Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes Uses My Boys As Weapons

According to a recent interview with Us Weekly, it’s safe to say that reality television star Brandi Glanville, 40, and her ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian, 39, have different philosophies when it comes to co-parenting their two sons Mason, 9, and 5-year-old Jake.

“Eddie and I can’t agree right now that they can be in the background on the show [her Bravo series titled The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills],” the model admits. “They’re really cute, though!”

Brandi continues to accuse her ex-husband of being a hypocrite, given that her two boys frequently travel on tour with their stepmom, LeAnn Rimes, 30.

“It’s hard because Eddie’s like, ‘I want them to have a normal life.’ I’m like, ‘A normal life [with] a singer? They go on a tour bus halfway across the country and go backstage at these concerts,” Brandi says. “Then they have a dad as an actor — [seeing him] kissing different girls on TV is going to be hard. And then they have me — God knows what I am, but I’m me! It’s not going to be normal.”

One thing the couple can agree on is that Mason and Jake deserve to know how much they are loved.

“I would do anything for them, and so would Eddie,” the reality star says. “I know no matter what the situation is, we’re going to keep them grounded, sweet, safe and not entitled.”

Meanwhile, Brandi and LeAnn have recently resumed their seemingly never-ending on again, off again Twitter feud.

The war of the words began on Monday when the country crooner tweeted, “Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it’s a family tour weekend. It’s always more fun when they are with me.”

“Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children ‘her boys’ Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now,” Brandi tweeted in response.

“She uses my kids as weapons,” Brandi tells The Huffington Post. “The problem with that is she endangers them while doing so. I think she is a sociopath.”

Prior to the catalyst tweet, LeAnn posted a video of one of Brandi’s sons riding a bicycle without a helmet, to which Brandi responds, “I’m trying not to tweet about something I just saw…. Breathe,” adding “I’m taking a moment from twitter to breathe and punch some pillow.”

“A lot more has happened than just this video,” Brandi claims. “She constantly uses my kids as weapons and puts them in danger. She needs major help — no way Eddie puts up with this for too much longer.”

According to the Huffington Post, a spokesperson for LeAnn did not respond to their requests for comment about Brandi’s allegations.

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  • Tara

    This is really sad for the boys and actually for Brandi. How is it ok for LeAnn to be able to tweet the comings and goings of the boys at her whim but she cannot include them on her show. If the show is supposed to be representative of her life…being a mom is about 95% of that. Eddie needs to stop talking out of both sides of his a**. It cannot be one set of rules for the MOTHER and another for the STEP MOTHER.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with you and anyone who sides with Leann obviously is not a mother.

    • eliz

      Right on! Leann is so foul and looks like the alien from “alien”- haha. If you watch brandi on RHOBH you can see she’s a very sweet, albeit crass at times, girl.. it’s ridic how many photos we see of L and the kids vs brandi and the kids. I can’t even remember the last time there were shots of Brandi and her boys.

    • Lizzie

      I read on Brandi’s twitter that Leann watches Real Housewives of BH in front of the boys!

  • Alli

    Baby scoop leaves out the part about Mason Cibrian, 9, finding a Skittle on the floor and eating it at Le’s house and getting very sick. Turns out the Skittle was one of LeAnn Rimes’ laxatives. Code you see…

    • Anon

      What kind of laxative looks like a Skittle? Uh… none?

  • klutzy_girl

    Can Brandi shut up and just stop using her children like this? It’s immature and Eddie was right when he said that she needs to stop doing this.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see how open you would be if this was your child…idiot!

      • klutzy_girl

        Running to the tabloids every time there’s a problem is petty and immature. This should be kept private no matter if LeAnn is in the right or the wrong.

    • Philly mom

      You cannot be serious!.please do not tell me you have children. If you do and you think that LeAnn is wrong. I fear for your kids. !

      • Philly mom

        *isn’t wrong

      • klutzy_girl

        It’s not about whether LeAnn is right or wrong. It’s about speaking out in public like this. It should be kept private and Brandi shouldn’t run to the tabloids every time there’s a problem.

        That’s all there is to it.

        • anonymous

          How can this be kept private when Leann Rimes and Eddie make it public everyday? None of this would have even happened, had Leann kept the details of her family tour trip to herself or Eddie had just told Leann to remove everything that she posted about the kids.

          Leann is going on and on about how she wants this all to be private(Eddie didn’t write that statement, if you check out Leann’s tweets from yesterday and Sunday those are all the things she was posting), so why did Leann give E News, Eonline, and Guiliana Rancic an exclusive interview yesterday in her home? That’s the hypocrisy that Brandi is dealing with.

          • Anonymous

            It doesn’t matter what Leann is doing, what matters is Brandi’s reaction.

            You can’t complain about the tabloids and publicity if you do the same damn thing in retaliation.

            Both of them are so annoying, so incompetent, so irritating.

          • anonymous

            @ Anonymous Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 4:11 pm

            Yes is does matter what Leann is doing. That’s exactly what Leann is doing isn’t she when she sent that statement to Brandi. Publicly complaining about Brandi going to the tabloids and making it public while she is giving interviews to ENews and tweeting about Brandi’s kids on two public forums. When Leann’s interview airs on Sunday, I hope people call Leann out on her hypocrisy.

            If you look at public reaction, people think that Brandi is justified, especially since she has been trying to resolve this issue for a very long time. It’s the media who is putting a spin on it and acting like Leann hasn’t done anything wrong.

  • Heather

    I’m not saying either one is “wrong”, but it seems like Brandi is doing exactly what Michael Lohan does. Goes to the press to air dirty laundry claiming he has to do it to get her to respond to him. Also, Eddie said he doesnt want his kids on a reality show, he didn’t say she couldn’t tweet about them (that we know of, but then Brandi’s not complaining about not being able to tweet them, so I assume he didn’t forbid it). If he forbid Brandi from tweeting about them and tweeting pics, then of course LeAnn shouldn’t either. But being on a reality show and tweeting are different things. I am a mother. I wouldn’t like it either. But telling the press such intimate details doesn’t seem like a logical solution either.

    • Tara

      Well I guess in my opinion unless you are the mother, or father, you should not be exposing the kids to anything or using them to further incite a war. I am not a fan of Brandi but I do feel that the mother’s wishes trump anything the step mother wants.

    • anonymous

      Eddie has stated in court documents that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure(he accused Brandi of setting up staged photo-ops with his kids and thought she should be punished for daring to appear in public with their kids). ANY TYPE of public exposure includes tweeting since Leann does it on a daily basis, tweets with the parents and teachers from the kid’s schools, and posts photos and videos of the kids to a site she is using for her work.

      Being on a reality tv show and tweeting are not two different things, especially when Leann does it everyday and with people she knows harass Brandi on twitter.

      Well we know the intimate details. Leann has always been tweeting about how she always has a very bad stomach bug. So now we know tha the stomach bug she is talking about are the laxatives. Leann is always tweeting about how the kids are sick, well now we know that perhaps those times were due to the fact that they got a hold of her “candy”. On Friday Leann was tweeting a lot about parent teacher conferences, well know we know that she did that to take digs at Brandi because she won’t allow Brandi and Eddie to sit in the same room during parent teacher conferences. The information was always there, the story just becomes more complete with Brandi’s details.

      • Anonymous

        She “won’t allow” Brandi and Eddie to sit in the same room. Please. These are adults, not Leann robots.

        • anonymous

          Not according to what Leann Rimes tweeted to one of her fans: “@WitchyPoo3 the only thing he needs to do us private not publicly. He always is behind me ”

          • Anon

            That tweet doesn’t even make sense??

          • anonymous

            @ANON Anon Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 5:15 pm

            Of course it doesn’t make sense to you, for some odd reason you just aren’t very bright. How many times have we seen you play dumb?

  • adrienne

    I dunno, ya know? This immature, catty, crazy ass behavior doesn’t paint any of these “adults” in the best light. Exes fight and children get caught in the middle. It’s been something thats gone on since forever. Mason is 9, he can read (i’m assuming) and has friends, so whose to say he isn’t reading all of this? Good ole social media makes it too easy to air all of your dirty laundry, and nothing is private anymore. Idgi. And, i feel so badly for those boys. 🙁

  • Jen

    This woman needs to keep her mouth shut. Period. I am no fan of LeAnn Rimes, but it seems like this woman is the one who is always yapping to the media. It makes her look bitter and confrontational. Not to mention it’s detrimental to the children.

  • anonymous

    “Brandi continues to accuse her ex-husband of being a hypocrite, given that her two boys frequently travel on tour with their stepmom, LeAnn Rimes, 30.”

    There is no accusation about it, it’s FACT. Just check out Leann’s fan website where she is posting videos and photos of Brandi’s kids. Check out TMZ where Eddie went to them twice to tell them that they would sue Brandi if the kids were filmed for RHOBH. Check out Leann’s own twitter account where she hangs out with people like Guiliana Rancic and Darrell Brown who have trashed Brandi on a public forum.

  • Anonymous

    Lady, the only person you need to explain things to is your kids. Keep everyone else out of it. If you think Leann is a nut (and I think she is), then handle your private business PRIVATELY.

    Oh.. and stop botoxing your face, you look creepy.

  • DJ

    Brandi does need to stop going to the press, perhaps she should hire a lawyer if she’s so concerned for her children’s safety and well-being? Take the high road Brandi, but don’t dramatize things more than they have to be, because regardless of LeAnn’s faults that you’re not happy with, ranting to the press reflects poorly on you. I do not agree with LeAnn’s constant postings about the children at all and you’d think Eddie would tell her to back off it already and be respectful to all involved, especially for the children who have no privacy in their young lives. Someone out of the three adults needs to do the right thing and soon. These children are getting older, more aware and more impressionable. This isn’t healthy for them, to say the least.

    • Anonymous

      But Brandi NEEDS to continue the war with Leann. That’s the only thing that generates attention and publicity for her, and by extension, her show. Without being the wronged ex-wife of Leann Rimes’ husband, who is she????

      • Anon

        No one?

      • anonymous

        @Anonymous Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 8:00 am

        This is the same thing you told Radaronline!

        So Leann’s rep has been on these sites making these comments in favor of Leann! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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