Holly Madison: “Just Listen To Your Body”

Mama-to-be and former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison was recently hospitalized because of complications due to morning sickness and the 32-year-old model recently opened up about her 7-month scare.

“As some of you may know, I recently went to the hospital for morning sickness. Thank you for all your well wishes and support while I was in there— I really appreciate it!” she says. ” My pregnancy had been pretty smooth up until that wave of sickness, and it hit me at almost 7 months!”

“That just goes to show that every woman’s pregnancy is different,” Holly continues. “My biggest piece of advice for every expecting mother is to really listen to your body. I’ve been reading a few good books on pregnancy and have been finding that the symptoms I get almost never align with the timeline in the books. I’m all over the map!”

The star goes on to list “a few basic guidelines” to help expecting mothers cope with the difficulties of morning sickness, such as “avoiding extreme scents and perfumes, staying hydrated and grazing rather than eating big meals.”

Holly is expecting a daughter with her Electric Daisy Carnival founder beau Pasquale Rotella.

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  • Mike

    Allof these stupid raunchy whores try so hard to be clean and wholesome, give it up Holly your gross and not cute, you spread your legs for grampa just for a few dollars and some fame. I would be so embarrassed if I was your child, your just the same as a stripper, the trash pile. Quit trying to be like us when you are not even close, some of us grew up and did things the right way you knowby not having intercourse with extremely old men.

    • Annonymous

      I know! She’s sleeps with anything old men, anything for some extra money! And now she’s pretending to be all good! It’s disgusting.

  • Jade

    She is all over my nerves at this point! You’re not the only woman in the world to experience morning sickness. MILLIONS of women go through it daily who have real jobs and real responsibilities. Get over yourself!

  • Elle

    I call BS on that. Morning sickness should not be that severe after the 3rd month. Funny how her going to the hospital coincided with Kate Middleton going to the hospital. I guess Hollyweird will admit anyone to the hospital for fame and attention whoring.

    • Me

      Elle-I was sick the whole 9 months with morning sickness. It’s very common these days. But I do believe that she just wanted some attention.

    • Anon

      Are you an obstetrician? No? I didn’t think so. Morning sickness can hit at ANY time during pregnancy.

  • lulu

    Little bit too late to act innocent, what’s done is done and will stay with you and your family the rest of your lives. Better teach your daughter better way to earn living…because when I think of being with Mr. Playboy (not so Playboy) Hefner, makes my stomach turn!

  • gaby

    i thought her first couple of blogs on this site were okay but now shes on here every single day shes getting annoying now.

  • May

    Somehow, she manages to be just as annoying as Giuliana Rancic. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Emily

    All you judgmental people should be ashamed of yourselves! She’s not an evil or bad person. No one is perfect including all of you. What ever happened to being happy for someone?

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