Kim Basinger & Ireland’s Hawaiian Getaway

Academy Award-winner Kim Basinger was spotted with her beautiful daughter Ireland while on a R & R getaway to Hawaii on Friday (December 7). The L.A. Confidential star stopped to admire some of the Hawaiian horticulture before the pair picked up some grub at the local market.

The 17-year old aspiring model – who is daughter to 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin – is growing up. She recently shared what it was like to be a child of two celebrities.

“I had a regular schedule. I don’t live in a five-story mansion, I don’t drive a Lamborghini…The only difference being the kid of two celebrities is nothing in your life is going to be kept private and you have to watch your back. I’ve had people who I thought were my friends, but it turned out they just wanted concert tickets.”

And having two well-known parents, there is bound to be paparazzi around.

“My dad has been going through [dealing with the paps] for so long, I can see how he gets frustrated,” the young 6’2” beauty said. “For me, it’s all so new and fresh. If acting or modeling takes off and I make a name for myself, I can see how I might get pretty frustrated.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. laura

    Ireland is really a big girl.. She’s pretty but she doesn’t have her mum’s elegance, she has more her father’s big figure..

  2. Dana

    Ireland looks like her dad in these pictures.

  3. Jessica

    she isnt big, big is 5 foot 2 and 150 pounds, shes just tall and athletic looking, I would love to have a body like hers!

  4. Sandra

    Wow, the last pics I saw of Ireland she looked like her Mom a lot. These pics show me that she looks like her Dad. I see it in her eyes. She has Alec’s eyes. I guess she has both her Mom and her Dad in her looks. She is a beautiful girl indeed!

  5. Anon

    She really looks like a feminine version of her father. Except taller! That’s pretty awesome.

  6. Jennifer

    She looks just like her Dad. Hope she doesn’t have his tempermental personality though, lol!

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