Jordan Bratman & His Karate Kid

Four-year-old Max and his dad Jordan Bratman were spotted en route to karate class in Brentwood, California this weekend (December 1). He looks so cute!

Max’s mom Christina Aguilera recently sang his praises. The ‘Fighter’ singer, who split from Jordan in 2010, said, “The birth of my son is my proudest moment. Max is my greatest song.”

Xtina is busy these days promoting her new album Lotus.

“It’s a celebration record of all those milestones, everything that lotus represents, throughout the toughest of weather conditions,” she revealed of her latest project. “Being in this business is going to come with a lot of weather conditions, but it’s about surviving and being strong. I encourage to live in the moment, be about the moment, learn everything you can about the experience. I want to make myself, as an individual artist, better.”

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