Giveaway: phil&teds Ultimate Travel Package (Value: $260)

If the holiday season means it’s to grandmother’s house you go, you’ll want to check out this ultimate travel package from phil&teds that’ll get you in, out, and around–wherever you want to go with the kiddos in tow. The uniquely innovative, adaptable & multi functional products allow parents to retain their sense of self by making everyday life & travelling easier for themselves & their children.  The ultimate travel package includes the phil&teds nest portable bassinet, lobster clip-on highchair and pepe carrier.

phil&teds nest – baby bed and bag all in one!  This compact bag and bed is perfect for overnights with the grandparents, a nap at the park or beach, gear for the parents and baby, a toy bin, and more. The nest travels well and will fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. One side is spacious storage bag and the other side unzips a pop-up bassinet. Features include loads of storage (you’ll need it), quick & easy to pop up & down, snug design with mattress which is perfect for newborns. Value: $99.99

phil&teds lobster – a highchair in your handbag! The Lobster attaches effortlessly on to almost any table with super-secure clamps for a worry-free grip and a padded seat for your youngster.  Features include a sleek, lightweight (4lb), stainless steel frame, removable easy-care fabrics, a five-point safety harness and dishwasher-safe removable tray. Value: $79.99

phil&teds pepe – keep junior near & dear with hands-free parenting at its best! the only front baby carrier with pure luxurious New Zealand merino lining. Weighing 1 lb, the pepe front carrier is phil&teds lightest (and cutest) hands-free carry solution. Thanks to the removable infant head and neck support, the pepe is perfectly suited to safely cradle your baby from newborn up to about 24 months or 26.5 pounds. Baby faces inward or outward for heart-to-heart nestling or eyes-open stimulation. Value: $79.99

All items are available for purchase at

We are giving away the phil&teds ultimate travel package to 1 lucky reader (value: $260)!

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product in the phil&teds travel package the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, December 7 at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada & U.S. residents only. Good luck!
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Congratulations to the winner of our phil&teds giveaway: Bradley!
Congratulations to the winner of our Isabella Oliver giveaway: April!

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  1. Christina Brundick

    I love the lobster!

  2. Aura

    the nest- you use it as luggage to store stuff and a travel bassinet

  3. Jennifer L

    I would love to have a lobster!

  4. christelle rodas

    love the lobster!!!

  5. Julie

    Would love to try the Lobster!

  6. christelle rodas

    love the lobster

  7. Arlene S.

    I bet my friend would love the Nest, as I wouldve if my little guy was still a baby! So cute!

  8. Natalie S

    The pepe carrier looks great!

  9. JessicaE

    I love the lobster! Thanks CBS for this awesome Giveaway! You rock as always!

  10. Kayla

    The lobster would be perfect for our petite little house and great for on the go!

  11. Kellie

    My favorite product is the phil&teds pepe!

  12. joanna garcia

    I love the phil & teds NEST! what an awesome idea!

  13. teresa herrera-honores

    would love the pepe! i am into baby wearing!

  14. jennifer buckmaster

    i love the nest!!!

  15. kia

    I really like the nest – a hip take on the moses basket.

  16. Anne Flanegan

    I love the Lobster – what a great idea!

  17. Arlene S.

    The booster, aka Lobster, would be super cute!!! Jen would love it!

  18. JulieM

    I love the lobster. So practial for a small apt.

  19. Paula

    I love the nest because w eare always on the go- would be nice to have a comfy place for our baby to nap!

  20. Anita Trout

    The Nest…… no doubt about it. For those who must travel for short weekend visits with family.

  21. Michelle Karajelian

    I would love the nest!!!

  22. Kristine

    Love the nest – I need two of these for traveling with the twins!

  23. Carey

    I have used the Pepe with my nephew before and its GREAT! So light and easy to use!

  24. Monica

    The lobster! We have no room in our small city home so this would be great.

  25. Kayla Andrews

    The nest looks like and easier way to travel with a newborn, instead of lugging around a gigantic play yard.

  26. Wes Andrews

    We love the lobster for our quaint little house

  27. D Schmidt

    The Lobster is my favorite!

  28. Kel

    What great products!I would love to try the Lobster!

  29. Kori D

    The nest is such a great idea. Love this package.

  30. Kristine

    I love the lobster. Bulky restaurant high chairs are no longer needed! Lightweight and easy to use, too.

  31. Amy

    I would love to have a lobster! That would be so helpful when traveling to my in-laws!

  32. anastasia b

    my favorite is the Nest

  33. Caroline

    Love the lobster and the nest!! Travel must haves!

  34. Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the nest; a bed for the baby with space to pack baby essentials!!

  35. Jennifer Aune

    The Nest is amazing!

  36. Danyal Kniesly

    The nest is too neat!

  37. The nest would be handy because we travel
    At least once a month. Naptime is always tricky and usually means that the baby is being held. This would save my arms for when he’s awake so he can have lots of hugs. 🙂

  38. Jarett Rutsky

    The nest looks amazing! I ake my little girl to my parents store all the time to help, and this would save so much space when she is tired!

  39. Jennifer

    I think the lobster is amaz-balls! :;)

  40. Meghan Dix

    That Pepe looks pretty awesome!

  41. Felicia R

    My favorite is the nest!

  42. Samyra

    I like the lobster. you won’t ruin your outfit feeding baby in you lap

  43. Elizabeth Keller

    The nest looks amazing!

  44. Masooma

    My favorite is the lobster!!

  45. Lucy G

    The lobster! Would sure come in handy at restaurants!

  46. Jennyroo

    Would love to try the Pepe!

  47. Arlene S.

    The Nest is great for travels! But the Lobster is too cute!

  48. Miranda Welle

    The lobster is definitely my favorite! Although, if I got to try them all out, who knows! 🙂

  49. Miranda Welle

    The lobster is definitely my favorite!

  50. Kim Petersen

    I love the nest! Very cool!

  51. Wes

    The nest would be perfect for safe on the go cosleeping!

  52. Robyn

    My favorite product in the phil&teds travel package is pepe.

  53. Monica L.

    Love the lobster, but the nest is pretty cool too…

  54. JulieM

    The lobster is really cool. I would be grateful to win!

  55. Joyce

    The lobster but they all look super cool. i want them all!!

  56. Kellie

    My favorite product is the phil&teds pepe !

  57. Chelsea

    Aww! I love Phil&Ted’s !!!!

  58. Alexandra Pitcher

    The nest is my favorite but I love them all!

  59. Masooma

    Love them all but my favorite is the lobster!!

  60. Thabal

    I like the ‘phil&teds pepe ‘ product

  61. Brandy

    I want that lobster for our kitchen island so bad!

  62. Kayla

    I still like the lobster the best for our growing family!

  63. Amy

    I would love to give the Nest to my SIL!

  64. Tammy McDermott

    I love the nest. Looks so comfortable for the baby. And easy to take to grandma’s house.

  65. JLin

    I think the phil&teds lobster is great!

  66. Arlene S.

    Entering for my friend, Jennifer, who’s expecting a baby in May! Hope I win this, it will be a total surprise for her! Bet she’d love the Nest!

  67. Mary Jo

    A nest would be great! So easy to travel with!

  68. Mary Jo

    A nest would be great! So easy to travel with!

  69. Mary Jo

    A nest would be great! So easy to travel with!

  70. Michelle S

    I like the nest a lot.

  71. Kellie

    My favorite is the phil&teds pepe! Love it!

  72. joanna garcia

    phil&teds nest !!!!

  73. Amy

    The lobster highchair would be so appreciated!

  74. Alexandra Pitcher

    My favorite is the nest, but I love the lobster too!!

  75. Stacy Nguyen

    The Nest look super convenient and easy to use.

  76. Marissa

    With 2 1/2 year old twins and a newborn the pepe would be great!!!

  77. Wes Andrews

    We would love to give the pepe a test run!

  78. Kayla

    The nest would be good on the go and at home!

  79. Jessica Parks Wiese

    I love the Lobster! Perfect for our family on the go!

  80. Brandy

    lobster seat would be SO awesome.

  81. Arlene S.

    Im entering for my friend, Jennifer! SHe would be so surprised if I won! I bet that she would love the Nest!

  82. Jessika Hardin

    I am a new mom-to-be and each of these three items looks amazing! The pepe looks most appealing at the moment but that’s probably because I cannot wait to snuggle my little one against my chest! 🙂

  83. Alexandra Pitcher

    I love them all, but especially the nest!

  84. Courtney R

    The Pepe! I made the mistake with my first child of not getting a carrier. Will not do that for baby #2!

  85. domestic diva

    I like the nest. Fantastic!

  86. The Pepe looks great, baby wearing makes babies feel so comfortable and safe.
    Ross Olson

  87. Soledad Beacco

    i would like to try the nest its looks great!

  88. Kathleen Fitzsimmons

    The nest is my favorite!

  89. Lily

    I like the nest – 2 for 1!

  90. I like the Phil and Teds NEST, We would be using this a lot

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