Blanket Jackson Is A Karate Kid

Last weekend, the youngest child of Michael Jackson – 10-year-old son Blanket – was seen in Calabasas, Calif. After karate class, Blanket was seen leaving Baskin Robbins with an ice cream cone. Accompanied by the bodyguard and some pals, he appeared to get a brain freeze from the frozen treat.

Last month, we spotted the long-haired boy and his 15-year-old brother Prince leaving their martial arts class.

The boys’ 14-year-old sister Paris Jackson is currently promoting her acting career. She will be seen in the upcoming film, Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.

On Friday, Paris revealed that she’d dyed her brunette locks black. “I apologize for having bipolar hair, deal,” she wrote via Instagram.

The kids’ famous father died in June 2009 from an accidental drug overdose as he prepared for a comeback concert tour in London.

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Photo credit: akm-gsi/Instagram

  • KoKo


    • Just Me

      That’s nice…calling a kid gross. There’s nothing gross about him. He’s clean, his hair is brushed and clean…so what’s your problem? Just a bully, huh?

  • Just Me

    Aw, Blanket is too cute! He’s getting so tall. Can’t believe he’ll be 11 in a couple months! Heck, I remember when his big brother was born…makes me feel old. Haha.

    Paris’ black hair looks awesome. She can definitely pull it off with her olive complexion. Hope the kids are doing well. They seem to be!

  • D

    He looks just like his father, whoever he is.

    • Kristina


  • Fatima

    Michael Is His Father!!!

  • missme?

    can’t put my finger on it but something is not quite right with this kid. maybe too much genetical engineering. i have NEVER seen a picture of him smiling. poor kid!

  • D.K

    Change your name already, kid. Your dad must have been high as a kite when he named you.

    • Ashley

      What’s wrong with naming your child after someone in your family? Prince is a Jackson family name. Michael had 2 grandfathers with that name. Blanket is a nickname, plain and simple.

  • KA

    From the display picture, I definitely thought he had a beehive hairdo lol!!

  • Speaking of these children, this kid named Jae Jackson is a famous rapper. He is their secret brother. Its no lie!! They did a segment on it being true. Anyway, he’s like really famous. He has a secret trace to the Jackson family.

  • Follow him on twitter at RealJJackson_1 on Twitta. And look at some fan page his fan created, its called Jaelin Briscoe (Jackson) or somethin like that.


    • …..


  • Kristina

    Pretty boy! Michael sure is his biological father

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