Kingston Rossdale Braves The Rain

Rain, rain, go away!

Kingston Rossdale, 6, braved the rain with his lil’ brother Zuma, 4, in Studio City, Calif. last week. The Rossdale brothers were all smiles as they arrived at Hugo’s restaurant with their nanny on the gray day.

We just saw Zuma in his adorable rain gear alongside his famous mama, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani.

And earlier that same week, we spotted Gwen and her husband, fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale, dropping off their youngest son at preschool.

The rockstar mama has talked about her high-energy boys.

“From the moment they wake up, they start beating on each other. I never knew they would be so physical. They’re just starting to play real well together, but with a lot of fighting. They do look out for each other – especially the little one, he really loves his older brother.”

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Photo credit: akm gsi

  • Cam

    their nanny just got a DUI her name is mindy mann.

    • Cookie

      Wait, I thought the nanny was Gavin’s sister?

      • Cam

        his sister lives in london and has a child

    • Elizabeth

      How do you know she got a DUI?

  • Jenn

    It’s funny that the nanny can go out alone with the kids but their parents can’t.

    • Elizabeth

      Jenn, I was thinking the exact same thing. We have never seen a picture of Gwen out alone with her 2 boys.

      • Anonymous

        Except that there are always photos posted of them without the nanny, but nobody comments on them.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve seen the photos your talking about and if you go on other site like pop suger, x17 online or JJ were which always puts up more photos then CBS thier is a nanny with them.

          • Anon

            How could you possibly know exactly what photos Anonymous is talking about????

    • 26

      I’ve been says that for years that’s why I don’t think the reason they always has a nanny with is because the boy are a handful. If the nanny is able to go out with them by herself.

      • Anon

        Who cares why they don’t take their boys out without a nanny.?

    • Abbie

      Most celebs go out with their nanny as well. If you watch videos you’ll notice they’re in the background.

  • Anonymous

    There are many pictures of Gwen alone with her sons.

    • get real

      The only ones where she is alone with them are those where the nanny is cropped out of the picture. They do that a lot on this site, but pictures taken the same day on other sites – zimbio, daily mail, etc., show the nanny.

      • Anonymous

        Then it’s a good thing that most of us don’t feel the need to stalk them over multiple web sites.

        • randie

          Relax, cranky pants. People can peruse multiple web sites without searching for a particular celebrity, or – as you so eloquently put it – “stalking” them. I have to say I agree with the other poster though, unless the nanny is cropped out, she is with them 24/7.

          Now, get back to your homework.

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