Vote In Our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

It’s been another year of amazing photos, headlines and stories on Celebrity Baby Scoop!

‘Tis the season to choose the best – and worst! – of 2012 in our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Watch our ‘Daily Poll’ and cast your vote. Check out the categories so far:

Best Baby Name of 2012

Worst Baby Name of 2012

Most Transformed by Motherhood in 2012

Favorite Celebrity Mom of 2012

Favorite Celebrity Dad of 2012

Favorite Celebrity Parents of 2012

Favorite New Baby of 2012

Cast your vote. And may the best – and worst – win!

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  • Dane

    Lorenzo is soooooo cute!

  • Aracelli

    Keeva Jane is my family favorite DenisofHannigan with your family too!

  • natalia

    omg!!! hilary duff’s son is the most beautiful baby since shiloh jolie-pitt first picture or so.

  • Jane

    I am missing Peaches Geldofs Baby.

  • Julie

    Luca Cruz Comrie is THE cutest baby ever, and Hilary and Mike… what to say! They are my all time favorite. OH god he is CUTE!!!

  • Alan

    A write-in vote for Michelle Pfeiffer. She is well known as a great mom. She made crucial career choices reflecting her dedication to her family and her dedication as a mom regardless of its effect on her career.

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