Jennifer Nettles Welcomes First Child: Magnus Hamilton

Congratulations are in order for Jennifer Nettles and Justin Miller.

The Sugarland singer, 38, and her husband welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Magnus Hamilton Miller, on Thursday (December 6), Us Weekly reports.

“We are so thankful for all the prayers and support and are excited to take some time together as a new family,” the couple said in a statement.

After two years of dating, Nettles and entrepreneur Miller were wed in November 2011 in a small Tennessee ceremony. Their pregnancy news was announced in June, and Nettles proudly performed with her barely-there baby bump during a Sugarland concert in July.

“Becoming a mom is exciting — and terrifying!” the country star said in the summer. “At least I’ll soon be off the road, decorating the nursery and nesting. Yahoo!”

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  • Calla

    Congratulations to them.

    Anyone else find it kind of funny that there has been 2 Camden’s born close together, then 2 Olive’s and now 2 Magnus.

  • sierra

    It seems be extremely popular among celebrities to have children in their late 30s and even up to 46! Def not something I would do.

    • bol

      Maybe some people don’t want to have kids until they get some other personal goals out of the way, like establishing a career they love and want to stick with long-term, experience travel and the world (which becomes extremely difficult and unlikely with a baby, unless you have the financial means), and make sure they’re with the person with whom they feel secure about having a family.
      Just saying, not all women want to become moms, not all women want to become moms in their 20’s (as a college student, I can attest to that). Times are hard, raising a family takes a lot of resources that many young women simply do not have and do not feel completely ready to have a family yet as a result of this, among other personal reasons.
      Personally, I admire the recent surge of celebrity women waiting to start families in their 30’s and 40’s – life expectancy is higher, so why not live how you want, free of such heavy responsibilities as family and raising a human, and then when you’re ready (whenever that may be) start having kids?

      • Kasey1

        Well said! I feel the same way, bol. To each his own but my brother and his now (ex) girlfriend had my nephew very young, (I won’t give out their exact ages) and to be responsible for a human being is something I want to be confident about. I don’t think there is anything wrong with babies in 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. I just want to know that I have developed a strong foundation with my partner and then have kids when we experience life together and as individuals. When my career is established and “out of the way”, then I will feel confident and secure to have children. Nothing wrong with waiting that long if that’s what you want to do!

    • Jennifer

      Some people find love later in life. Not everyone finds love in their twenties, and some people are just not mature enough to be parents at that age, either, or they just want to focus on their independence before having children. Everyone is different. As long as you are healthy (and take good age appropriate prenatal care), can support the baby and have a good relationship with your partner, why shouldn’t those who want a child at those ages have that chance? And…it’s not as if 38 is “old” either! There are a lot of benefits of having children a little later in life, both for parents and children. There are always pros and cons to parenthood at every age.

  • Anon

    I really dislike the name Magnus. But I like his middle name!

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