Tori Spelling & Her Family-Of-Six

Craft Wars host Tori Spelling proudly posed with her family-of-six at the 2nd Annual Santa’s Secret Workshop presented by her BFFs “The Guncles” held at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (December 1).

“Kicked off season right Sat at @MarqueComm Santa’s Secret Workshop! Thx @TheBillHorn @ScoutMasterson. 2Day=tree day,” Tori wrote via Instagram.

In a series of photos, the Beverly Hills, 90210 shared a sweet snapshot of her mini fashionista, 4-year-old daughter Stella. “It’s #toddleristathursday,” Tori wrote.

Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are also parents to sons Liam, 5, and Finn, 3 months, and 1-year-old daughter Hattie.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • So nice!

  • Zar55

    Her kids are her business deal, and it will last until they grow up, then on what will she make money?? hahahah so sad

  • lily

    The eldest girl has a problem.. Why is she always posing and dressed as a drag queen at just 4 years old??

  • Anonymous

    Drag Queen? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Drag Queen? LOL

  • Jade

    Poor Hattie looks just like Tori.

  • Deewillis

    The oldest girl posing like Mom…so sad. Hollywood and reality tv is going to really screw this kids up I’m afraid. Why not keep them out of the spot light and try to have a normal childhood. So so sad all for the money! Drag Queen lol just like Mom!

    • lily

      As I said..
      It’s not normal that a 4 year old is constantly with the hand on her hips in model-pose, always dressed age-inappropriate, she really looks like a drag queen!

      • NYC Mommy

        Alot of little girls do the model pose with hand on hip. It is really not a big deal. She is posing for a picture. There were pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter doing the model pose as well. Why not call her a drag queen?

        What about her clothes are not age appropriate? (dont get me wrong I am not a fan of faux fur vests- but they seem to be very popular right now- I see alot of celeb kids on this website with them on and even see kids walking around NYC with them too.)

        • lily

          Alessandra Ambrosio’ daughter is always dressed like a normal kid. Tori Spelling’s daughter’s is always dressed with this kind of ridiculous fake furs and stuff, and she’s always, always posing.. And Tori always says “my little fashionista”, or something like that.. It looks like this child is obsessed with being a model..
          It’s just my opinion, but kids shouldn’t be already so vain and attached to material things, that are actually thought for adult people, at such a young age..

          • NYC Mommy

            I am entitled to my opinion at well and I think people are especially harsh/cruel to this famiy especially Tori and her oldest daughter.

            FYI- a fashionista is a designer of couture or a passionate follower of fashion NOT A MODEL.

            Anja and her mother had fake fur vests on over weekend.

  • The girls are both wearing faux fur vests. Stella’ s expression bothers me. She is obviously posing but she looks angry and sulky. Also the pink hat matches nothing Stella is wearing and Tori or the nanny IMO should do something with Stella’s hair. She has a pretty face. The most important thing is all 4 kids are healthy.
    Father Dean McDermott needs to get his act together. His shirt actually looks dirty. He used to be a handsome actor. He does not look casual but classy he just looks sloopy to me. Tori is looking better. She looks pretty. I like her boots.

  • Lola

    Why is this family always being trashed?

  • anonymous

    Because they are trashy celebutards!

  • anonymous

    Her daughter looks ridiculous in that outfit! And the pose is annoying and bratty! Tori is a terrible mother!

  • Kaz

    They look like a nice family,but where is his older son.Dont see him around much lately!

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