Pink On Pregnancy: “I Had Genuine Rage”

She may be leading the glamorous life of a celebrity but singing sensation Pink says she was just like many other women when she was pregnant with her now 18-month-old munchkin Willow.

“I didn’t have morning sickness at all, I just had genuine rage throughout my pregnancy,” the 33-year-old mama reveals to UK’s Mirror, admitting to devouring a whole cheesecake in one sitting, gaining 60 pounds and having acute anger issues (often pointed at husband Carey Hart). “I’m talking 28 Days Later rage. Demonic eyes. I wanted to kill everybody.”

“I remember the first time my husband Carey pissed me off during my pregnancy and I bit his head off … his eyes glazed over, he was so scared,” she recalls. “He realized this is how it was and he better not say another word. I wasn’t pukey – I was just angry.”

However, Pink realizes her tough exterior intimidates some.

“I completely understand why people can be scared of me,” she says. “But underneath all that rage I’m a petite tulip.”

Pink is getting ready to tour in 2013 with her chart-topping (and Grammy-nominated) album The Truth of Love.

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