Rosie Pope: “Having Three Is Wonderful”

Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope is one busy mama! With three children under five, Rosie’s days are filled with being a mom, wife, designer, and TV personality. She’s recently opened another maternity store in downtown New York City, and has been busy promoting her new book, Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.

Admitting she’s “big on schedules,” Rosie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about keeping a sense of routine with three children – sons J.R., 4, Wells, 1 1/2, and 6-month-old daughter Vivienne. Rosie goes on to talk about the importance of carving out “me” time, and she shares some holiday family traditions.

CBS: How are you managing in your busy household these days? Now that Vivienne is 6-months-old, have you reached a workable schedule for all three of your kids?

RP: “I am soooo big on schedules. I don’t know how I’d make it all work if their schedules were all over the place. I also think it’s great for them. Sometimes my schedule is so different each day, it is important for them to have the security that there schedule stays the same.”

CBS: How are your three kids doing? Have the boys adjusted well to baby sister?

RP: “They are doing so well and love their baby sister. I have to say having three is wonderful — the dynamic is so good. I also think the fact that she is a girl helps as the boys look at her with different eyes. They are very gentle around her.”

CBS: Are you getting excited about Christmas? What are some of the ways you plan to celebrate this holiday season? Any fun family traditions?

RP: “I am obsessed with the holidays! I love this time of year and, as a child, would dream about creating fun Christmas traditions with my family.

We cook Beef Wellington on Christmas Day and as one of my sons is called Wellington this is always fun! We also put trails of little presents (candy, stickers, cookies, etc.) from their doors to the tree so they can collect little gifts in their baskets from the moment they wake up.”

CBS: Tell us some of the ways you encourage your kids to create a memorable holiday experience.

RP: “They are still really young but my oldest writes a letter to Santa and one for his brother and sister. We also all bake together and even the wee ones get to stir.”

CBS: With such a busy household, how do you keep the romance alive with your husband? Do you make time for regular date nights?

RP :”This is going to sound corny but we are still so in love and we love being a family more than anything, so even if we are at home, once the kids are in bed, we always make time to sit down together over a glass of wine.

I think whether it’s a date night or a glass of wine on the coach, it’s just about finding that time together.”

CBS: What are some of the ways you stay healthy (mind, body and spirit) while juggling your career and family life? Do you think it’s important for moms to carve out ‘me’ time?

RP :”Yes but not to the point where the notion of finding ‘me’ time in itself is stressful. We need to pinpoint what makes us happy and do that for ‘me’ time – it may actually end up not being time alone after all.

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CBS: What’s up next for you?

RP: “I just opened our third shop [Rosie Pope Maternity] and studio in downtown New York City (55 Warren Street). I’m also finishing my book tour for Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.”

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  1. Kae

    I know I know I’m terrible for being negative and obviously there is more to life than looks blah blah blah. I know. She’s clearly a beautiful woman but why does she always look like crap! Your roots are awful! Wear some makeup! Its national television! I know I’m a bad person.

  2. stephanie

    I hope she means her son who is under five pretends to write a letter to santa, or maybe she has to help him with it. Because my sons who will be 5 do not write letters by themselves yet 🙂

  3. Jenna

    Just FYI: Her eldest son’s name is JR, not RJ:)

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