Tom Brady: Vivian Will Be An Athlete

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen welcomed their second child together, daughter Vivian Lake, on December 5. And it sounds like the football star and supermodel are thrilled to have a girl.

‘’It feels good,’’ Brady told Boston Herald. ‘’Whatever we would have had, I would have been happy. We’ve got two beautiful boys, now a girl. It’s great.’’

Will she walk in her model mom’s footsteps?

‘’She’s going to be an athlete,’’ Brady said with a smile.

Brady said mom and baby were at home doing well. And it sounds like baby Vivian did not come on game day.

‘’It did (happen at a good time),’’ Brady said, ‘’but I didn’t think about that too much. I was just kind of focused on my job. There wasn’t much I could do.’’

After practice, Brady said he couldn’t “wait to get home’’ to see his wife, their 3-year-old son Benjamin and his new daughter.

Brady is also dad to 5-year-old son Jack with ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.

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  • Anonymous

    This guy disgusts me. First off “we’ve got 2 beautiful boys”. No, you have them, she doesn’t. And one of them lives 3,000 miles away. Secondly, “she’s going to be an athlete”. So this will be pushed on her? What if she doesn’t want to? After the KarTRASHians, these 2 are sickening. Sorry.

    • Anonymous2

      I know. Brady only sees Jack for home game weekends and holidays- not even joint custody. Jack lives and goes to school in NYC with his Mom.

      • Laura

        What should he have done, dumped Gisele whom he’d fallen in love with, because Bridget was pregnant?

        • Kasey1

          @Laura I totally agree with you. People act like he cheated on her with Gisele and they were together for years and he left his baby for Gisele. As far as I’ve read, that’s not how it happened. And I’ve been spelling Bridget wrong, great. LOL

    • Missy

      Would it be better if he said “We’ve got one beautiful little boy” and don’t mention Jack as if he doesn’t exist?

      No matter what they say, people will always find a reason to bash them.

  • Anonymous

    No, he shouldn’t have cheated on Bridgette with Gisele. If the relationship was in trouble as Tom said it was, then why didn’t he “bag it”???; why was he still having unprotected sex with her? This guy is a loser. I’m so glad Bridgette gave her son her last name.

    • Kasey1

      As far as I read, he and Brigitte were already broken up. He didn’t cheat on Brigitte with Gisele. Now, it seems that he and Gisele started dating probably a couple of weeks afterward, but what do you suggest he do? Stay with someone he wasn’t in love with? It’s sad but he and Brigitte were only together for a couple of years. He and Gisele have been together for 6 years, have 2 kids and Gisele could’ve easily walked away with another child in the picture that WASN’T hers. Do you know how many women would resent that chil? Gisele has been nothing but good to that little boy, Tom can’t control where his mother lives. He seems to love his boys equally and makes an effort when so many men wouldn’t. He’s annoying, sure, but he and Gisele seem like they have made the best of a sticky situation. And btw, I highly doubt he and Brigitte were “perfectly happy” if they broke up after only a couple of years and started dating Gisele right afterward. Think about it.

      • Kasey1

        I’m glad I spelled Bridget wrong the whole time…Yikes! My apologies on that. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t cheat on Bridget with Giselle! They were broken up/breaking up and still having sex. He’d already been with Giselle for a few months when they learned of the pregnancy.

    • sierra

      He’s obviously not a loser. He has a wife who Ioves him and had 2 children with him. Not to mention he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. Patriots went to the superbowl last season and right now they are leading their division. Does that sound like a loser to you?

  • Jay

    So becasue he doesn’t separate when he says how many kids he has he’s wrong and they asked would she walk the runway and replied she going to be an athlete your mad did you not get the joke?? Read the article

  • Jenna

    Haha, the kid is what, 3 days old, and he has plans for her to be a competitive athlete already? This guy is not very bright.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I think you’re the one who’s not very bright. It was an off the cuff comment, one he’s likely not going to hang on to for life.

    • NYC Mommy

      Jenna- I believe his comment was more to the effect of my baby will not be a supermodel she will be an athlete. I thought it was a cute quote. I am pretty sure he was not speaking of her athletic skills at 3 days old.

    • kara

      Good lord you are not very smart. It was obviously a joke.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously have no kids because LOTS of people will talk about what their kid is going to do… even when the kid is three days old. It’s just funny, not serious. Calm down and clam up.

    • Brandy

      Love it! So true, Tom Brady is a few crayons short of a crayon box, no doubt……..the rest of you morons can suck it

    • Kristina

      He was just joking

  • May

    Well, it’s settled then.

  • Mari

    i don’t know why i don’t like gisele and tom?

  • Janelle

    Wow. You people sure are miserable and bitter about people you don’t even know.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s wonderful that they include his oldest child when they talk about their children. That’s exactly what I would want if my child’s father remarried. It’s about 1 million times better a stepmother who pushes the stepchild out of the family.

    • Anonymous

      (Unless you’re Leann Rimes, then you’re not supposed to count your husband’s kids as your own for some reason.)

  • Denisse

    My husband has a kid with his ex-wife, and we count him has part of our family, for us his my kid too, i love him as equal, and thats exactly how its supoust to be. He is part of our family!!! if tom said that he has one son with gisele people with be more mad. live him alone amazing jack is part of his new family

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