Denise Richards & Eloise Visit The Doc

Former fashion model Denise Richards toted her youngest daughter Eloise out of the doctor’s office on Wednesday (December 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The pretty mama – who shared a sweet photo of her one-year old girl via Instagram and quoted “My morning with my brown eyed beauty” earlier this week – is also mom to Sam, 8, and Lola, 7.

Sounds like the Wild Things actress and her girls will have some company this Christmas season. The mom-of-three will be having two more kids join the family’s festivities.

Ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s 3-year old twin sons- Bob and Max – will be spending the holidays with Denise and her girls while the boys’ mom Brooke Mueller is in rehab for the 19th time for her addiction to Adderall.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet, Instagram


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  1. Anonymous

    That was so great of Denise to adopt a special needs baby.

  2. Anabelle

    Eloise looks like the lovechild of Carlos Tevez =S

  3. Mummy to squealers

    Wow “special needs”. Get over yourself. What a gorgeous baby thriving with a wonderful family. That’s what I see. Iv watched Denise’s show here in Australia and its clear to she that this woman loves her kids. What a blessing to add another child into the mix. Families come in all shapes and sizes!

  4. Penny

    Denise is such a hands on Mom and loves her children so much. You can see that her girls come first and the adoption of her newest little one is awesome! Her unselfishness is refreshing! So happy she has the children and not Charlie! He is a train wreck.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t remember reading anything about her being special needs.

  6. Anonymous

    Well she definitely looks special needs.

    • Kristina

      Eloise looks sleepy, and she may be breathing through her mouth because of a stuffy nose or enlarged adenoids. Both of these could be from a common cold, not necessarily from a physical or intellectual disability.

    • AJ

      Good job generalizing! The term ‘special needs’ is such a broad spectrum – it can be a child needing a surgery (ie Katherine Heigl’s oldest daughter who needed heart surgery as a baby) to to a child with varying physical conditions or mental conditions – the list is endless. So do you make that comment because you just think Eloise looks different, or do you actually have something to back your statement up?

      I actually think Eloise is really cute. I love those dark eyes and brows. She reminds me of Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter with those strong features.

  7. Claire

    Denise is so skinny! Envy her legs 🙂 And 3 kids – wow, I cannot imagine the amount of work. Kudos to her!

  8. KoKo

    uh oh, Denise really has her hands full now

  9. Anonymous

    I hope she’s got some help coming in. Five children can’t be easy (especially when two of them aren’t yours!).

  10. Anonymous

    This child is not “gorgeous”, let’s be realistic.

  11. Jana

    Adopting a child is a lot of change in your life. Even more so as a single parent. And as an adoptive and biological parent of 6 (and foster parent of many, many more) I can tell you, this little girl has some sort of cognitive impairment. There are some very tell-tell facial features and her flat affect in every photo (meaning, expressionless or blank) makes it even more apparent. She might be battling a cold here but that doesn’t change the fact that she is not a “typical” child. Denise is pretty generous to not only adopt a child who is going to require a lot of work, but to take on her ex-husband’s TWINS, that’s pretty amazing.

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