Marion Cotillard & Marcel: Cheers & Cuteness

Go Daddy Go!

The Dark Knight Rises actress Marion Cotillard and her son Marcel were cheering on her long-time partner Guillaume Canet as he competed in the Gucci Paris Masters 2012 in Paris, France on Friday and Saturday (November 30 and December 1).

The 1-year old cutie was taking all the activity in and was able to hop on a friend’s shoulders to get a closer look at the horses.

The French director – who was on the junior French National Equestrian Team before having a bad accident at the age of 18 – placed fifth in the show jumping competition.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News


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  1. Someone

    He is one gorgeous baby boy!

  2. Kasey1

    Wow! What a beautiful little man! Too cute.

  3. Toya

    OMG…. Can he get any cuter??!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness. Is that a real baby or a living doll?

  5. Me

    Now this is what I call stunning!!! I got chills when I saw this photo

  6. Gina

    Okay, all I can say is this child is absolutely a sight to look at! He is gorgeous. I haven’t seen a cute little guy like this in a long, long time. Gorgeous blonde hair too!

  7. Bink

    I love the little bandana! Beautiful child.

  8. An33

    What a gorgeous little boy….and I love the name!!! (my younger son is named Marcel too)

  9. kayla

    He is one GORGEOUS little boy wow.

  10. laura

    French people are so naturally elegant.. It’s in their skin, it just comes natural to them!

  11. mrs. trumbell

    wowwwwww most beautiful celebrity son, we have our winner!!!!!

  12. Sophia

    Ah, he’s gone so blond! What a beautiful baby!

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