Ben Affleck & Violet: Brentwood Pair

Ben Affleck and Violet were seen out together in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday (December 11). He picked up the 7-year-old from school and then took her to karate class.

Meanwhile mom Jennifer Garner is filming Dallas Buyers Club in New Orleans.

In an interview published in The Hollywood Reporter in October – Ben admitted that he still keeps in touch with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

He said, “We don’t have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice, but we do have the kind of relationship where there’ll be an e-mail saying, ‘Oh, your movie looks great.’ I remember when she got American Idol. I said: ‘This was really smart. Good luck.’ I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She’s put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I’m really pleased to see her successful.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/AKM-GSI

  • arabella

    we see violet Seraphina Samuel on a daily basic.I don’t think there are any other celebrities children we see more then the alffleck kids.

    • a

      So what?

  • to anonymous

    I was just wondering why Ben always is dressed for a for very cold weather? Last week it was the sweater with the big overcoat. Is he overdressed or are the little girls underdressed? (adorable family regardless)

  • KoKo

    So sick of our daily Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner pics

    • Elektra

      It’s a simple remedy for your sickness. Scroll past them and let those who want to see them do so without your constant whining. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps they might be just as sick of the paps as you are of them.

      I know, they should not got where the paps are yada yada yada. Why can’t they change where the kids go to school or not go to their favorite places to eat of karate classes. Just because a celeb family choses to provide their kids with same or similar life as other non celebrity one is no reason that they should have to be like other celebs who chose to hide from the paps. That is hardly a normal and/or healthy life for any child. Chidlren should be free to experience the day to day life as other children. It makes for a more healthy upbringing. I consider these kids lucky as they get to see how the majority of people live and not just how rich and spoiled kids are always accompanied by body guards and entourages just to go shopping and/or etc.

      I admire the way the Afflecks are bringing up their kids and their happy faces speak volumes.

      One more thing before I climb down off this soap box, the difference is you have the option of not clicking on the stories (pics) but they don’t have the ability to prevent the pics and stories from being printed. Somebody is always worse off than us so stop complaining about the things you cannot change and get on with your life.

    • a

      You might want to call the police since someone is obviously holding you at gunpoint forcing you to not only view the pictures but make the effort to comment on them. I’m very worried that you are in serious danger. Please get some help.

  • Elektra

    Please excuse any and all typo as I did not have time to proof my comment before the webpage expired but I hope my point was made clear just the same. Sorry if I offended anyone but this is something that needed to be said.

  • Lisa

    I’m sorry but I think the Afflecks have zero fashion sense, when it comes to their kids…

    • ana

      Major crime. You should be pressing charges!

    • NYC Mommy

      the child is in her school uniform and her karate uniform what does that have to do with her fashion sense she does not have much choice in the matter.

    • a

      You’re not sorry at all. If you were you wouldn’t have said anything.

      And so what? They’re kids, not fashion models. They’re dressed like every other normal kid and there’s nothing wrong with it. If they were dressed in designer clothes they’d be criticized for being wasteful and spoiling them.

  • Anonymous

    All that money and he still has to cuff his jeans. Tragic.

  • Mummy to squealers

    Christ I don’t think you would like what I wear to the school drop off then! But that’s right who cares. What a beautiful sight at seeing a dad drop his child off at school. Especially a celebrity dad

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t make cute kids at all.

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