Bryn Hoppy: Hello Cutie!

Bethenny Frankel and Bryn took their dog Cookie for a walk in New York City on Sunday (December 9). The former Real Housewives of New York City star wore Hello Kitty pajama pants for the stroll around their Tribeca neighborhood.

Later in the day she wrote on Twitter: “Bryn & I watched Brave. What a great mommy daughter movie! I’m a lot like a scary bear.”

Frankel recently told Parade magazine that she’s hard at work planning for the season premiere of Bethenny.

She said, “It’s definitely less than a year away. We’ll be talking about topical things that women are going through.”

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  • HDP

    I follow Bethany on Twitter because she can be quite funny at times, and posts good recipes – but literally for the last 24 hours all she’s tweeted about is how she went out in pyjama pants, posting the pictures of it, joking about it, going On and ON about it. She’ll love that you posted pictures here of it too,this seems to have been the highlight of her week….

    • HDP

      Well now I look like a fool – she seems to have deleted most of her posts about it now, maybe she realized how much she’d been going on about it…

      • hue

        That just confirms her foolishness, not yours. Going out in public wearing (childish) pajama pants is weird. She’s an adult, she should have the decorum and self-respect to put on real pants if she’s going out.

    • mrs. trumbell

      my thoughts exactly. as i was reading all of those tweets while she was posting them, i knew she was hoping they’d be picked up by the blogs. she is so transparent – and not in a good way.

    • mrs. trumbell

      also she was on about how she “was going old school” by wearing pjs to the drug store, and i so bad wanted to say to her, um no… old school would be actually putting on NICE clothes and even a nice hat to go to the drug store. this whole wearing pjs in public thing is new.

  • Jessica

    isnt she too old to wear hello kitty? shes like 40?

    • Louisa

      I’m near 40 and I have Hello Kitty PJs. And PJs with that Paul Frank-monkey on it, and with Snoopy and with Pucca. Not “only because they’re so comfy, no really!”, but honestly, because I find them cute as hell.
      However, I have to admit: I wouldn’t want to be caught dead – let alone be photographed and posted all over the internet – wearing them 🙂

      • NYC Mommy

        Louisa and hue- I totally agree. People wearing PJs out is a pet peeve of mine. That look is more trailer trashy than New York classy.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t imagine being bothered by the clothing that someone else is wearing. The pajamas are cute and fun. It’s not like she showed up to an event in them.

  • Anonymous

    Welll if they make pants that big then I guess not. I have winnie the pooh pajamas and I love them. What’s wrong with that?

  • anonymous

    wait until you reach 40. then you will realize 40 is not old.

  • Alla

    Love Bryn’s Appaman jacket!

  • Heather

    She’s taking her dog out to take a crap. I’m sure she doesn’t care what she is wearing, and neither should anyone else. Jeez, get a life people.

    • Anonymous9

      Totally agree. How dare she not dress up in heels and full make-up to walk the dog!!!

  • Hope

    Again, ALL people are concerned about these days is appearance! It’s sad…People need to learn to start caring about other things, more important things & less about what people look like.

  • Jennifer

    I didn’t mind wearing pajama pants around…years ago in college on campus! At 35 I go out in lounge pants to get groceries, but I would never, ever, ever in a billion years wear anything, moreover own anything!, that had Hello Kitty on it. Even Mariah Carey herself couldn’t pull off those pants.

  • Agreed, you’re seriously never too old for Hello Kitty. But I probably wouldn’t want to be photographed walking around New York City in any pajamas. I feel like if Bryn had been wearing a Hello Kitty coat to match Bethany’s pajamas then maybe it would have been cute. If you’re looking for super cute Hello Kitty baby clothes then definitely take a look at this site:

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