Violet Affleck’s Birthday Bear

Happy Birthday Violet!

On Friday (December 1) the eldest daughter of Alias alum Jennifer Garner and Argo star Ben Affleck turned seven years old. The famous couple took their girls – Violet and Seraphina, 3 – to the mall in Westwood, Calif. to celebrate with Violet’s friends. One of the guests at the party was Tobey Maguire’s daughter Ruby, 6.

The  birthday girl – who wore a large ribbon on her neck baring her name – and the other kids had fun making stuffed animals at the Build-A-Bear store.   Each of the girls carried a big box with their bear back to the parking lot after the party ended.

Baby Samuel, 9 months, wasn’t spotted with the Garner-Afflecks at the outing.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI

  • NYC Mommy

    Looks like someone had a Pajama party. very cute. Tobey Maquires daughter Ruby has grown so much. SHe looks like a big girl now (no more baby face).

  • Dane

    Cute girl, not so cute glasses.

  • kayla

    that poor little girl is going to be sooo tall, her parents are taller than average. I feel bad for her you can tell she is taller than most girls her age 🙁 When she grows up it willbe hard for her to find a husband because men don’t like or want tallwomen.

    • Lakesha

      Her mother didn’t have a problem finding a mate.

    • Tara

      I am 5’10” and my husband is 6’6″. Our twelve year old son is 6′ and our 4 year old twins are 48″ already. Now my kids are all boys but I will agree that our twins have a tough time because people just assume they are much older despite their baby faces. It’s a challenge at times but I think violet will be just fine.

      Also My husbands sister was 5’7″ when she was 14 and then just stopped growing. So nothing is guaranteed.

      • Frances

        I have a similar problem with my kids 2 boys who are 5 1/2 feet tall and are only 8. My daughter is 6 and almost 5 feet tall. No one believes their ages and can be extremely rude.
        Btw- I am 2 inches taller than my husband and he never had an issue with it. Get with the times or find less Neanderthal men.

        • Penelope

          I also have a similar problem. My newborn in 4ft 5.9in tall. Just a little bit taller than yours. soooo….

          And my five year old is 6ft tall. Soooo…

          And I’m 10 feet tall.

          Sooooo, we’re all just a little bit taller that you guys. Sooooo…

          • Anonymous

            Well you obviously left out the size of your brain which is non existent…retard.

          • I guess nobody’s ever watched snl and saw Kristen Wiig do that charachter! I thought it was hilarious!

          • SMH

            Haha Penelope!

    • Sophie

      What’s wrong with being tall? I think tall women are gorgeous and I had always wanted to be a little taller myself. Men don’t like tall women? Then why are models considered the ideal shape/height that men strive to get? She’s a kid. I don’t think now is the time to be worrying about finding a husband. When she is older, I’m sure she’ll have no problems. People of all shapes and heights get married every day.

    • Lulu

      I’m 5’11” and doing fine. I like my height – it’s what people compliment the most. Get over yourself.

    • Hope

      Really? Why in the world would you even say that!? She’s 7! Why are you thinking about her finding a husband and being tall. She’s not even done growing yet and besides there are plenty of beautiful tall women who have husbands and better yet husbands that are even taller than them. Nothing weird about it. Don’t know why people think of such things these days and why looks have to be so important, it’s ridiculous!

    • Hope

      Really? Why would you even say something like that!? She’s 7! She has a long ways to go before she has a husband and you’re already thinking about her getting married. And there is nothing wrong with being tall. There are many tall beautiful women who have no trouble at all getting a boyfriend/husband & a lot of those tall women have husbands who are just as tall if not taller than they are. Violet still has a long ways to go until she stops growing and who knows she may not be as tall as you think. Why do looks have to be so important and why are people so critical these days? It’s ridiculous.

  • kayla

    Oh I know that but her mother lucked out,most men do not want tall women for their wives every body knows they prefer and desire short and petite women, so I feel bad for her.

    • AnnieMouse

      That is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while!

    • Lizzie


    • Vee22

      Agree. Big feet, man-sized portions at dinner, and loads of horse poop clogging up the toilet is not very attractive. Enjoy it while you can, though. Scientists say that a short woman is more likely to outlive a tall woman. Too much stress on the organs covering all that mileage. That’s why you hear the phrase “little old lady” and not “bid old lady.”

    • Jenn

      That is one of the dumbest thngs I have ever heard! I’m 5’9 without heels and have never had a problem finding a man. Is there some scientific study you are referencing to say that “most” men like petite and shorter women? Because I’d like to see it (cue eye roll).

  • not in Kansas anymore

    I couldn’t help but think of The Wizard of Oz when I saw those ruby red shoes!

  • Anonymous

    I think her height is the least of her problems. She’s going to need surgery to pin those big ears back and if her adult teeth come in with a huge gap, then it’s thousands of dollars for dental work.

    • Tara

      Wow- pretty brave picking on a 7 year old- you don’t get out much. The majority of the worlds most beautiful women started out as what would be considered “gawky”. Google pictures of any supermodel when they were younger and you will see they all blossomed into their looks,

    • disgusted

      At least her so-called “problems” can be fixed. Can’t say the same for yours.

  • Elektra

    I think she is gorgeous now and will most likely be even more so when she is an adult. More importantly she will probably be very kind hearted like her beautiful mother. I would trade places with her in a heartbeat.

  • Adele

    Oh my gosh people, this is a precious little seven year old girl! There is nothing wrong with her! She’s adorable now, and I see no reason why she won’t grow up to be as attractive as her parents. Let’s just hope she doesn’t grow into a hateful adult who thinks it’s okay to pick on a child.

  • amy

    Picking apart a CHILD’s appearance (anyones really, but especially a child) is ridiculous. Violet is absolutely beautiful – she already looks just like her mother, so we all know she is going to be gorgeous when she is an adult. Plus, she has very sweet, normal parents with big hearts – so she’ll learn from them how to be kind and caring. Which is more than I can say about the people who think it’s okay to judge an innocent child.

  • Lulu

    Facially, she reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift. Something in the eyes.

    • Anonymous

      They both look asian.

  • Anonymous

    People stop it now, Violet is NOT beautiful. If she wasn’t a child of a celebrity, you people wouldn’t even look twice at her. Geez.

    • Mallory

      You’re not beautiful either. You don’t have a heart, to be able to pick on a little kid like that.

  • A. Smyth

    She’s clearly going for the Damn Edna Everage look right there.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Dame Edna. That’s exactly what she looks like. Why is she wearing pajamas and the other brats aren’t? She must have forgotten to get dressed for her own birthday party. Duh.

    • NYC Mommy

      Her sister has PJs on as well. All the kids look super casual maybe some kids changed out of PJs before leaving party. We were not there so we dont know. I certainly would not call them brats.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is fantastic that her parents let her wear gaudy clothes that kids just love but are rarely seen on celebrity kids. It’s refreshing to see a kid growing up in Hollywood that is not being used at as “accessory” to make her parents look good. Honestly, she looks like a sweet, normal kid who might actually grow up to be healthy, well adjusted adult.

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