularity which is not working).

    • Amanda

      Just because she didn’t give birth to them doesn’t mean she’s not their mother. A step mother is a mother. She takes on the same role as any other mom and loves them the same. Truthfully, if I was divorced and my husband decided to remarry, I would rather he be with someone who loved my kids as her own as opposed to not wanting them to be a part of her life. I understand that the circumstances of Eddie and LeAnn’s relationship were really awful. I don’t condone cheating but I think Brandi is starting drama and doing it publicly to get attention. This isn’t about the kids’ best interests. It’s about her.

      • Tara

        Agree to a degree but they are her children and she should have a majority say in how much her children are exposed if Eddie made the tweets I could understand that more than those coming from LeAnn. I have a very high profile sibling and I refuse to allow him to post any pictures of my sons because I value their privacy. As a mother we have this right. Very rarely have I seen Brandi use the kids for photo ops.

      • anonymous

        But that’s the thing, the things that Leann does isn’t “mother” behavior.

      • Kamila

        I disagree. She’s not their mother. She will never be their mother. And she should respect that. Brandi has every right to freak out on this woman.

      • Jan

        Really Amanda. You cant say how you would feel about a woman who took your husband, and took your spot in the family that you and your husband created. Have you lost a husband lately. Leanne should respect Brandi’s position in this saga of drama her and Eddie created. Leanne can have the man, but those are Brandi’s babies…and Leanne is not special because she cares for those boys, hell, she had better love them because she and Eddie hurt the boys also with their desperate need to destroy everyones happiness. She owes them and she owes Brandi. Also I agree with Brandi, how dare you have anything to say about a woman exposing her kids on T.V. while you expose them in social media….I dont totally dislike Leanne, but if she continues to disrespect Brandi, then she will go on my crap list. Leanne if you really dont understand where Brandi is coming from then have two kids by Eddie and be supportive of him playing roles in movies, while he falls in love with another woman and kicks your ass to the curb. Thats called….shoe on the other foot…Dueces.

  2. anonymous

    This article is very inaccurate.

    1) If you check the time codes on both of those tweets, you will see that Leann’s post was made at 9:19 AM on November 30. The time code on Brandi’s tweet says, 10:15 AM December 1. So Brandi didn’t tweet her response immediately following Leann’s comment like this article is claiming.

    Between the time that Leann made her post and Brandi made her comment, Leann made these tweets about the kids.

    12:27 PM Nov 30: “Off to Seattle with the 3 cutest boys ever! It was a last minute family trip, the best kind!! #tour ”

    1:17 PM Nov 30: “… my sweet stepsons…they are fab”

    1:19 PM Nov 30: “…me too….thx to school being let out early every day this week because of teacher parent conferences”

    1:21 PM Nov 30: “Talking to a very wise man on our flight. I love when you have conversations with random people that hit home. It makes me feel like God is saying “You are right where you’re supposed to be.”

    6:30 PM Nov 30: “You know I LOVE my stepson when I give up my middle bunk for him”

    Leann also posted photos of Eddie and the boys on her tour bus to her fan website. Retweeted quotes that took digs at Brandi. Any mother would be frustrated by this. If it’s supposed to be a family vacation, why is the stepmother spending so much time on a public form tweeting about the kids?

    2) How is it that when Brandi tweets something that isn’t in favor of Leann, the media is quick to jump on it, but when Leann does this, the media acts like it never even happened? Leann did retailiate after Brandi’s tweet and she continued her revenge on into Sunday. How did the media miss all those passive aggressive tweets that Leann made and the “na-na, na-na, boo-boo I won” photos that Leann posted to twitter and her fan website? How did the media miss all those people commenting on Leann’s tweets and the photos she posted? How did the media miss all those responses that Leann made to not one, but several of her fans concerning the matter?

    3) It’s nothing but drama because Leann Rimes continues to cross boundaries and rather than call her out on this, certain blogs glorify her bad behavior.

    4) People and Brandi were also upset because Leann posted a video of Brandi’s son riding his bike on a dirt road in front of her house with no helmet and training wheels. Keep in mind that in 2011, Leann went berserk when a drunk driver crashed into the fence on that same dirt road outside of her house.

    • Anonymous

      You need a job.

      • anonymous

        We know you need a job. The story is wrong, so why are you upset when someone dares to provide the correct information?

        • Anonymous

          I’m not upset. I just think it’s sad that you spent so much time researching and detailing the events. Just think what you could accomplish if you directed your efforts at something of actual importance!

          • anonymous

            You are upset because no one in their right mind would get upset because someone dared to provide the correct details. Just think what you could accomplish if you directed your efforts at something of actual importance instead of writing posts telling others to get a job!

            All of this was on Leann’s twitter account, so there was no research needed. Anyone who looked at those tweets would have seen the time codes and noticed that Brandi’s tweet didn’t come until the next day and only after Leann made tweet after tweet about kids.

          • anonymous

            @anonymous person throwing a tantrum because evidence was provided to contradict this article:

            It’s alright Leann! You worked so hard to spin this in your favor, only to have it backfire because someone dared to point out the time codes on the posts and all the other tweets that you made after the initial post.

            Do you know why Leann is upset. She is trying to clean up this mess by providing false information on what happened? Because she has a special interview airing on Saturday with Guiliana!

            You can keep making posts like this and messing around with the votes, it’s still not going to change the fact that the article is wrong.

  3. anonymous

    When people criticized Leann for calling the paparazzi, she stated that she couldn’t help that they were being photographed because the paparazzi sit outside of their house and follow them to their destination. So why would Leann take Brandi’s son to ride his bike in that location knowing that there was a chance that they would be photographed by the paparazzi? The video that Leann made of Brandi’s son riding his bike also proves that Leann is a liar. The paparazzi were not sitting outside her home and following them to their destination, she was calling them everytime.

  4. Noinin

    I don’t think she meant “my stepsons that I intend to steal from their mother” but rather “the boys I love the most”, as in her husband and his sons. I think it is cute. I understand that for Brandi it must be annoying (I’m separated from my son’s father and at first I was really worried that his new girlfriend would try to replace me in my son’s heart), but if she has a close relationship with her children she will always be their #1. There are so many new girlfriends who try to alienate fathers from their children because they see them as reminders of a past relationship… Leann destroyed her marriage but I don’t think she wants to destroy her family.

    • musiclover

      I don’t condone Eddie and LeAnn cheating on their spouses, and I can understand Brandi being upset, but it would be on her boys’ best interest to stop fighting w/ LeAnn. I think LeAnn honestly loves those boys, and Brandi should be glad that she does. Eddie was wrong and LeAnn was wrong, but for everyone’s own mental health, Brandi needs to accept things are the way they are and move on.

      • Jan

        Well she will move on when Leanne stops taking digs. Brandi has already set her feelings about Leanne aside, but she’s only human. A flesh and blood person. Her family life is not at all as she planned it, yet she pushes on. But Leanne has the break down….#confusing….I guess falling in love with a married man while you yourself is still married, isn’t quite as rewarding as she thought. Just be quiet Leanne, with the play by plays of what the boys are doing and everything will work itself out. Oh and I’m not so sure that a conversation with a stranger on a plane is Gods way of saying,” way to go home wrecker”. Then again I’m not God and she certainly is no saint.

    • musiclover

      I left off my main point…..I agree w/ you that Brandi should be glad that LeAnn loves those boys. My stepmother hated me and my siblings, and it made life horrible for us.

    • anonymous

      Leann did mean ““my stepsons that I intend to steal from their mother”. How do we know? Leann has been told by both Brandi and her own fans to cut out the “my boys” tweets. Leann has given several interviews where she calls herself the boys mother or refers them as her sons. If Leann didn’t want to destroy a family why would she be tweeting about the kids in the first place?

      Leann does try to alienate the kids, she even makes the kids feel bad for spending time with their own mother. The evidence is all there because Leann tweets every detail of it, so it’s odd that people would make excuses for Leann’s bad behavior.

      It’s also interesting how people are accepting this article as fact when it’s been proven to be false.

  5. HDP

    I am a mother of 2 girls – and no matter the situation, no matter how amicable – if another woman (other than their Grandmas) called MY girls THEIR girls – I would be seriously pissed.
    I don’t necessarily think Twitter is the place to work through it, but hey, she was mad and wanted to get some people behind her on this.

  6. Anonymous

    Shut up. Both of you. Can you imagine being either one of these idiots. Baiting each other and fighting on Twitter. What a bunch of dolts.

  7. Anonymous

    I feel for Brandi. Not only did she lose her husband, but her sons 50% of the time. It’s insensitive of Leann, especially given the way she and Eddie got together, to tweet such things.

    • Tara

      I totally agree. I have to say I never thought much of Brandi but I have watched a few episodes of Real Housewives ( yes I admit it) and she truly comes off as genuinely hurt. She may be uncouth and tells it like it is- but I would much rather have that in my life than the insecure competitive LeeAnn.
      They are HER boys and as secure a person I think I am, I know it would hurt me tremendously if another woman tried to claim them as “hers”

  8. Kasey1

    I agree with everyone pretty much, on both sides of the fence. On one hand, if I were in Brandi’s position, I would appreiciate the fact that LeAnn loved my children and treated them like her own. Too often, people go off and start “new families” and forget about the children they already have. And sometimes, the step parent is horrid to the children because they are jealous or competitive with the children. However, on the other hand, I can see where Brandi would be hurt. She feels like LeAnn has taken everything away from her (not just her man, but her stability, her boys half the time,etc) and calling them “her boys” probably just digs the knife a little deeper. I agree this mess SHOULD NOT be on twitter. Mostly because airing out your dirty laundry all over the internet never helps anyone. If they would talk to one another about their problems and not about one another, things would be resolved a lot quicker. It’s easier said than done, but they are all adults and if they try to see it from one another’s points and speak with their head and not their heart, I think it could be resolved a little better.

  9. Ivy

    Easy solution LeAnn, if twitter and facebook bother you so much that you need to go to rehab, stay off of them!!!

  10. Tiffany

    When she said ‘my boys’, she was clearly including her stupid husband in there. I don’t think it was being possessive of Brandi’s kids, she was just trying (and failing) to be cute. That dude has seriously questionable taste in women. I’m sure he loved the drama when the fight was over him. Now that they are dragging the kids into it, it’s gonna be a huge downer. He will cheat soon.

  11. Anonymous

    I love how Brandi wrote…they’re your stepsons “for now”. Hilarious and true!

  12. SMH

    I am not a fan of Leanne but l will say that any mother who is upset over the relationship their children have with their step mother has insecurities of their own relationship w them. I much rather have someone love my children then to treat them differently. A step mother shouldnt be perceived as a threat. Its happened in my own family my cousins hated their step mom bc their own mother brainwashed them into hating her. They didnt know better. But as they got older they realized that they had no reason to hate her. She was nice to them & never tried to overstep her boundary. Everyone needs to set their OWN needs aside and think about the kids.
    I can understand how Leanns comments can come off like she is trying to steal someones kids away but l just think she is trying to be a good second parent.

    • anonymous

      So this is Leann’s damage control? Insist that the problem is Brandi?

      Leann has been asked by Brandi and several of her fans to stop tweeting and calling the kids “her boys”. So why would Leann keep doing this when she knows where the mother stands on this issue. When the stepmother is someone like Leann who continues to taunt the mother by posting passive aggressive tweets and tweeting and posting about kids who don’t belong to her after being asked to stop, she is a threat.

      Why are people making excuses for Leann’s bad behavior when all the evidence is there to support that Leann was being vindictive. This article is misleading and false. Why hasn’t it been corrected or even updated?

  13. anonymous

    Could it possibly be because Leann isn’t loving the kids? It does make sense. Leann Rimes is using those kids to taunt their mother. Leann was asked by Brandi and even her own fans to stop tweeting about the kids and calling them her kids. If she knows that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable why would she continue to do it?

    This article is inaccurate and it didn’t happen the way it is being reported. Leann was posting about the kids, tweeting quotes taking digs at Brandi, posting photos of the kids, and paraded them through an airport dressed like hooker. She is on vacation. Why would she even be posting about the kids in the first place?

  14. anonymous

    I see that someone is doing some heavy damage control today. Desperate time calls for desperate measures: “Woe is Leann, she didn’t mean anything by it, Brandi needs to be grateful that Leann loves or is nice to her kids and stop being insecure” card.

    Because Leann has been so public about everything she does with those kids, we know that Leann was being vindictive when she tweeted “my boys”. We also know that the story didn’t happen the way it’s being reported because Brandi’s tweet came after Leann had made over 50 tweets about the kids, took digs at Brandi using quotes from the stepmother blog, paraded the kids through an airport dressed like a hooker, and posted a ton of photos of them to a site she uses for her fans.There are also tweets from Leann’s own fans from November 25-27 asking Leann to stop being so disrespectful. So if Leann didn’t mean anything by this, why would she keep tweeting about the kids after her own fans expressed concern over what she was posting?

  15. denise

    Leann just should have chosen her words better. She could have said all the boys or Eddie and his sons. Just watch what you say because no need to fuel the fire when things were getting civil between them. Brandi is a single mother and she loves her sons. Could have been having a bad day and those words got to her.

  16. anonymous

    Leann should have not tweeted or posted photos of the boys.

    I keep seeing posts on this site saying that Brandi must have been having a bad day or that Brandi is being insecure. Why are people ignoring the fact that Leann was on twitter all month long taunting Brandi and continued to defy Brandi’s request about posting and setting up staged photo-ops with her kids? This didn’t start on Friday(Did everyone forget about the inappropriate cake topping that Leann designed for Eddie’s birthday or how Leann posted a photo of Brandi’s son with the name of his school visible in the photo?), this has been going on for a very long time. For some odd reason the media turns a blind eye to what Leann has been doing and saying. Leann knew exactly what she was doing when she made those tweets on Friday because Brandi had just did a round of interviews talking about how disrespectful Leann is and how Leann crosses boundaries with her children.

    As long as people keep making excuses for what Leann did or posting false articles, Leann isn’t going to watch what she says. For now Leann’s tweets about the kids have stopped, usually she would have had about 50 tweets about the kids and what she made them for breakfast. Or maybe I am jumping the gun, she probably isn’t woke yet and that is why she hasn’t cranked out more tweets or photos of the kids.

  17. Jenn

    I do not like Brandi Glanvlle, (in fairness I don’t like LeAnn Rimes, either!), but I agree with Glanville here. I ave seen in several clips where Rimes called them “my boys” and I think that is inappropriate. She is their stepmother. Those kids are her husbands boys and her stepchildren. At least call them “the boys” or “the kids”…you can do that in a loving manner without disrespecting the mother.

  18. anonymous

    Today Leann posted more photos of Brandi’s son to her fan website. And then some people can’t understand why Brandi is so frustrated. With all the backlash Leann is facing, why would Leann keep posting photos of those kids? Leann is so bent on having the last word, that she continues to use those kids to taunt their mother. Leann is a very vindictive person and since she continues to post photos of Brandi kids, it’s obvious to everyone that she wasn’t being nice when she tweeted “my boys”.

  19. popsykl

    i would never want to share my kids with another woman…..i would go down fighting too……

  20. anonymous

    Not only did Leann post photos of Brandi’s kids and call them “my boys”, Leann also posted a video of herself and Eddie singing with the boys while on the tour bus to her fan website on Friday, this after they won’t allow Brandi to film with her kids on RHOBH. So why would Leann post another video of Brandi’s kids after Eddie made such a big fuss about the kids being filmed if Leann wasn’t being vindictive? This is what Brandi has been dealing with.

    • Anonymous

      If Brandi REALLY didn’t like her kids photos and videos being posted by Leann, she’d have gotten a court order. She hasn’t. So what does that tell you?

      • anonymous

        How do you know that Brandi hasn’t tried? Because that is what Leann and Darrell Brown have told you. Based on what Brandi has said in interviews, she has tried to take action, but the problem is that Leann has a very expensive and powerful attorney who no one wants to cross. Just look at how Eonline and Guliana Rancic started singing a different tune when Leann introduced this lawyer into the dispute she had with Guliana. We also know that Leann has been using this same lawyer to go after bloggers who post the truth about her. What that tells us is that Leann Rimes has only gotten away with posting the videos and photos because her lawyer is a bully!

      • anonymous

        On the 11/27, Leann’s friend Darrell Brown posted this when someone asked Leann to stop tweeting and posting photos and videos of the kids because it was disrespectful and because Eddie and Leann won’t allow Brandi to film with her kids for RHOBH: “yes it is 100% right ! The state of California gives her the right. The federal government gives her the right”

        Here is another tweet that he made on that same issue that same day: “&i do mean post pics videos & anything she wants to post about family u waste time tcomplaining and she gets to still do it”

        Based on his comments, it sounds like Brandi has tried to stop Leann from posting about the kids and that Leann and her lawyer manipulated the system. Now what law in California or the federal government gives a step-parent the right to post and tweet about another woman’s kids after being asked by the child’s mother to stop? What court told a mother that another woman could tweet and post whatever she likes about her kids because she is married to her children’s father? It sounds like Leann is taking advantage of a system that only has her interests at heart because she has money. That is wrong.

  21. Anonymous

    I would be happy if my children had a stepmom who loved them like her own, but at the same time she would need to respect the fact that they have a mother. I can’t argue that more parental figures loving your children is a bad thing, but there does need to be a clear distinction between parent and step parent. personally, i don’t think leanne is neither genuine nor respectful of Brandi, as “her boys” mother.

  22. courtneyb

    They should just stay away from Twitter and similars, they would spare themselves lots of troubles and feuds.

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